The bye week has passed. The same problems seem to persist, and now the head coach thinks it’s time to shake things up. He’s not wrong, he’s just a little… late.

Most of us probably aren’t buying this line from MLF at this point, but if something does change for the better this week, the question becomes – what took this long???

LaFleur has a lot of goodwill built up with the organization and fanbase after three straight 13-win seasons to start his career as head coach. It isn’t likely that his seating is hot yet, but should it be?

There’s plenty of blame to go around from the front office, to coaching, to players.

The head coach’s job is to be a leader of men. Whether those men are talented enough is the GM’s problem. We’ve seen this group demonstrate talent in a lot of positions, and we’ve also seen those same players regress over the past two years. When talent regresses the investigation should start with coaching.

Truth is, the coach and the GM share enough blame that neither is fully responsible for what’s happening. That alone probably buys both the GM and the HC another year at least. What they do with 2024 very likely determines their future with the Packers.
Will MLF improve the coaching staff?

Will Gute bring in some vets?

Time will tell.

There is one bright spot to hang onto through this difficult season – these kids don’t quit.
Almost everything else can be coached, but you can’t coach effort. You can’t coach the desire to never quit. If this group of players has that, and it looks like they do, then this group is worth building around.

Hang in there, Packer fans!

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