For the average observer, even former players and coaches that are no longer in the building, it can be very difficult to know what SHOULD be happening with the Packers week-to-week.

We can critique the results of what we see on the field, but we don’t always know what the design actually was. A player may do something that looks like a mistake to the average observer, but that assignment was actually by design. Just the same, a player may make a very impressive play that was entirely improvised but looked like a great play design.

It can be very easy to criticise Christian Watson for his performance so far this season, but we may not be seeing the full picture.

We see Reed, Doubs, Musgrave and Wicks making impressive plays, and we ask ourselves why Watson isn’t making more impressive plays. Maybe what we should be asking is, how many of those plays by Reed, Doubs, Musgrave and Wicks are being made possible by Christian Watson taking defenders out of the play.It seems reasonable to believe that is happening in some cases, and it may be by design of the offense.

Based on that assumption, one might ask themselves why the offense isn’t doing a better job of taking advantage of the space Watson is creating by stretching the defense.

Ultimately, I think we can all sense that this team is taking steps forward and growing each week. Some weeks might be more painful than others, but progress is undoubtedly being made, and this team still shows no signs of quit in them. It may not be a great season, but this season is far from lost.

Patience, Packers fans. What lies ahead could be a lot of fun.

Go Pack Go!

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