Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking. Obviously. “Damon, you already tried this ‘Nostra-Damon thing‘ and it was a complete fail! I mean you missed the Aaron Rodgers injury. You didn’t mention any of the injuries that have happened this season. I mean, my guy, you had the Green Bay Packers at 6-3 when they are currently 3-6. You just aren’t good at it.”

And, you know what, I would say you are right. I wasn’t that good at the whole prediction thing last time because I did too much. Let’s try this. Let’s do a redo. Except this time, lets come up with just one thing about the rest of the games this season! Then judge me! I don’t care! But let me have one more chance! I’ll still probably make predictions next offseason either way!

So, just one prediction for each of the rest of the games for this season! Let’s go!

Nostra-Damon: Chargers at Packers

nostra-damon herbert

Did someone say Gold Package game? No? Well, neither did the Gold Package ticket holders from Milwaukee. My prediction for this game is a unique one and I could be proven wrong later today (I doubt it) but there will be more Chargers fans in attendance at Lambeau than there are normally in attendance in Los Angeles. That’s right. There will be a ton of Chargers fans in the stands on Sunday, further proving that something needs to change with the Gold Package games. Not saying the tickets need to be taken from the ticket holders from Milwaukee, but something needs to happen.

Thanksgiving: Packers at Lions

I’m thankful that no matter what: win, lose, or draw, I get to watch my team play on Thanksgiving Day. Always gonna root for a win, no matter what! That being said, this is a prediction article and my prediction for this game is that Rashan Gary will be eating a turkey leg after this game is concluded. FOX usually has the players of the game share in eating a turkey and Rashan Gary will be the player of the game. I said I will make one prediction per game but another prediction is definitely implied with this one.

Nostra-Damon: Chiefs at Packers

lambeau field in the snow

This prediction is gonna be very similar to the one I made in the off-season. There will be wintry precipitation during this game. December is coming fast and that means that winter is coming. Be ready, Chiefs.

Packers at Giants

Oh how the Giants have fallen. And they have fallen hard. Daniel Jones is now out for the season and this team’s offense was already struggling before his injury. You don’t have to be Nostra-Damon to see that. This game will not be any different for the New Jersey Giants. The Packers defense will do something they haven’t done much of this year: they will get turnovers. And not just one turnover, no, no, no, they will have FIVE turnovers! A couple of fumble recoveries and three interceptions, two of which will come from Carrington Valentine.

Nostra-Damon: Buccaneers at Packers

Nothing too exciting about this one, just like the game itself. But Jordan Love and Baker Mayfield will have almost identical passing statistics for this game. They will both have around 225 passing yards, two touchdown passes, and one interception. However, for some reason, Baker Mayfield gets more credit than Jordan Love.

Packers at Panthers

The Packers will have a great offensive showing in this one, though it will not be through the passing game. Nope, it will be through the running game. The Packers will have 250 rushing yards in this game with Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, and Emmanuel Wilson all having 75 rushing yards or more. Jordan Love will have thrown for fewer than 75 passing yards.

Emanuel WIlson carrying the ball during a preseason game vs the Bengals

Nostra-Damon: Packers at Vikings

After not having a kick return touchdown all season, the Packers will have a punt return for a touchdown and a kickoff returned for a touchdown in this game. And only one of them will be run back by Keisean Nixon. The kickoff will be returned by Nixon while the punt will be returned by Jayden Reed.

Bears at Packers

Finally, the last game of the season. The Bears have started to look much improved throughout the second half of the season. But this game will finally prove something to the Bears fans, and that is that Justin Field is in fact not their guy. They will have earned the first overall pick and will be picking Drake Maye (not Caleb Williams) in the NFL Draft.

Some extra non-game predictions:

  • The Packers will miss the playoffs.
  • The Packers will be drafting in the top ten of the NFL Draft.
  • The Green Bay Packers will extend Jordan Love but will have an easy way to remove themselves from the contract if they need to.
  • Aaron Rodgers does come back from his Achilles tear and just misses the playoffs with the Jets.
  • David Bakhtiari and Davante Adams will play for the Jets next year.
  • The Jets will come to Lambeau Field next season and it will be the first and only time Aaron Rodgers plays against his former team.

But that does it for this addition of Nostra-Damon. Remember, this is all for fun and entertainment, and real life decisions should not be made based on these wacky predictions. Don’t do anything you’ll regret later.

All of that to say-

Go Pack Go!


Damon is a diehard, fully-immersed cheesehead who currently lives in southern Missouri. He teaches at a local high school and has a family YouTube channel about all things Packers. You can follow him on twitter at @packersfamily and on YouTube at The Packers Family.