After the headlines were reading that the Green Bay Packers had done it again in finding a franchise quarterback, Jordan Love came crashing back down to earth. Throwing for 8 touchdowns, zero interceptions and averaging 286 yards passing per game in the three games leading up to Monday night, was pretty impressive. But then nothing seemed to go right until later on in the game vs the Giants. Tough throws into the wind, a fumble, an interception, after soaring high, Love was being humbled. And suddenly the media was back on his case about not being good enough. This Sunday, we will get to see how Jordan Love will respond to adversity.

So far this season, one of biggest takeaways I have from watching Jordan Love is that he’s been very calm and collected in every situation. The stage has not been too big for him. Regardless of the result of the previous drive, or even the previous throw, he shrugs it off and moves on to the next. You can tell there’s some annoyance or disappointment in a poor result, but overall, it’s on to the next play.

Monday night’s loss to the Giants was a big test for the Packers as a whole, not just Jordan Love. They’d knocked off the division leaders on Thanksgiving Day in their own house, and then they’d knocked off the Super Bowl Champions on National television. Given the youth of this team, this was the highest many of them had ever flown in their professional careers. They were underdogs expected to be defeated decidedly and instead in both games they took the lead early and never gave it back. It was time to see how they handled being the favorite for a change. And well, they didn’t handle it well.

But after all, it’s on to the next game.

Getting back on the right track

This Sunday presents an opportunity to rebound. A chance to prove that perhaps Monday night’s game was just a hiccup along the way. The Buccaneers defense ranks 30th in the league in passing defense. This past Sunday, they gave up 347 yards through the air to Desmond Ridder of the Falcons. Yes, Jordan Love had his struggles to start the season, but I would like to think he’s a better Quarterback at this point in the season than Ridder.

Given the success Ridder had passing to Drake London vs the Bucs last Sunday, the Packers are going to miss Christian Watson as Watson might have the ability to get passed the Bucs secondary for some big gains. Watson will likely be out with a hamstring injury for the second straight game. With the receiving corps nursing injuries, it’s hard to think Love will reach 347 yards, but he could still break 300. At home playing on Lambeau Field against a secondary he could pick apart if he gets into a rhythm will be Jordan Love’s prime opportunity at redemption.

Will Love succumb to the pressure? Or will he rise to the occasion and use the words of some of the nay sayers in the media this past week as fuel to show once again that he is that Franchise QB?

As I stated before, Love has been very cool and collected during games and has been able to erase the memory of those shortcomings quickly. It’s time to put Monday night out of mind and prove he belongs in that upper echelon amongst Quarterbacks. Let’s go get it. Go Pack Go.

Greg Meinholz is a lifelong devoted Packer fan. A contributor to PackersTalk as well as CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter at @gmeinholz. for Packers commentary, random humor, beer endorsements, and occasional Star Wars and Marvel ramblings.