February is the biggest month of the year for NFL fans but there are many other interested parties too. The Super Bowl has become one of the most popular sporting events to place wagers on and a betting bonanza is on its way.

Regardless of which two teams make it to the Allegiant Stadium, there will be bets aplenty placed. Not just in the USA of course as American Football now has global appeal. Canada has embraced sports betting with huge revenue figures being recorded. There’s going to be lots of gamblers looking to see what the latest odds on NFL matches are being made available at https://twin.com/en-ca/bets/americanfootball/usa/1970324836974746-nfl

It’s not always been this way of course, particularly in America. There was a time when sports betting was greatly restricted. It was fine to pop down to the racetrack to place some bets but when it came to betting legally on sports such as American Football and Basketball, it was a different story.

Making illegal bets using offshore accounts was the way forward for most US residents. For years there was a campaign to change the rules to allow states to have the final say in whether or not to make sports betting legal.

The NFL were among sports governing bodies that were determined not to see this happen. They feared for the integrity of their sports and a Super Bowl advert that promoted Las Vegas (and its casinos) was banned.

2018 saw everything change with a US Supreme Court Judge ruling that US states could make the final decision. Since then, over 30 US states have gone down that route and more are likely to follow.

This has seen billions of dollars being wagered on sport and it’s not just gamblers who are happy about this. State coffers have been boosted by all the gambling tax revenue and other sources of income such as charging for the licenses needed to operate in the state.

Even the NFL have changed their tune and signed lucrative partnership deals with leading betting companies. All very different from in the past.

Those living in Wisconsin, especially those who just happen to be fans of the Packers will be keen to bet on the NFL. It’s not a straightforward situation though. It is possible to go to six land-based tribal run casinos to place sports bets such as tipping the Packers to win that Christmas Eve match against the Panthers.

This situation has been achieved due to amendments that have been negotiated. This began in 2021 when a deal was agreed with the Oneida Indian Nation. Two more were agreed since then with St. Croix Chippewa and the Forest County Potawatomi. It’s looking as if more deals are on the way this year.

Online sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. To do this in Wisconsin, you need to be on reservation lands or other properties where there is a tribe that has an app available. Betting at the One-Stops run by the Oneida tribe is possible but it’s still a lot less on offer than in other US states.