With the Packers hiring former Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley as defensive coordinator, one of the biggest questions fans have been asking is what does this mean for the Packers defense?

One of the things you can look forward to is a new look for the Packers defense in 2024.

3-4 or 4-3

One of the biggest questions for Hafley and the defense is what scheme is Hafley going to use with the Packers?

For 4 out of his six years in the NFL Hafley ran a 4-3 defense.

During his time at Boston College he still ran a 4-3 defense.

Again, we don’t know if Hafley will run a 4-3 defense here in Green bay but if that is the case this would mean a new look for the Packers defense.

New Positions for a few stars on Packers defense

What this would mean if the Packers switch over to the 4-3 defense is few players might have to learn new positions.

In the 4-3, you are playing with 4 defensive lineman and 3 linebackers instead of 4.

The way I see it, I can see the Packers converting Rashan Gary to a defensive end.

Though, this is something that Gary himself is used to as he used to.

Gary played defensive end at Michigan before coming over to the Packers.

Preston Smith might have the hardest transition to defensive end as he has played outside linebacker for all of his career.

But if Lukas Van Ness can make that year 2 jump, he can easily step into a defensive end role with the new defense.

Inside Linebackers

In the 4-3 defense you have 3 linebackers.

You have your typical “Mike” linebacker, which is the middle linebacker.

Then you have your strong and weak side linebacker.

Quay Walker is a perfect fit for a middle linebacker in this defense.

His strength, speed and size will be a great asset for Hafley’s defense.

The big question mark will be who will be the strong and weak side linebackers.

Will the Packers keep DeVondre Campbell and move him over to the strong side linebacker position?

Furthermore, do the Packers release him and find another option?

The Packers seem to have found a steal in Isaiah McDuffie he can easily play any of the linebacker positions on Hafley’s new defense.

Defensive Back Field

While there are no position changes in the secondary, there will be some noticeable scheme changes when it comes to coverage.

Hafley is a big fan of man coverage and being physical with Wide Receivers releases.

The Packers have the cornerbacks that can play physical.

Jaire Alexander, Carrington Valentine and Eric Stokes are all better suited to that kind of coverage than sitting back in zone.

Unlike his predecessor, look for the Packers secondary to play more tight coverage on Wide Receivers.

As for the Safety position, the Packers might be looking to get some help with that position through ether free agency or the draft.

It is unknown whether or not the Packers will resign Darnell Savage, Jonathan Owens or Rudy Ford.

The team could sign one of the three but it looks more and more like there might be a completely different look for the Packers Safeties.

New Look

The Packers defense has been a sore spot for the team for a long time.

With the hire of Hafley, the Packers and their fans hope for a change in their defensive style.

It seems so far on paper that Hafley will bring change to the Packers defense.

Only time will tell if the Packers defense will be changing its play come the 2024 season.