Why Not Green Bay for Budda Baker?

Safety is a GLARING pain point for the Green Bay Packers. Historically, the Packers have generally stayed pretty silent during free agency. Typically, Green Bay’s season ends with us fans preparing to listen to pundits focusing on a dramatic quarterback situation, along with the perennial crowning of a defense that can carry the team while the “offense figures things out.”

This 2024 offseason just feels different though. I know I should just put my head down and wait for them to stay silent and go heavy offensive line and defense in the draft.

And yet…

I can’t help but cross my fingers tighter than tight and hope that with a new salary cap, a young talented team, and draft capital to burn, that maybe, just maybe, Gutey will get Budda Baker in the building.

I know this is not a shocking scenario and has been written about ad nauseum, especially with the Pro-Bowl safety holding out via a trade request last year.

Speculation in Arizona

Last month the Cardinals beat was full of speculation. Sports Illustrated: All Cardinals released articles like “Nine Ways Cardinals Can Save Cap Space in 2024”  and “B/R: Two Teams Should Target Cardinals Safety Budda Baker”.

The general sentiment being that while Baker is a fan favorite and a clear leader in the locker room, top brass could part ways with the 27-year-old on a team deal this offseason freeing up $15.1 million in cap space. They also list the Packers as a top landing spot like most other pundits, who can draw the clear line between our secondary need, and Budda’s impact on the field.

I would be shocked if the Packers don’t work to restructure Darnell Savage (also 27 years old) to avoid the impending $5.456 million in dead money accelerating to this year. With new DC Jeff Haffley coming aboard, it would likely behoove them to give Darnell another chance under a new regime. Pushing out that money could also lend to pursuing Baker.

Upsides of Pursuing Budda Baker

While I have certainly enjoyed the surge of talent coming from the youth movement in Green Bay, I also strongly believe in veteran leadership. Bringing in Budda not only immediately upgrades the Safety depth, but it also sets a standard for the team at a position that has been in sore need of some R&R for a long time.

Possible Downsides of Pursuing Budda Baker

According to an article from Cardswire (USA Today), Baker missed 5 games due to injury with 87 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 sacks, and 0 forced fumbles. Context is important given the organization he was defending for, but with the Packers history of plaguing injuries, it may be a risk in an already tenuous Safety room. Baker has also been vocal about getting traded in the offseason and will likely be looking for a long-term deal with a high asking price.

Bring Him Home Brian

Personally, I have tweeted and preached loudly of my support in getting Baker. I am an absolute mark for this scenario, and I have zero shame in that haha. I think the upside of having an elite Safety in the building far outweighs the negative. With the offense predominantly on rookie contracts, and the attrition of vets to Green Bay Ea…to the New York Jets, Gutey should press that gas pedal down full tilt from 1265 Lambeau and bring Budda to the Bay!

Budda shouting out his desire to part ways last season, featuring some rizz from our friends over at Cheesehead TV

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