With all of the talk centered around Bakhtiari, Packers T Caleb Jones may be the answer that nobody is talking about…

6’9” 370 lbs

Nope, I’m not talking about someone you can watch wrestle for WWE. Those measurements belong to Green Bay Packers T Caleb Jones. He looks like a giant among giants on the field, but for his large size he has comparatively freakish speed. I have been a HUGE fan of the Packers choice to keep Caleb on the roster over the last 2 years, and I’ve been waiting for him to get his shot. In this article I wanted to give a quick snapshot of his journey up to this point, and what the future may hold for 72.

High School & College

Caleb grew up in Indianapolis and attended Lawrence North High School. He was a true athlete, showcasing his talent on the football field, while also taking up basketball and running track. There was no denying however, that Caleb was destined for the gridiron. Caleb was named all-state offensive lineman ranking as the 12th best player in the state.

Packers T Caleb Jones ; Lawrence North High School – Boys Varsity Football Hudl.com

Video: Caleb Jones Highlight / Noblesville  High 2017

Caleb went on to accept an offer from Indiana University. Here’s his college position introduction.

Caleb Jones – NLI Video 2/1/2017

In his junior year he started 12 games. He blocked Indiana’s way to a school record for passing yards in a season. Here he is prepping for the Gator Bowl.

Caleb Jones TaxSlayer Gator Bowl – 12/23/19

Covid hit when Caleb was a senior, shortening the season and only allowing him to play in 5 games. The next year he was able to start all twelve games at right tackle for the Hoosiers.

Making His Way To Lambeau

Caleb’s future was pointed toward the NFL. He entered the 2022 draft after combatting the consequences of the pandemic over the previous 2 years. College lineman across the board expressed difficulties due to facility access and coach contact. Most said it made it hard to stay in playing shape. Caleb even stated that he had played 40 to 50 lbs above his ideal weight at one point in his college career according to a report on NFLDrafScout.com.He would assume some of the blame for his weight issues while giving a lighthearted nod to his father James. The owner and head chef of His Place Eatery in Indianapolis.

While Caleb would go undrafted in 2022, he soon found a new home in Green Bay as an undrafted free agent.

Fighting For A Spot On The 53

My jaw dropped the first time I saw Caleb during training camp. Seeing him tower over the other players I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching The Undertaker walk into the gym at a high school practice. Yes that’s 2 WWE references already in this article. #noregrets

Packers T Caleb Jones

Packers T Caleb Jones in Training Camp: Sports Illustrated Packer Central – Bill Huber 8/11/22

In his pre-season presser that day, Gutey sang his praises. Like many others, he stressed that while his size is great, his footwork deserves more credit. Earlier this week I hopped on a CheeseheadTV Zoom call and asked Aaron Nagler about Caleb. He agreed with the sentiments that his speed is crazy given his size.

Through every interview I’ve seen, Caleb has been humble, courteous, and full of gratitude. He always seems driven to be the best version of himself. Echoing that old Packers sentiment of getting 1% better every day, he carries the “G” in stride. There may have been nerves awaiting the 53-man decision in the fall of 2022. Hearing him talk there appeared to be no lack of confidence in what he put on tape leading up to the regular season.

Packers T Caleb Jones: ‘I definitely can play in this league,” Packers.com

Sadly he didn’t make the cut in 2022 but wasn’t totally iced out of the frozen tundra. The team was able get him back as a member of the practice squad. I certainly believed he had earned a spot. So did none other than Aaron Rodgers himself. While discussing free agency and praising the best practice of camp he was asked about roster cuts.

Rodgers told reporters “I thought Caleb had a great camp as well and, you know, deserves to be on the 53. But, lucky to get him back on the P Squad and I think he has a bright future in this league.. Take the 6’9″ 370 out of the way, the way he worked from spring to fall camp and throughout fall camp, he has what it takes to be a player in this league. I told him that a couple weeks ago… Excited to get him back on the P Squad…” (Packers.com)

The First Two Years

Caleb continued his work towards being a starter for the Packers. As fate would have it, the depth on the offensive line would be up and down due to injuries. He was activated from the practice squad in October of 2022. Just as quickly as he came aboard though, he was placed onto the non-football injury list due to contracting mono. He joked that he had a tough time explaining that to his girlfriend according to an article from Packersnews.com. Jones would be reactivated in December as well that year. He stated at the end of the season that he was determined to be ready if his number was called the next year

Through everything, everyone has sung the same tune about Caleb Jones. They talk about how he’s kept his chin up and made the most of every opportunity to develop as a player and learn the offense. He works hard and is a great presence in the locker room for the squad.

Making The Cut

To my absolute delight, Caleb was not only called back the following year, but he made the active 53-man roster in 2023. Injury and illness may have muddied the waters, but when on the field, I can assure you, his dominance was asserted!

Caleb Jones 1-on-1: ‘Trying to assert my dominance” Packers T Caleb Jones speaking with Larry McCarren following the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the New Orleans Saints 9/24/23.

The guy just absolutely bullies people on the defensive line. You can see in the highlight in the video above where he is just straight up sitting folks down on their butts. We all know the story of last year in Green Bay, but let’s just take a second to think of where 2024 could take them.

A Secret Weapon

Making a 53-man roster is hard enough as it is, and with injuries, practice squad elevations, trades, and cuts, staying on that roster can be even harder. So that begs the question as to why Gutey and the staff have held onto Caleb while he’s not been able to step on the field more often than not.

This is a developmental team at its core. While they make some free agency moves here and there like snatching up Sammy Watkins or bringing in Jimmy Graham, they certainly tend to dig in with players that they see the potential of, and mold them over time. I firmly believe the ceiling for Caleb is crazy high. I think the Packers see the same writing on the wall.

With the current conversation so focused on Bakhtiari’s knee, letting Yosh Nijman hit free agency, and draft capital to burn, most folks are quick to throw Tackle in their top picks for their mock drafts. I myself have done so on a couple because no matter what, depth matters.

What if though, what if we already have the answer?

Not in a sleeping giant, but in a hidden giant. During the Zoom call with Nagler I referenced above, he also made the point of how the Packers kept the likes of Rasheed Walker and others under wraps while developing them too. With their obvious interest in his gameplay, I think they have once again concealed a secret offensive weapon to unleash on the league.

2024 And Beyond

Whether or not Bakhtiari joins the team, heads somewhere else like Green Bay Ea…the New York Jets, or is placed on the PUP list, is all off season conjecture. I personally think 69 wants a ring, and Green Bay gives him his best chance to get there. He’s even said hinted that heading back to Green Bay is the plan in a tweet back in December.

That’s not why we are here though, let’s live hypothetically.  

One thing that Green Bay has always done well is draft and coach up the offensive line. With players like Tom and Jenkins being able to slide between positions, they may not have a need to jump for a Tackle so quickly in the draft. I think the league at large is sleeping on this guy, and with all due respect to David, I think it’s time for folks to put a little more respect and attention on Caleb. With the rise of wide receiver talent, Aaron Jones looking like it’s definitely still Showtyme, Jones can help lock down that edge to keep Love safe and the run game stout.

With the youth movement in full swing, this young Tackle has a GIANT future in the league.