David Bakhtiari has been the heart of the Packers offensive line since 2013.

Being pushed into the starting line up his rookie year, Bakhtiari has done nothing but impress the Packers.

Since then he’s be selected to three Pro Bowls and has had multiple All Pro selections.

But the 2013 4th round draft pick has struggled to stay healthy the past two seasons.

An ACL injury during a practice in late 2020 has cause him problems getting on the field.

Right before the injury, the Packers agreed to give Bakhtiari a four year, 92 million dollar extension.

He became the Packers highest paid offensive lineman in the teams history.

While he has taken multiple pay cuts and contract restructures, Packer fans have been wondering whether or not he’ll every be the same again.

With the 2024 off-season underway, the Packers have to make a decision on if they want to keep Bakhtiari or release him.

Why should we bring back David Bakhtiari?

There are a couple reasons why the Packers should bring back Bakhtiari.

First, the credentials and number speak for itself.

3 time Pro Bowl selection, 2 time all pro-selection.

There’s a reason why the Packers gave Bahktiari the biggest contract ever given to an offensive lineman for the Packers.

Back in October when the Packers put him on IR for the rest of the season, Bahktiari said he was going to have another surgery that would help a cartilage issue in his knee.

If that was the last of the knee issues he has and he can recover, the Packers can give him at least one more chance to come back.

When healthy Bahktiari is one of the best offensive lineman to play this game.

While the Packers have given him multiple chances to comeback, the after effects of an ACL injury can be nagging.

We haven’t seen a fully healthy David Bahktiari on the field.

The idea of seeing him fully healthy and playing at a top level is too much to pass up.

Again, the credentials are there, the experience is there and most importantly the leadership is there.

Why the Packers shouldn’t bring back Bahktiari

If you asked me this question four years ago I would’ve thought you were crazy.

But there are reasons why the Packers shouldn’t bring back Bahktiari.

First issue is that the Packers would have to pay $20.2 million to someone who hasn’t been on the field much.

Since his injury in 2020 Bahktiari has only played in 13 games.

The Packers have no idea if the latest procedures done on his injured knee will have him ready to play in 2024 for a few more months.

If the Packers were to release Bahktiari before March 13th, they would save $20.94 million of cap space, helping with their salary cap.

Another reason to let go of Bahktiari is that they might have already found his replacement.

Rasheed Walker, a 2022 seventh round draft pick, filled in for Bahktiari and have a good season last year.

Although Walker struggled through the first part of the season, he improved as the season went on.

Walker has also caught the eye of Packer General Manager Brian Gutekunst as he has said that he is impressed by Walkers improvement and expects him to get even better in 2024.


Bakhtiari has been through a lot the last couple of seasons.

There is no questioning his work ethic and effort.

The Packers have a decision to make in the next few weeks.

If Bahktiari stays or goes though, he’ll always have a special place in Green bay.


Hau Khuong has been a Packers fan since 1996. He currently works as a video editor in Green Bay and writes for PackersTalk.com and you can follow him on twitter at @HauKhuongSports.