Hello, Packers Nation. I started a project in February where I conducted a Mock Draft every day to see how the consensus rankings and my preferences would change through the Combine and free agency. These picks were all taken in the first 3 rounds (sometimes I traded back to get additional picks). Full results are at the bottom of this post. Here are my 3 main lessons learned for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The Packers Can Draft Cooper DeJean

Given how QB top-heavy this NFL Draft is expected to be, the Green Bay Packers will likely have a few of their 15 top prospects slide to 25. As the QBs started heating up during the cycle, Cooper DeJean began to fall into the mid-20s. In the first 25 days, I could rarely draft him only grabbing him 4 times, but recently there was a shift and I was able to get him quite often, 14 of the 25 days. When I began, drafting DeJean was too costly, but now it seems well within the realm of possibility. As I argued in my draft profile, the Packers should trade into the teens to secure him. He may actually slide to 25, but why risk it?

 The Packers Should Draft Edgerrin Cooper at 41

The Linebacker position is one everyone knows the Packers will address in this draft. As we’ve seen in recent years, the players they bring in for one of their 30 Visits is a good indicator of who they’ll eventually draft. Edgerrin has already visited Green Bay and talked to the Packers, so we know he’s on their radar in a significant way. As I explained in my Cooper profile, he is the one player Green Bay can’t afford to miss in this draft. My mocking taught me that hoping Edgerrin makes it to 58 is a fool’s errand. While he sometimes makes it there, it doesn’t happen often enough to plan on it. Maybe a trade up from 58 back into the top 50 is the move if a top prospect slides to 41, but betting on him to make it to 58 isn’t wise.

 The Packers Should Wait to Draft Lineman

I have written about both OL and DL prospects that I love, but the Packers would be wise to wait. Using Dane Brugler’s Top-100 as a guide, there are only 2 LBs in the top 60 players. Conversely, there are 8 OTs, 8 IOLs, and 5 DTs. They likely won’t get their favorite by waiting until 58, but a good player or two will be available at this pick. As you can see below, every time I wait until the 3rd pick to take an upfront player, I usually get a top 2-3 guy at the given position.

Draft Results

DayPick 1Pick 2Pick 3Pick 4Pick 5Pick 6Pick 7
1Tyler NubinEdgerrin CooperT’Vondre SweatMike SainristilBucky Irving
2Tyler NubinEdgerrin CooperEnis Rakestraw Jr. Javon BullardJaylen Wright
3Jackson Powers-JohnsonEdgerrin CooperKamren KinchensT’Vondre SweatBucky Irving
4Cooper DeJeanT’Vondre SweatJeremiah Trotter Jr. Jaylen WrightChristian Mahogany
5Tyler NubinKeon ColemanEdgerrin CooperT’Vondre SweatBucky Irving
6Tyler NubinEdgerrin CooperKamren KinchensT’Vondre SweatBucky Irving
7Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperT’Vondre SweatPeyton WilsonBraden Fiske
8Zach FrazierKeon ColemanKiran AmegadjieMason McCormickBucky Irving
9Jer’Zhan NewtonEdgerrin CooperJonathon BrooksT’Vondre SweatBucky Irving
10Jer’Zhan NewtonEdgerrin CooperT’Vondre SweatBeau BradeKris JenkinsBlake Corum
11Tyler NubinGraham BartonEdgerrin CooperBraelon AllenJavon BullardBraden Fiske
12Byron Murphy IIEdgerrin CooperJavon BullardTrey BensonBucky Irving
13Jackson Powers-JohnsonJonathon BrooksEdgerrin CooperSione VakiMax Melton
14Jackson Powers-JohnsonEdgerrin CooperKeon ColemanKhyree JacksonBucky Irving
15Tyler NubinChop RobinsonEdgerrin CooperChristian MahoganyBucky Irving
16Byron Murphy IIEdgerrin CooperTrey BensonCole BishopPeyton Wilson
17Jer’Zhan NewtonByron Burphy IIEnis Rakestraw Jr. Xavier LegetteBucky Irving
18Tyler GuytonKris JenkinsEdgerrin CooperKamren KinchensBucky Irving
19Nate WigginsEdgerrin CooperT’Vondre SweatKeon ColemanKiran Amegadjie
20Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperRuke OrhorhoroMax MeltonWill Shipley
21Jackson Powers-JohnsonT’Vondre SweatPeyton WilsonChris BraswellBucky Irving
22Kool – Aid McKinstryTyler GuytonEdgerrin CooperJavon BullardTrey Benson
23Laiatu LatuPeyton WilsonKris JenkinsJavon BullardBucky Irving
24Tyler NubinEdgerrin CooperZach FrazierKris JenkinsBucky IrvingMike SainristillDominick Puni
25Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperT’Vondre SweatMax MeltonBucky Irving
26Cooper DeJeanZach FrazierT’Vondre SweatTrey BensonSione Vaki
27Jer’Zhan NewtonEdgerrin CooperJonathon BrooksBucky IrvingSione Vaki
28Byron Murphy IIEdgerrin CooperKamren KinchensXavier LegetteChristian MahoganyBraelon AllenBucky Irving
29Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperZach FrazierDadrion Taylor- DemersonTrey Benson
30Edgerrin CooperTyler NubinZach FrazierKris JenkinsDJ JamesBucky Irving
31Rome OdunzeEdgerrin CooperKingsley SuamataiaDadrion Taylor- DemersonBucky Irving
32Jer’Zhan NewtonEdgerrin CooperPeyton WilsonBucky IrvingKamren Kinchens
33Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperRicky PearsallCalen BullockWill Shipley
34Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperZach FrazierJeremiah Trotter Jr. Trey Benson
35Cooper DeJeanPeyton WilsonT’Vondre SweatTrey BensonSione Vaki
36Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperPeyton WilsonCalen BullockBucky Irving
37Byron Murphy IIZach FrazierEdgerrin CooperJavon BullardJaylen Wright
38Jer’Zhan NewtonZach FrazierJaylen WrightJeremiah Trotter Jr. Kamren Kinchens
39Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperRuke OrhorhoroJeremiah Trotter Jr. Bucky Irving
40Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperRuke OrhorhoroKiran AmegadjieBucky Irving
41Cooper DeJeanPeyton WilsonChris BraswellMarshawn LloydChristian Mahogany
42Cooper DeJeanZach FrazierEdgerrin CooperBucky IrvingChristian Mahogany
43Cooper DeJeanZach FrazierEdgerrin CooperTrey BensonJeremiah Trotter Jr. 
44Cooper DeJeanEdgerrin CooperPeyton WilsonJaylen WrightChristian Mahogany
45Kool – Aid McKinstryEdgerrin CooperKris JenkinsTrey BensonChristian Mahogany
46Nate WigginsJackson Powers-JohnsonEdgerrin CooperKamren KinchensTrey Benson
47Graham BartonEdgerrin CooperRuke OrhorhoroMax MeltonTrey Benson
48Cooper DeJeanGraham BartonChop RobinsonRuke OrhorhoroKamren Kinchens
49Laiatu LatuJackson Powers-JohnsonEdgerrin CooperTrey BensonKamren Kinchens
50Cooper DeJeanLaiatu LatuRuke OrhorhoroJalen HicksMarshawn Lloyd