The Packers first-round pick will be a legitimate mystery until it’s sent in and possible for days after. Brian Gutekunst has some first-round tendencies, sure, but he also drafts players shorter than we expected, older than we expected, lower on the consensus board than we expected, at a position we didn’t expect, and he even sometimes takes the guy we thought he would. Let’s look at a few options who would shock Packers fans on draft day but wouldn’t really be that shocking. 

Brian Thomas Jr.

I bet you didn’t think I’d start with a receiver, but what could be more surprising than finally taking a receiver in the first round, 22 years after Javon Walker, and doing it when the team has five or six legitimate receiver options already. 

Thomas is a 9.97 RAS receiver. He had the fastest flying twenty (the time from yards 21-40 in the 40-yard dash) among receivers and may be the best true deep threat in the draft. His comp, per The Ringer, is Christian Watson. Let’s say the team is ready to let omeo Doubs go to a new team for his second deal (or even earlier via trade) and is worried about Watson’s injury history. Thomas is the way to get a potential number one receiver who will force the other team to keep a safety over the top (and not in the box harassing Josh Jacobs). 

If Watson’s hamstring issue is indeed fixed, even better, the team would have five receivers who would be a top two receiver on most teams. Shuffle them in and out and wear down the opposing corners. 

Marshawn Kneeland

Kneeland is another 9+ RAS choice, this time at edge rusher. Kneeland is slowly creeping up boards as the draft approaches. You know who else slowly crept up boards over the last month or some before the draft (as the media catches up the the NFL) Quay Walker, Lucas Van Ness, and Darnell Savage. 

If Gute wants a heavy handed edge to fill in until Kinglsey Enagbare comes back, potentially drop a little weight and be a true speed rusher, and take over for Preston Smith when he leaves, Kneeland could be the best option at the end of the first round. 

Junior Colson

Colson would be a funny draft pick just because he would force all of the RAS obsessed Packers Twitter members (including myself, to be clear) to totally reevaluate the life choices they’ve made over the past few months. Colson did not test and is below 50th percentile weight.

He’s also a rare type of defensive prospect for the Packers to target – someone who is known for his instincts in college and not his athletic ability. Colson excels in the things that Packers fans have wanted for years. He fits the correct gap, he communicates, he knows what he’s doing and he plays aggressively. The perfect fit for Jeff Hafley’s new defense. a

Mike Price is a lifelong Packers fan currently living in Utah. You can follow him on twitter at @themikeprice.