We’ve arrived at the long-awaited moment: draft night is upon us! Will the Packers trade up? Trade down? Or will they stay put?

Inevitably, it’s a daunting task for Brian Gutekunst to please every fan. Should he opt to trade up, there will be those who argue that the desired prospect would have been available at the Packers’ original spot at 25. If he chooses to trade down, fans will criticize him for not going with the best player available. And if he ultimately decides to stay put, there will undoubtedly be voices decrying his lack of aggressiveness and failure to make a move up the draft board.

While Gutekunst will undoubtedly select prospects that certain fans have their hearts set on, it’s important to recognize that he will also pass on others who garner favor from different segments of the fanbase, and that’s perfectly fine. Take, for instance, my own draft crush: Graham Barton from Duke. While I highly doubt he’ll still be on the board at pick 25, I’m resolute in my stance that I wouldn’t want Gutekunst to trade up for him.

As much as I’d love to see Barton don the green and gold, I’m mindful of the bigger picture. Sacrificing valuable capital to secure a prospect from a position where Green Bay has historically excelled in drafting and developing talent in later rounds doesn’t align with the team’s strategy. I trust Gutekunst’s decision-making prowess to once again unearth the right value. After all, Gutekunst drafted Elgton Jenkins, Zach Tom, and Rasheed Walker. He knows what he is doing.

Many Packers’ fans share a strong admiration for Cooper DeJean, and it’s understandable why. With his ability to play all positions in the secondary, he’s an enticing prospect. However, DeJean’s projected status as a top 20 pick places him beyond Green Bay’s range unless they trade up. With 11 selections, Gutekunst will have opportunities to strengthen the secondary.

As Green Bay fans, it’s essential to embrace patience as we navigate through the actual NFL Draft process. The reality of draft night often diverges from the expectations set by months of mock drafts. With 32 NFL teams each possessing unique draft boards, surprises are inevitable.

Gutekunst has delivered two impressive draft classes in 2022 and 2023. There’s reason to believe in his expertise to find talent once again.