The NFL draft might be over but the work for the Packers is just getting started, as the un-drafted free agent period has started.

The period for signing un-drafted free agent started right after the last pick was made Saturday night.

For the Packers, the importance of signing un-drafted free agents is as important as drafting in the draft.


You might ask, why is it important to Green Bay to sign a player that wasn’t even drafted?

Take this into consideration.

Since 2005, the Packers have kept at least one and sometimes several undrafted rookie on their season-opening roster.

Last year Running Back Emmanuel Wilson, Wide Receiver Malik Heath and Linebacker Branton Cox kept the streak going on undrafted free agents making it to the roster.

Making an impact

Looking back, there have been some undrafted free agents that have made an impact with that team.

Some have even become starters with the Packers.

Sam Shields is a great example of someone, who wasn’t drafted but was signed by the Packers as an undrafted free agent.

Shields had an impressive pre-season and was able to make the initial 53 man roster.

Not only did he make an impact for the team, he gave the defense an added dimension.

Shields was instrumental in helping the Packers in their Super Bowl season back in 2010.

He eventually was made the starting corner and made a Pro Bowl.

Another Cornerback

Speaking cornerbacks that weren’t drafted, Tramon Williams is another example of someone who wasn’t drafted but made an impact for the Packers.

Abit, he wasn’t initially signed by the Packers, Williams worked his way up the Packers roster back in 2006.

He was cut by the Houston Texans at the end of the pre-season, picked up by Green Bay and was placed on the practice squad.

With an impressive showing in the 2007 pre-season Williams made the 53-man roster.

He was the Packers nickel cornerback midway through the season and was thrusted into the starting line up in 2009.

Willams made one Pro Bowl as well and also was a big part in the Packers Super Bowl season in 2010.


Its been almost 2 decades since the Packers haven’t kept an undrafted Free agent on the 53 man roster.

From Ted Thompson to Brian Gutekunst, the Packers front office has done a fantastic job in finding talent.

If the Packers keep an undrafted free agent from this year on the 53 man roster it will keep the streak going.

The only question is which undrafted free agent will make an impact this year?