The 2024 NFL Draft has come to an end and with it the Green Bay Packers’ 2024 draft picks has officially been finalized.

In summary, Detroit did a wonderful job of hosting the 2024 NFL Draft considering they are the home of the Detroit Lions. So, obviously, every time the Packers would make a selection, of which they had eleven, the Lions fans made sure their boos rang loud enough for all to hear. Nonetheless, I do respect it and I hope they anticipate the same treatment next year.

Additionally, Detroit set the record for the most fans in attendance at this year’s draft by having over 750,000 fans in attendance over the three day span in which the draft was held. So, overall, Detroit did well as an host. Overall, I’m excited to see Green Bay do an even better job in 2025!

Furthermore, there were 257 names read this year, two hundred and fifty-seven dreams that became a reality, two hundred and fifty-seven NFL journeys that started with their name simply being read. I mean, honestly, how can one not love the NFL Draft and football!?

NFL Draft: Packers Draft Class Overview

Moreover, out of the 257 players drafted this year, Green Bay had the privilege of selecting eleven players to join the thirteen-time world champion Green Bay Packers! In effect, the Packers had a mission from the start of this draft which was to build up the positions of need with athletic, versatile talent. 

Specifically, that word “versatile” was the overarching theme for this draft class. I mean, other than Michael Pratt who is a quarterback and Marshawn Lloyd who is a running back, the players that Green Bay selected are capable of playing in multiple positions. Generally speaking, this is the very definition of versatility. Additionally, the other theme for the Packers was build up the middle of their defense and add depth to their offensive line. 

Without further ado, your 2024 Green Bay Packers Draft Class!! Also, if you want more information about the player, then simply click on the player’s name!

NFL Draft: Round 1, Pick 15

OT: Jordan Morgan

nfl draft jordan morgan

NFL Draft: Round 2, Pick 45

LB: Edgerrin Cooper

nfl draft edgerrin cooper

NFL Draft: Round 2, Pick 58

S: Javon Bullard

NFL Draft: Round 3, Pick 88

RB: Marshawn Lloyd

NFL Draft: Round 3, Pick 91

LB: Ty’Ron Hopper

Ty'Ron Hopper

NFL Draft: Round 4, Pick 111

S: Evan Williams

NFL Draft: Round 5, Pick 163

C: Jacob Monk

jacob monk

Round 5, Pick 169

S: Kitan Oladapo


Round 6, Pick 202

OT: Travis Glover

travis glover

Round 7, Pick 245

QB: Michael Pratt

michael pratt

Round 7, Pick 255

CB: Kalen King

kalen king

One more thing, Go Pack Go!


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