“That felt like one of the most competitive Packers rookie minicamp/orientations I’ve covered. Several UDFAs and tryout players made plays. I’ll be curious to see moves GB makes.” – Wes Hodkiewicz. It certainly sounds like there were several highlights over the past couple days of Green Bay Packers Rookie Minicamp. Let’s look at some.

Credit to: Mike Spofford, Wes Hodkiewicz, Andy Herman, and Tom Silverstein

Highlights Day 1:

Warmup Period

This is an interesting note that I wanted to highlight regarding the rookie minicamp. We can’t glean much from these early day camps and OTAs. However, we can sort of learn how the Packers plan on structuring their practices. And one change is that it seems that the Packers are completely reorganizing the warmup routine just prior to practice.

The warmup time now takes twenty minutes and is organized in a way where different skill positions warm up differently. As a former track and field coach, I actually feel kind of confused on why this wasn’t done before. Different body types and skill sets require different warmups. If this wasn’t done properly before, then there is no wonder why the Packers had so many soft tissue injuries.

I’m excited to see that this is now being done properly.

Defensive Scheme

As expected, the Packers will now have four down linemen. This means that the edges will not be playing standing up anymore. Now, I’m sure there will be times where the edge defenders will still stand up on occasion, but for the most part, their hands will be in the dirt. There is something exciting about imagining Rashan Gary rushing out of the three-point stance.

Jordan Morgan

The Packers first round draft pick from last week’s NFL Draft looked great in the rookie minicamp. In team drills, he played at left tackle where he played most of his reps back in college. Matt LaFleur said not to glean too much from the positions in which these young players are playing during this time of year and that they will most definitely move up and down along the line.

However, if Morgan is capable enough of handling that left tackle position, then maybe the Packers could kick Rasheed Walker out to right tackle and move Zach Tom to center. This would then leave only right guard up for grabs with Sean Rhyan being the front runner.

(Also, I know you can’t just assume that Walker will be good enough for the right side, but the Packers might believe that he is fully capable. Only time will tell with this one.)

Day 2 Highlights

Update On Other Draft Selections:

Ty’Ron Hopper has looked fast and athletic over the past couple of days. Furthermore, Andy Herman described him as looking eerily familiar to DeVondre Campbell in size. Wearing the number 59 probably also helps with that.

Evan Williams has been flying around the field too at the safety position.

Marshawn Lloyd has also impressed over the past couple of days. Furthermore, he has been able to make decisive cuts with great vision and quickness.

And finally, Kalen King has also seems to be looking good in the non-contact minicamp. He forced a fumble in day one where second round draft pick Edgerrin Cooper was able to pick up the ball and run it back for a touchdown. Kalen King also has been lock down for the most part in coverage. Once again, though, this is just rookie minicamp.

Highlights of Dimitri Stanley

Haven’t heard of him? Neither had I prior to May 3rd. However, in rookie minicamp, to which he was invited to try out for Green Bay, he impressed. He was able to make tough hands catches including an amazing one-handed grab.

He did such a nice job he caught the eye of Matt LaFleur, who mentioned the “sick one handed catch in team” that Andy mentioned above.

Update by Tom Silverstein:

Dimitri Stanley is currently already on the fast track to being a training camp favorite this summer.

Highlights of Jack Daly

Jack Daly was wreaking havoc all day. He found himself in the backfield often during rookie minicamp, which is nothing new for the former Florida International defensive linemen. He impressed during his invite to Packers rookie mini camp. I can see the Packers adding him to their 90 man roster; however, Daly also has an invite to the Bills rookie mini camp and I’d expect him to try out there prior to making a decision.

This was just a compilation of information that I have gathered over the past couple of days. This information mostly came from Mike Spofford, Wes Hodkiewicz, Andy Herman, and Tom Silverstein, so credit to them. If you haven’t followed them on X/Twitter then you should go ahead and just do that now. There was quite a bit of other information that came out during rookie minicamp and if you missed it, then you can find it through these guys.

And as always:

Go Pack Go!


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