The NFL released the Green Bay Packers 2024 schedule yesterday. Since the end of the 2023 regular season, Green Bay knew they will play nine home games and eight road games. Although, one road game is the Eagle game in Brazil. The schedule stacks up well for Green Bay. There are several intriguing games for Packer fans. However, there are three games that appear to be the most exciting.

Packers @ Lions – Week 14

The Packers will play the Lions twice this season per usual. However, the reason why the game in Detroit is more exciting than the game in Green Bay is because it presents an opportunity for the Packers to “steal” a game. It is clear that the importance of the divisional games is critical. Normally, the first box on the Super Bowl checklist is winning the division. Beating the Bears, Vikings, and Lions is the top priority on the checklist.

Since this game in Detroit falls after the first game in Green Bay (Week 9), the severity of this game for the NFC North’s top two teams is extreme. The Packers will have the chance to sweep the Lions or, if they drop the first game in Lambeau, the team will certainly need to win this game in Detroit to keep their division championship hopes alive. Green Bay will always have a slight advantage in Lambeau so the opportunity to win a road game where the Packers will be the underdogs, especially in the second matchup, is immense.

Packers Vs 49ers – Week 12

Green Bay will host the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12 of the 2024 season. This game should hold a lot of weight for the Packers. Obviously, the Packers season ended at the hands of the 49ers in the Divisional Round. It was a game full of mistakes. LaFleur and Love will be eager to correct these mistakes and capture an opportunity for revenge on their home field.

At the moment, the Packers and the 49ers are considered to be two of the NFC’s top contenders. Green Bay had to travel to San Francisco for the playoff game in 2023. The opportunity to beat the 49ers in Lambeau and grab control of a potential home field tiebreaker at the end of the season is massive.

Packers @ Bears – Week 11

Green Bay will not see their arch rival until Week 11. This game comes at a critical juncture in the season. It is at the point where most teams know their fate but hope is not entirely gone. Hopefully, the Packers’ playoff hopes will be very much alive going into this game. It is likely the Bears may also have playoff aspirations in Week 11. As previously stated, winning divisional games is very critical for the teams’ Super Bowl dreams.

The game also falls right after the Packers bye week. The rest and the ability to get healthy will give the Packers an advantage. It will be the first time Green Bay will play against Caleb Williams. It is no secret that the Chicago fanbase will be chomping at the bit for this game. The Bears are optimistic that Williams is the answer at the QB position. It would be awfully nice for Jordan Love and co to properly welcome Williams into the rivalry.

Honorable Mention – Packers vs Dolphins – Week 13

The Packers will host the Miami Dolphins on Thanksgiving this year. The atmosphere will be a very fun and thrilling one. The game is scheduled for Thanksgiving night. The thought of watching the Packers play with family and friends post Turkey festivities is exciting. Expect the Lambeau Field environment to be lively and filled with the holiday spirit. Hopefully, the Packers can cap off the holiday with a win against a talented Dolphin team.