The Green Bay Packers’ schedule for was released in full Thursday.

Although the 2024 opponents are known soon after the Super Bowl, the schedule release is an increasingly popular NFL day. Placements of bye weeks, primetime games, and what could be pivotal games late in the season give more context when predicting win-loss records.

But this is no prediction. Consider this a spoiler warning, as I am about to reveal the Packers’ record for the upcoming NFL season.

No need to delve into any other predictions of the upcoming Packers’ schedule, because they are just that. After all, I nailed the Packers’ 2023 record at 9-8 when doing this exercise last year – and so naturally, I have stumbled upon a gift.

That piece was written in September of last year, just a week before the season. It’s unlikely, but possible that the Packers make at least one more impactful change to their roster over the summer, or God forbid a drastic injury happens during training camp. I’m going into this with slightly less knowledge than last year’s edition.

And with that, one wall of excuses has been built.

Without further ado, here is how the Packers’ schedule will play out in 2024, with added commentary on especially notable games:

Week 1 @ Eagles (Brazil)- L

Week 2 vs Colts – W

Week 3 @ Titans – W

Week 4 vs Vikings – W

Week 5 @ Rams – L

Week 6 vs Cardinals – W

Week 7 vs Texans – L

Week 8 @ Jaguars – W

Week 9 vs Lions – W

Week 10 – Bye

Week 11 @ Bears – L

Week 12 vs 49ers – L

Week 13 vs Dolphins – W

Week 14 @ Lions – L

Week 15 @ Seahawks – W

Week 16 vs Saints – W

Week 17 @ Vikings – W

Week 18 vs Bears – W

Record: 11-6

Divisional Matchups

I have the Packers going 4-2 in the division, most notably sweeping the Vikings and losing one to the Bears. The Packers have won 10 straight vs the Bears and haven’t lost to them since 2018.

The Bears defense finished last season as one of the top units in the NFL and added one of the most highly regarded QB prospects of the century in Caleb Williams during the 2024 draft. They have a great foundation for Williams, boasting one of the top WR corps in the league.

Williams is a relative unknown, but if he plays even like an average QB, the Bears might finally be a team to reckon with. I think they steal one from the Packers for the first time in six years.

Alternatively, the Vikings have been the true hated rival of the Packers over the last decade. Green Bay hasn’t swept Minnesota since 2019, and it finally happens again in 2024. It’s hard to argue that the Vikings got better over the offseason, and I’m not a big fan of first-round selection J.J. McCarthy at QB.

The Lions are still a great team and will win at least one game against the Packers. But the Packers were able to dominate the Lions in Detroit last season, and because I’m projecting Green Bay to be an even better team than last year, it only makes sense to keep it as a 1-1 draw.

Toughest Matchups

The Packers’ opener in Brazil against the Eagles is one of the more difficult games to predict. The Eagles were coming off a Super Bowl appearance last season and started the season looking as such, then had a historic collapse over the last chunk of the season.

The Eagles absolutely got better over the offseason, especially on defense. I believe they will be a better team than last year, one that still made the playoffs. If this game was at Lambeau Field I would probably choose the Packers, but the added weirdness of the season opener being in Brazil gives me a bad feeling about this one.

The Packers’ schedule finally gives them the opportunity to play the 49ers at home – but unlike believing the Packers’ winning streak against the Bears will end, I can’t bring myself to give hope to the idea they’ll beat the 49ers. They are the Packers’ kryptonite. Green Bay’s front seven will have to prove they’re legit before I can consider the idea of a victory in this one.

If the Packers were playing the Dolphins in Miami, I might not be so optimistic. The fact that it’s a November game in Lambeau, against a team that probably got worse this offseason, makes me think this is very winnable.

Interestingly, the game vs the Rams was one of the tougher choices. The Packers wiped out the Rams last season but it was without Matthew Stafford starting. The Rams were a good team last year that should be even better this season, and it just feels like a game the Packers will drop.


I can guarantee the Packers will be a better team with a better record than last year. I may not be absolutely sure about each individual game, but an 11-6 record sounds right. Every game on the Packers’ schedule I didn’t specifically discuss I can guarantee (am pretty sure) will be accurate.

Any given Sunday…


Liam O’Donnell is a devoted Packers fan and an aspiring sportswriter from Milwaukee. He writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @liamodonnell___.