With the lull of the off season in full swing, Green Bay Packers fans are left with hope and our dreams. Along with a detailed schedule of when those dreams may come true or be broken.

I myself am looking forward to one game in particular. Week 12 against the San Francisco 49ers.

Aside from a couple of regular season wins, San Francisco just seems to have the Packer’s number dialed up in the post season. Every time, it seems like it’s our year, only to be left with a cheese stuffed lump in our throats that no amount of beer or screaming or more beer can wash down.

Packers fans react to disappointing playoff loss to 49ers

This is precisely why I have Week 12 highlighted on the schedule.

Here are some reasons why the Green Bay Packers vs the San Francisco 49ers is the rivalry for Packers fans to pay attention to.

The Talent Is Jaw Dropping On Both Benches

First and foremost, these progrums are STACKED with top tier athletes. Regardless of who you’re rooting for, these teams are a lot of fun to watch as a football fan.


Two incredible underdogs that have risen to the top of the league.

Brock Purdy and Jordan Love both came into the NFL under heavy scrutiny. Love being relegated to Aaron Rodger’s back up, and Brock earning the title of Mr. Irrelevant in the 2022 NFL Draft.

However, overcoming adversity and making the most of their opportunities have been cornerstones in both of their budding careers.

Take a look at this 2023 stats comparison via Stathead

Jordan has been vocal about how that NFC Divisional round game ended last season. Along with the chip it put on his shoulder. He had this to say after the Green Bay Packers OTAs last week:

I think every year I’ve been here, you make it to the playoffs, it’s going to be a tough loss or you’re winning the whole thing,” …“Last year obviously, that 49ers game, being that close, a game we had right there and kind of let slip away from us, it’s tough. It definitely fueled us.“…Rob Reischel ; Forbes Packers: Quarterback Jordan Love…

Elite Supporting Players At Skill Positions

Incredible rosters will compliment the arm talent of Purdy and Love in 2024. Each offense is capable of being explosive. Each can just as easily put the ball in the air for chunk plays, as they can be physical, and run it down your throat.

It should be an awesome display with marquee names left and right including Watson, Deebo, Josh Jacobs, CMC, Luke Musgrave, George Kittle and so on.

Take a look at the full lineups as of today.

Coaches With A History

Matt LaFleur and Kyle Shanahan have a long history going all the way back to 2008. The pair coached together in Houston. Shanahan being the Offensive Coordinator, and Matt his Offensive Asst. Coach.

Take a look at these young fellas ready to kick ass and take names in the NFL coaching world. Also like they want you to hear about how you could bundle that home and auto insurance.

Matt left Houston and went with Shanahan over to Washington for 4 seasons. That was followed by 2 final seasons together in Atlanta before parting ways.

They have now met 5 times as head coaches of their own squads. Shanahan currently leads overall at 3-2 and he is 2-0 in their playoff matchups.

Will this be the year that Matt gets the better of his former mentor in the post season?

Maybe we’ll even get to see the much anticipated sequel, Icy Handshake 2…

Joking aside, these guys clearly have a lot of love and respect for one another. It must be an absolute blast to go up against your buddy on the NFL gridiron. These 2 are incredible coaches, and it’s a pleasure to watch them try to out scheme each other.

Battle Of The New 4-3 Defensive Scheme Coordinators

Green Bay Packers fans let out of a sigh of relief this offseason with the dismissal of Joe Barry and the pick up of Jeff Hafley as Defensive Coordinator.. Hafley will be dishing out a new 4-3 scheme this year to contend with Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

On the flip side, the 49ers will have Nick Sorensen at the helm. Sorensen was an Asst. Defensive Coach as well as Defensive Back Coach the past 2 seasons with San Francisco.

Amazing possibilities here if these coaches can capitalize on the incredible talent they have at their disposal. The Packers opened up the pocket book and got themselves a shiny new star in Xavier McKinney. Meanwhile, the 49ers still have a game wrecker in Nick Bosa. Who as it turns out, is still REAL good throwin a hand in the dirt and wrecking an offensive line.

The additions that the Packers made during the draft also spoke to Gutey wanting to deliver on that promise of a more physical defense. I was a particularly big fan of Javon Bullard and Edgerrin Cooper coming into the 2024 NFL Draft. Just a couple of ball hawks with explosive speed and physical game play. I can’t wait to see how they fit into Hafley’s defense.

I also think we’ll see a big year from my personal favorite, Mayor of Strap City, Jaire Alexander. Great to see him at OTAs building a bond with McKinney.

The 49ers added some spice to the mix with the signing of De’Vondre Campbell. Campbell has expressed how playing in Green Bay made him lose his love for the game and how happy he is to be in San Francisco. We’ll see how he stacks up against Jordan Love and company.

Lastly, I think this goes without saying, but it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there…

Post Season Peril

Recent history between these two teams at this point is hearbreaking for Packer Nation. Green Bay Packers fans everywhere are haunted by the recurring nightmare of 49ers playoff victories past. I think my throat is still sore from screaming into the couch pillow after watching Colin Kaepernick destroy the defense back in 2013.

The Packers and 49ers have met 10 times in the playoffs. The last Packer victory was a Wild Card round game on Jan. 13, 2002. I know, it’s rough when it’s laid out like that.

Here’s a rundown of their matchups leading up to the most recent playoff game in 2024.

NinersWire: A Brief History Of 9 49ers-Packers Playoff Matchups

Green Bay Packers Vs San Francisco 49ers = Playoff Preview

One of the incredible caveats to this rivalry is knowing that it is likely a preview of what’s to come in the post season.

I just wish we were seeing them a bit earlier than Week 12…

Not that I don’t think the guys can take them down. I would just rather the 49ers get a look at the Packers earlier while figuring things out. Rather than seeing the team in stride. It’s a competitive advantage I’d rather they not get near the end of the regular season.

Also fun fact, the Packers played the 49ers in Week 12 of 2019 and well..it wasn’t the best haha

Lions & Vikings & Bears…Oh Well

Yes, it’s true, somehow we ended up in the timeline where we have to consider the Lions a threat.

Cheering for the demise of our bordering rivals is as tried and true a tradition as brats and beer for Packers fans. We all feel elated when we send the purple incarnation of Satan back to Minnesota in tears of defeat. I of course have a little extra pep in my step when I get to annually declare “DA BEARS STILL SUCK!”

I can’t deny though, at this point, I think it would mean a lot more watching Jordan do what Aaron couldn’t. Defeat the 49ers in the playoffs.

While winning the division is great and an important step along the way, I would REALLY love to see San Francisco take the walk of shame back to the locker room as we move one step closer to bringing the trophy back home.

1950 – 2024 &Beyond

The Packers and the 49ers have been battling for 74 years. Click the picture below and check out a fantastic article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showcasing photgraphs of the long rivalry between these two ball clubs.

For me, and I don’t think I’m alone here, I feel like the real final boss for the Packers at this point is San Fran.

No matter what, all personal bias aside, these are 2 teams with elite coaching, elite playing, and amazing history. What else could a football fan ask for?

We’ll find out November 24th, 2024 at 3:25 PM Central TIme at Lambeau Field!