It seems like only yesterday that the Green Bay Packers were looking for answers on offense.

We spent years shouting into the void to get someone to line up alongside Davante Adams.

Years of yelling “GIVE THE BALL TO AARON JONES!”.

Of course there was also the annual discussion of when we would finally replace Jermichael Finley at Tight End.

Meanwhile, the top brass at 1265 Lombardi have been busy creating a crazy talented roster. The competition in training camp is going to be epic. No matter what, Jordan Love is spoiled for choice in 2024.

Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Room Is Deep, Young, And Hungry!

In my opinion this will be one of the best battles of training camp. Gutey and company have done an amazing job putting together a young and hungry wide receiver room. The names are starting to become more and more familiar to the NFL at large, and at a STEAL of a price thanks to their youth. Take a look at the salary cap hits for the upcoming season via

Meanwhile you have teams like Miami shelling out crazy amounts of money for their WR2!

As of now the consensus in the Packers community is that Christian Watson is head of the table. I hope he can stay healthy for sure, but my eye is on Jayden Reed this year. He showed enough on film last year that I think he takes a sophmore jump and lands in the WR1 role. Jaire Alexander was recently quoted saying that Jayden Reed reminds him of a young Randall Cobb…only better.

Here’s Jayden talking about coming into year two.

Romeo Doubs, Tay Wicks, Malik Heath and Bo Melton are not to be downplayed as well by any means. Romeo has been a solid and consistent weapon for Jordan since coming onto the team. It’s crazy to think that he and Watson are now the veterans of the room.

With all the hype around the room it’s easy to forget names like Grant DuBose or even Samori Toure. Check this short from Cheeshead TV.

It should be a great battle for a spot on the 53, and we’ll see how Julian Hicks, Dimitri Stanley, and QB turned WR Alex McGough stack up. It all comes down to how much depth the team wants and I would assume we’ll see several practice squad re-signings.

The Superbowl window is open right now with all of these fellas on rookie deals and showcasing elite talent. The Waddle signing is going to break open the WR2 market and the Piper will come for payment on these contracts down the road. So, it’s best that the Packers strike while the iron is hot. Hence bringing in a backfield stud to capitalize….

Running Backs With Power

Let’s all take one last collective moment to mourn the loss of Aaron Jones…

I think Josh Jacobs coming into the building was 100% unfortunately overshadowed by the loss of Jones. I thought maybe another quick look at a highlight reel would remind folks of who Gutey just picked up for the squad.

Green Bay Packers – RB Josh Jacobs’ top career plays

Will The Green Bay Packers Keep 3 or 4?

I was absolutely ecstatic to see AJ Dillon take a team friendly deal to compete for a spot on the roster. Much like Jacobs, he is a powerhouse north to south runner with great hands out of the backfield. He’s also beloved by the fans and the embodiment of Carrying the “G”. I know last season may not have looked great in comparison to the past, but I still firmly believe putting him into a flex FB role and finding ways to incorporate him into the offense will be a major advantage this season.

Emanuel Wilson and Marshawn Lloyd will likely compete for a third role in the running back room. Matt LaFleur recently said durinig a presser that having multiple backs “platooned” as just an overall team philosophy, keeps their guys fresh during the season and extends their careers. This may lead to them keeping all 4 in rotation.

I have been high on Emanuel since seeing glimpses of what he offers, and there is some serious hype around Marshaw Lloyd. Here’s a quick look at his college highlight reel.

I can’t wait to see Marshawn with pads on and in the preseason. No matter what this will be a fun competition to watch.

Tight End Tandem

It’s no big secret who the starters are going to be with the 2nd year Tight End tandem of Luke Musgrave and Tucker Kraft. These guys are lookin to build on some amazing rookie year highlights and I am here for it. Musgrave looked incredible leading up to his unfortunate injury during the 2023 campaign.

Meanwhile, Tucker Kraft comes in and lights up the field!

Here’s a look at their respective stats from last season.

Both young studs have proven their worth and I think we will see a lot of tandem sets in the 2024 season.

Who Do You Cover?

Top to bottom this team is looking stacked heading into training camp. After years of watching it be Davante Adams and Aaron Jones shouldering the offense, the cavalry has arrived.

The sheer number of weapons that Jordan Love has at his disposal is incredible. I can’t wait to watch them hit their rhythm and start throwing up big numbers. It’s going to be great watching defenses having to counter the fact that nearly all of the Packers offensive players are capable of chunk plays for the highlight reels. Who do you cover? Doesn’t matter, because the next man up is just as likely to burn your defenders!

This season the Green Bay Packers will dominate by committee.