Last year, the 2023 rookies was filled with players that contributed to the Packers 2023 season.

You can arguably say that there wasn’t just one player who stood out as the star of that draft class.

Of all the draft picks last year (13), 10 contributed in someway or saw playing time last year.

Pretty impressive that over 75% of the draft class did that.

Fast forward to this years draft class.

11 draft picks including 5 in the first 3 rounds.

There is potential again this year for this years rookie class to have multiple rookies contribute this season.

Jordan Morgan

Obviously, when you are a first round draft pick, the expectation is that the draft pick would be a key contributor.

With Jordan Morgan the expectation is there.

Now, Morgan could contribute this season as the Packers plan to have him compete for one of the tackle positions.

However, they also see versatility in Morgan where they may try him at guard as well.

The key for Morgan here is versatility.

Morgan has a chance to solidify the Packers offensive line.

If Morgan can win the starting job at ether position, it is a win for the Packers.

Edgerrin Cooper

Coming into the 2024 offseason the Packers had a hole at linebacker after the release of DeVondre Campbell.

The Packers addressed the need by drafting Edgerrin Cooper in the second round of this years draft.

The job is basically Coopers’ to lose in training camp.

Again high expectations for a high expectation for a high draft pick.

With the speed and intensity of Cooper and Quay Walker, they have an opportunity to have a deadly pair of linebackers for seasons to come.

Javon Bullard

Another rookie who has a chance to start this season.

Javon Bullard has a chance to start alongside Xavier Mckinney.

Expectations are high for Bullard after being drafted in the second round.

Bullard strength is route recognition, which will pair well with McKinney’s ball hawking skills.

He also has the ability to help with run support.

That pairs well with new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley’s scheme.

Marshawn Lloyd

While MarShawn Lloyd won’t be starting this year at RB, he has a chance to contribute to the Packers offense.

Lloyd has a chance of being the Packers 3rd down back or even a backup back to Josh Jacobs.

He has explosive play ability and has game changing speed.

Along with that, he is a threat out of the backfield.

All those characteristics is a plus in Matt Lefleur’s offense.

Look for Lloyd to contribute to the offense in 2024.


While it might be too early to jump to conclusions, the 2023 draft class looks pretty special.

Those rookies turned around a Packers team that looked like it was aging in 2022 and made the 2023 season fun to watch.

To watch the development of those rookies was great.

The same expectation is there for the 2024 draft class.

The talent is there.

But only time will tell if these rookies will contribute in 2024.

Who knows?

There might be someone not listed in this article that will contribute in 2024


Hau Khuong has been a Packers fan since 1996. He currently works as a video editor in Green Bay and writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @HauKhuongSports.