Trade Suitors for Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb would be wise to take a pay cut and play the last remaining year on his contract with Aaron Rodgers. This would do his market value justice as he heads into next offseason as a free agent. However, as we all know you can’t mess with the pockets of a professional athlete as […]


Ted Thompson is Unhinged!

It took just a shade under a decade for Ted Thompson and Co. to realize that sometimes they can benefit from not being passive when it comes to upgrading personnel from the outside. As I inferred the other day, the signing of Ahmad Brooks would be out of character for Thompson and Co. in a […]


Ol’ Bag of Donuts: The Return From The Ledge

Chris and Adam return from the ledge, well maybe Chris more than Adam, to bring you Ol’ Bag of Donuts Week Two podcast. This week, the guys put a bow on the latest Capers debacle and find some very promising performances that could bode well heading into Week Two. They also breakdown what their plan […]


Packerpedia: Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

The guys from Packerpedia get the regular season started by talking about the burgeoning rivalry between the Packers and 49ers, paying special attention to Jim Harbaugh’s verbal attack on Clay Matthews the day after the game. They also discuss what’s been getting into Mike McCarthy lately, before diving into a preview of the Week 2 […]

Share Game Predictions: Week 1 Packers vs. 49ers

Cory Jennerjohn (@CoryJennerjohn) The 49ers have arguably the best talent from 1-53 in the NFL. Last year Colin Kaepernick wowed everyone with his legs and this year he’ll have to do it with his arm. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb say they’re both ready to roll, but both have only played two snaps in the […]


Behind Enemy Lines: Talking 49ers – Packers with @NinersCommunity

It’s the first episode of PackerTalk’s Newest weekly podcast, Behind Enemy Lines, where Amanda and Chris go deep into 49ers territory to talk about Sunday’s game with Al Sacco, staff writer for  for 49ers Web Zone , 49ers Gab, and Sports Out West . What do the Packers have in store for them this weekend […]