Memorable Thanksgiving moments for Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers have not been a consistent presence on your television screens for your Thanksgiving schedule for a while now, unfortunately exposing you to the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Professional Football Team, and the Detroit Lions, among others, on a regular basis. But their history on Turkey Day very much involves […]


Green Bay Packers: Where We Going? What We Taking?

Around this time of year, Thanksgiving, I enjoy my morning commute a bit more because of a radio segment titled “Where you going? What you taking?” In the segment, the radio hosts open the phone lines and essentially ask callers two questions. If I had called this morning it would have gone something like this: […]


Green Bay Packers Week One: Chicago Dogs

The first Packer game I attended at Lambeau was versus the Bears in 2002. I saved $500 for two tickets, a bus ride to and from Dubuque, IA, and a free tailgate. My boyfriend at the time opted out, so I went with a friend. Despite that fact, I ended up marrying the same guy […]


PackerPedia Podcast – The Grand Scheme of Things

This week’s episode covers the aftermath of the Giants game, of course. A few of the topics we discuss: Just how much the Giants game means in the grand scheme of things, the offensive line woes, Dezman Moses’ playing time, Greg Jennings’ return. —————————– For the best in Packers’ talk, join Mike and Dan Conklin […]

PackerPedia Podcast – Packers Turkey Day Podcast

Mike and Dan Conklin give us a special reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving: ¬†Packers Talk! ¬†Join Mike and Dan for their special Turkey Talk Edition as they cover taking Cobb off kickoffs, the Mason Crosby drama, Jermichael Finley, Sam Shield’s place on the defense, and a look ahead to the Throwdown in the Big […]