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Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Back before the Buccaneers started playing in Raymond James Stadium they played their games in the old “Big Sombrero”.  More often than not the away game between the Packers and Buccaneers would be scheduled for late in the season and as northerners are wont to do in the colder months Packers fans headed south.

During these times the Buccaneers were not very good.  The stands at the Big Sombrero would often be filled with Green and Gold.  The Packers were very successful in their trips to Tampa.  Since the new stadium was built however, things have not been great.  The Packers have won just once at Raymond James Stadium despite the two franchises having very different levels of success over the past two decades.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is winless in Tampa, going 0-2 over two starts in 2008 and 2009 with 3 interceptions in each game.  In fact, games played in Tampa, FL account for 66.67% of Aaron Rodgers’ career 3 INT games.  Considering that Tampa Bay is one of the worst teams in the league and just put their best defensive player on IR, it would be hard to believe that a poor performance would happen again.  After all, Rodgers almost always succeeds after a bad game.  More simply, Rodgers almost always succeeds.


The Green Bay Packers Lose A Legend – Fuzzy Thurston

Green Bay Packers Legend Fuzzy Thurston and me

The Packers lost a legend when Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston died at age 80. I , along with many others, lost a part of my childhood and a personal hero.

Like many who do not remember the Lombardi Era, I came to know about Fuzzy Thurston by reading ‘Instant Replay’ . Jerry Kramer’s stories of Fuzzy never failed to make me smile. He sounded so positive, and ebullient. Almost too good to be true.

Well, it was the truth.

He may have been a Packers legend, but the first thing you noticed about Fuzzy Thurston wasn’t his Super Bowl ring. It was his smile.

That was true the first time I met him, seven years ago, and the last time I saw him, only a few months ago.

December 2007. I was in Green Bay for a game. We went to Fuzzy’s bar, because it was his bar and it would be a new experience. We settled into our seats, then I looked over to an adjoining room.

There was someone in there. An older gentleman with a flashing smile. And a lot of Packers gear on. And a Super Bowl ring.

I couldn’t believe it. It  was Fuzzy Thurston. I was about to meet my first Green Bay Packer player in person.

He was warm, and sociable. He took several minutes to chat with me, or listen to me chatter at him, more accurately, about my love for the Packers, how I loved Jerry Kramer, that my dad wouldn’t believe I actually got to meet one of his favorite players, how excited I was to meet him. And he loved it.


Blues in Buffalo Strike Packers Again

Despite yesterday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Green Bay Packers still hold their destiny for a first round bye. Everything about that game was ugly form the coaching to the execution to even the commentating. David Diehl should find another post-retirement hobby. However, it is hardly a season killer for the Packers. After putting my geek on and working the playoff machines all night I think I have the scenarios down. Don’t trust ESPN’s playoff machine because it has many errors.

– Here’s what’s simple. If the Packers win their two remaining games they get a bye. Make it happen

– If you’re still interested in the one seed that is still possible. In addition to the Packers winning out, Seattle will have to beat Arizona next week, Arizona will have to lose to San Francisco  in Week 17 and St. Louis will have to beat Seattle in Week 17. Arizona losing twice seems quite possible without Drew Stanton, but St. Louis winning in Seattle with home field on the line seems like quite the stretch.

– Now for the real craziness. The Packers should make the playoffs as a wildcard with a victory over Tampa Bay and a loss to Detroit. However, there is a scenario they can be out at 11-5. If Dallas loses to Indianapolis and beats Washington and Philadelphia wins out, the Eagles would win the division. The Cowboys would get in over the Packers based off common opponents. Confused yet? Unfortunately, this does not seem that far fetched.


Early Bird Breakdown Week 14: Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills

The Packers look to win their first game ever in Buffalo from a bounce back by the Packers' secondary

Early Bird Breakdown Week 14: Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills

Hello all! Welcome to another Early Bird Breakdown! Let’s begin with the recap: 

The Recap:

Aaron Rodgers out gunned Matt Ryan and the Falcons Monday night

Last week the Green Bay Packers hung on to win against Atlanta 43-37 after giving up 20 points in the fourth quarter. While the offense was in rhythm against a poor defense, the defense started the game strong against the eighth ranked offense in the NFL before crumbling in the second half as Julio Jones reel in eleven receptions for a ridiculous 259 yards and one touchdown. This can mostly be linked to defensive coordinator Dom Capers consistent plan this season to single cover elite wide receivers, something that did not pay off week four against Calvin Johnson and did not last Monday against the Falcons.

As for the 7-6 Buffalo Bills, they traveled to Denver and lost a tough one 24-17. The Bills hold to fringe playoff hopes and face a must win in their last home game of the season this week against the Green Bay Packers.

The Breakdown:
Packers’ Offense vs. Bills’ Defense:

Spoiler: This is very unlikely to happen this week


Some People Can Just Never Win

favre check

Some people can just never win.

No matter what they do, their actions will be analyzed. Over and over. Trying to find some deeper meaning to what is said, how it was said, why was it said, why wasn’t it said. And so on. And so on. And so on.

One person who will never fully win in the eyes of Green Bay Packers fans is former quarterback Brett Favre.

It somewhat makes sense. After the messy divorce between him and the team during the Summer of 2008, and his subsequent joining their arch rivals the Minnesota Vikings, Favre alienated a portion of the fan base who once adored him.

I could mention that divorce was six years ago, and great strides have been made since then to reconcile the once frosty relationship Favre had with the Packers organizartion. Strides that include Favre and his replacement Aaron Rodgers appearing on having moved past the friction that existed between them. Strides that include Favre taking responsibility for the way things ended in Green Bay for him as a player. Strides that include the Packers welcoming Favre back into the family next year as the sole entry into the newly renovated Packers Hall of Fame as a way to honor his on field contributions during his sixteen years as a Packer. But you know, that would be foolish.

Foolish because some people can just never win.

The most recent example as to why Favre can’t win ocurred this just past week.




The Arizona Cardinals continued to find a way to win last night, despite playing a red hot St. Louis Rams team and losing their second quarterback of the season to a knee injury.  Despite being beat up in a 2012 Packers type of way the Cardinals are grinding out wins in an effort to maintain their status as the #1 seed.  As far as I’m concerned this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  The focus of the Green Bay Packers must stay razor sharp.

If the Packers win on Sunday, and they should, and the Cowboys lose on Sunday, and they should the Packers will qualify for the playoffs.  That’s not really what this is all about, though.  This team has proven that with its current construction it is a brilliant home team.  The goal for this team has to be the #1 seed.  That goal as far as I’m concerned is still in front of them because as impressed as I am by the Cardinal’s resilience I really don’t believe they can run the Seattle/San Francisco table with Ryan Lindley.

The fact that Green Bay has to continue to win is a good thing.  We all remember how the team coasted in to the playoffs in 2011 and  how short that post season was.  Selfishly as a man that predicted that this team would go 13-3 I appreciate the pressure to win every game that still exists.


A Way To Make Packers Offense Even Better


The Green Bay Packers already have the best offense in the NFL with the best quarterback in the league, perhaps the best wide receiver duo, an offensive line playing out of its mind and a bull at running back. The Packers rank first in the NFL averaging 32.5 points per game and are first in Football Outsiders’ offensive DVOA, which measures offensive efficiency.  So how can the Packers possibly get much better on offense?

Everybody loves Dujuan Harris’ story about where he came from, but the truth is he has been brutal returning kicks this year. I feel like him just getting it back to the 20-yard line is a win. The stats back that up, as Green Bay is 31st in the NFL in kickoff return average (20.3). The blocking can certainly be better, but the diminutive Harris just doesn’t have the size, burst, or explosiveness to be a good kickoff returner.  Often times his decision making on when to bring out kicks from the end zone has seemed poor too. Can anyone even remember a big kickoff return this year?

The Packers do have a guy on the roster who has big potential in returning kicks in Jeff Janis. Janis has long strides to be able to get up the field quickly, can outrun angles and overall is a much more explosive athlete than Harris. Janis got a shot in the preseason, but nothing since even with Harris’ and the unit’s struggles.