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TTSO Packers Podcast: Cut It Out!

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On this edition of Titletown Sound, Chris, James, and Bobbo talk about the Super Bowl, Packers who may be headed to free agency, and what the difference is between Full House and Avril Lavigne (don’t get Bobbo started on that subject.) All this, plus find out which Packer is a Canadian Texan on this week’s Titletown Sound!

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Packers Offseason: Wide Receivers

Packers WR Davante Adams

The offseason is now officially underway and with it the roster decisions are starting to be formulated. For many teams who have messed up their salary cap, that means cutting valuable players or letting key players go in free agency (see Chicago, Denver). But for teams like the Packers who have great health under the cap, the time comes to not only evaluate the roster and make cuts, but to look toward the market, whether it is street free agents, UFAs, or the Draft.

So we now get to continue to evaluate the 90-man roster of the Packers as it stands right now. We already went through the quarterbacks and running backs, which leads us to the fun part. Now we get to talk about the wide receivers. The receiving core was so decimated last season that we forget how strong it really is when healthy. And each piece complements the others pretty well. So before we panic, let’s look at the position while also keeping an eye on some free agents and potential draftees.

We start with the back breaking injury that decimated the offense.





I’ve been getting into a lot of “discussions” about the Packers lately.  I know that as a writer you’re supposed to stay away from the comments sections, the Facebook pages, etc.  You run into the JSComments types who are just there to argue, or haven’t had a Super Bowl win in five years and are starting to get antsy.  The problem is my best friend and co-host moved to Milwaukee and I don’t really get to talk Packers with human beings very often.

So you end up having discussions about a lot of things.  Draft prospects, draft priorities, free agents, approaches to free agency, etc.

Why not put it all in one place?  Why not answer the question, if I was Ted Thompson, what would do this offseason?  How would set the Packers up for a run at the title in 2016 while keeping their long-term future in mind?  Aaron Rodgers will be able to play until he’s 40, so setting up the Packers for the next decade is important.

So from now on, if you want to know my take on something this offseason, here are a bunch of my takes, consolidated.

Re-sign either BJ Raji or Letroy Guion, probably not both. Hey, look at that! It’s already taken care of.  Unsurprisingly enough, the move generated differences of opinion.  Guion signed for three years and $11.25 million.  Some loved the low price, others hated the long term commitment to a player with such a troubled legal and personal background.  Me? I’m fine with it.  I’m not super-excited but $3.75 million per, with the salary cap continuing to rise, is such a meager investment.


Packers’ Wide Receiver Problems Can Be Solved Internally

Packers WRs Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson

To anyone who paid attention to the Green Bay Packers’ 2015 campaign, it was obvious that the team’s offense was not as dominant as it has been for the greater part of the last decade.

While Eddie Lacy and the running game were not as effective as they had been over the last couple years, it was the passing attack’s apparent disappearance that was much more noticeable to the team and its fans.

There were a number of potential reasons for this drop off in production from Aaron Rodgers and company. Rodgers was not as sharp as he normally is and revealed he played through an injury this season. The absence of Jordy Nelson for the entire year had an undeniable effect. Other key weapons like Davante Adams and Randall Cobb seemed to regress and could not replace Nelson’s contributions.

James Jones served as a temporary stop gap, but he is not likely to return in 2016. But even with Jones’ probable departure and the overall ineffectiveness of the receiving corps in 2015, the Packers do not need to find a wide receiver in free agency or use an early draft pick on one. Green Bay’s 2015 receiver problems can be fixed with the current roster.

The Packers obviously struggled throwing the ball in 2015. Green Bay ended the season with the league’s 25th-ranked passing offense. To put that in perspective, it was the first time the passing game ranked outside the top ten since2003, when the Packers finished 16th in that category.


Early Super Bowl 51 Odds: Favorites and Longshots

Packers favorites to be Super Bowl Champs

The NFL season is wrapped up, but it’s never too early to start looking forward to next year. For 31 of the 32 teams in the NFL, they’re going to be looking ahead to August, when preseason football will start up once more. For the Broncos, they will enjoy their time in the limelight, but also have to look ahead to next season, where they’ll likely be a much different team without the likes of Peyton Manning or a top-tier defense.

There are already a few favorites developing among betting fans for next year, so let’s take a peek at some of the online sportsbook odds and  favorites for Super Bowl 51.


Betting Favorites for Super Bowl 51:

The Carolina Panthers: +1000

Cam Newton stated after the Panthers’ loss this past Sunday “we’ll be back”, and it seemed as if he meant it. The Panthers did lose in the Super Bowl, but their entire season was far from a wash. At 17-2 on the season, you can’t complain. The Panthers are a young team as well, and with Kelvin Benjamin back next year, will only look better on the offensive side of the ball. The Panthers are at +1000 right now, and if you’re a betting fan, it’s hard not to hop on those odds.


The Seattle Seahawks: +1000


A Look at the Packers’ Unrestricted Free Agents

James Starks missed his senior year at the University of Buffalo has been a regular on injury lists since.

Below you will find a list of the Green Bay Packers’ upcoming unrestricted free agents. These players will be free to sign with any team starting on March 15th. I have assigned a priority level to each player (high, medium, low, or do not attempt to resign). These speak to the importance of each player to the 2016 roster and the Packers’ ability to assemble a team capable of returning to Texas to win Super Bowl LI. The priority is ranked in light of their possible contribution to the team overall, not just their talent-level. A highly-skilled but likely expensive player at a position of great depth will result in a lower resigning priority ranking.


Don Barclay – Do Not Attempt to Resign

Barclay is not the worst tackle in the league. He provides some flexibility to the offensive line, but his inconsistency against the pass-rush has torpedoed his reliability as a back-up. With Bulaga continuing to miss time due to reoccurring injuries, the Packers need to find a more stable back-up.

Mason Crosby – High

Crosby is one of the best kickers in the league. He’s shown that he can get it done in the cold weather of Lambeau, and the Packers brass went through a lot of trouble to keep him during his major slump in 2012. It paid off to ride out the storm. The Packers need to continue benefiting from that decision and resign him.

Brett Goode – Low


John Elway is the Anti-Ted Thompson

ted thompson 2014 rookie camp

The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 yesterday with a completely different philosophy than the Green Bay Packers in how the team was put together and what the defensive side of the ball looked like.

The Packers are well known for Ted Thompson’s draft and develop philosophy and have enjoyed sustained years of success through that.  It’s the correct way to build the foundation and core of your roster. Most teams who go out and spend big in free agency come away disappointed and we have seen numerous examples of that over the years. However, as most are quick to point out when free agency doesn’t work out for bad teams, it must now be pointed out how John Elway won a Super Bowl with free agency as a huge tool.

Elway knew he had a limited window to win with Peyton Manning at quarterback and went all out to get this championship. The defense that mostly won him his Super Bowl was built in free agency a great deal with the signings of Aquib Talib, T.J. Ward, Darian Stewart and Demarcus Ware. On offense, Elway brought in Emmaunel Sanders, Evan Mathis, Owen Daniels and obviously Manning in via free agency. Elway supplemented some great draft picks with these signings and built a great team.