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Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Sterling Sharpe

#84 Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Sterling Sharpe

On August 8, 2015, Ron Wolf will receive his well deserved bronze bust and take his rightful place in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  Next year, Brett Favre will be enshrined.  Both of these events will be exciting for Green Bay Packers fans and I too look forward to the party.

On the other hand, every time I watch one of these NFL Hall of Fame ceremonies on TV I am reminded of Sterling Sharpe’s great career as a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers and what should have been, if he could have played longer.

I hate playing the “what if” game.  I hate it, because I beat myself up until I have internally rationalized a satisfying resolution.  In the case of Green Bay Packers wide receiver Sterling Sharpe, I’m going to play the “what if” game, because his NFL career was sterling (pun intended) and then he was robbed of his chance at becoming an NFL Hall of Fame bust.

After a fantastic college career at the University of South Carolina, Sterling Sharpe was selected by the Green Bay Packers with the seventh pick in the first round of the 1988 NFL Draft.  According to, he started all 16 games as rookie, catching 55 passes for 791 yards and a touchdown.  Sterling instantly became a fan favorite in Packer Nation.

During his second season (1989) with the Green Bay Packers, Sterling Sharpe set team records with 90 catches and 1,423 yards.  His 12 touchdowns were the second-highest total in the NFL.  Sharpe was now beginning to dominate!


The 5 Most Versatile Packers

Micah Hyde (Versatility)

When building a roster, the Packers have it a lot better than most teams. Despite having superior talent than a majority of the NFL, they also have the versatility that opponents only dream of.

With so many players able to play all over the field in numerous roles, that gives Mike McCarthy and his staff a chance to keep some of the more developmental players on the roster, allowing them a chance to grow into productive NFL players.

When looking at the roster, the Packers have five special players, guys who are invaluable for their talent and their versatility. These five individuals and their roles will allow guys like Jayrone Elliott, LaDarius Gunter, and other guys to have a chance on an NFL roster. Counting down the five most versatile Packers, here we go.

#5) TJ Lang

TJ is a rare breed in today’s NFL. A throwback to the old days where lineman were truly nasty and dangerous in the trenches. He will say that he has a chip on his shoulder, but it’s more like a Redwood. And while he has a permanent place at right guard in the starting lineup, he is the first guy to move around if injuries hit. With experience at the left guard, center, and right tackle spots, he has moved around and has been solid to exceptional in all of them. His ability to move around may allow Green Bay to only keep eight and dress seven offensive linemen on certain game days.


From The Benches with Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke

From the Benches Podcast - Packers Talk Radio Network

Ross and Ryan sit down with Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke, co-founders of Cheesehead TV.  The guys talk about being displaced Packers fans, and the labor of love that is blogging and podcasting.  It doesn’t take this fearsome foursome long to dive right into Packers football and break down the first two days of training camp as well as everyone’s outlook on the 2014 season.bilde

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PFF: 5 Guys That Have to Be Good- Sam Barrington


For the last two years I’ve been making a list of 5 guys that have to be good.  This kind of list isn’t obvious.  You’re not going to find Aaron Rodgers on this list.  These are guys that you might not think of right away regarding the overall success of the Packers.

That’s the thing, though.  Aaron Rodgers is going to play well.  Clay Matthews, should he stay healthy is going to play well.  Eddie Lacy’s going to be good and so is the offensive line.  The players that we know are good are more than likely going to play well.

It’s the players that are “in the margins” that can make the difference between another 11 or 12 win team with a playoff “run” and a 13 or 14 win team and the 14th World Championship in Packers history.

When the Packers released Brad Jones and AJ Hawk there was a pretty large sigh of relief.  Hawk was largely respected while Jones was not but no matter how the fans felt about them neither player was producing at an acceptable level.  The issue, though, is that the point of replacing marginal players is having better ones take their place.

Enter Sam Barrington.  In an ideal world it would appear that the keys to the middle of the defense have been handed to the 3rd year pro out of South Florida.  Barrington is looking to succeed where DJ Smith, Terrell Manning and Jamari Lattimore ultimately failed.


Last But Not Least Green Bay Packers #50 Vince Kowalski

UDFA Green Bay Packers #50 Vince Kowalski shares an OTA laugh with #67 Don Barclay.

Per Brian Carriveau of dated June 9, 2015, “the Green Bay Packers rounded out their 90 man roster by signing undrafted free agent Vince Kowalski out of Villanova.  Before he signed with the Packers, Kowalski had a tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs.  However, the Chiefs did not offer him a deal.”

Carriveau’s Twitter post caught my eye for three reasons.  Reason #1-Vince Kowalski was the last player signed to the Green Bay Packers 90 man roster…kinda like a “Mr. Irrelevant.”  The last guy picked in the NFL Draft, which leads to reason #2, I like rooting for an underdog, which Kowalski seems to be at this point in his young NFL career.  Reason #3-My wife and I were heading up to Green Bay the following day to attend the Packers OTA on June 10, so I thought I would keep an eye on him.

After pondering Carriveau’s post I decided to learn more about Green Bay Packers #50 Vince Kowalski.  What I will not do in this post is make any projections or predictions.  Rather, I will wait for the training camp battles to begin today (July 30th) in order to attempt that feat.  But, this is what I learned about the Green Bay Packers last–but perhaps not least undrafted free agent–Vince Kowalski.


Who’s In and Out for the Packers’ Final 53 Man Roster?

Packers Receivers Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis

With the start of training camp just a few days away, the process of whittling down the current Green Bay Packers roster of 88 to 53 will begin.  While most cuts won’t take place until after the Sept. 1st and 5th cut-down dates, the battle for those coveted roster spots really begins now.  While a relative few are locks to make the final roster, the full character of the 2015 Packers will not emerge until camp battles are won and lost, with some players flashing, and others faltering.

With the NFL draft having concluded nearly 3 months ago, we are transitioning out of the slowest period of the NFL offseason.  Sports fans and writers are chomping at the bit for real NFL news and now, with the commencement of training camp, they have something tangible upon which to focus.  This is the time of the year when NFL teams are beginning to take shape, but there remains a great contingency as to their final composition.  For that reason, it is fun to take a look at each player currently on the roster and analyze what chance they might have of being one of the final 53, a member of the 2015 Green Bay Packers.

I’ve divided each of the 88 players now on the roster into 6 groups based on likelihood to make the final cut.  Every player is considered based upon the assumption that they will remain healthy throughout training camp and the preseason.  I will finish with my own roster prediction.


Green Bay Packers Get a Crack at Revenge against NFC West

Seattle's game-winning touchdown against the Packers

In recent seasons the Green Bay Packers have had a difficult time playing the teams in the NFC West. A case can be made that the Packers currently have more of a rivalry with teams like the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers than with their NFC North rivals.

After all, Green Bay has had no problem winning the division over the last four seasons, posting a 20-4-1 record over the Bears, Lions, and Vikings since 2011 (including playoffs). Over that same span, though with a much smaller sample size, the Packers are 3-7 against the NFC West, and are winless against the 49ers (0-4) and Seahawks (0-3).

Included among those losses are a number of postseason defeats. In Aaron Rodgers’ career as a starter, he has made the playoffs six times. Of the five times that Green Bay failed to win the Super Bowl, four of the Packers’ postseason exits were at the hands of an NFC West team: the Cardinals in 2009, the 49ers in 2012 and 2013, and the Seahawks in 2014.

What has made matters worse for Green Bay is that the defeats have often come in heartbreaking fashion. From the Cardinals beating the Packers 51-45 in overtime on a controversial call in 2009 to the Seahawks overcoming a 12-point deficit in the last few minutes last year, the Packers have been left stunned by the NFC West too many times in recent years.