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Tuesday Recap: How the Hell Did We Get Here?

Matt Flynn

As i jumped up and down running from my friends living room to his kitchen, and kitchen back to his living room, and living room back to his kitchen, in what was surely a display that confused my new puppy, I couldn’t help but think: how did this even happen?  Now, after an incredible 61 yard bomb from the boot of Justin Tucker, I live in a world where the 2013 Green Bay Packers, despite the apocalypse of bad luck and injuries that have befallen them, control their own playoff destiny.  Not only do they control their own playoff destiny, but there are many signs that QB1 is coming this Sunday.

So remember all that senseless drivel that I wrote about tanking the season and loading up for 2014 with high draft picks?  Eff that noise.  I am nothing if not a guy who won’t stick to his guns.  In fact I’m completely abandoning those guns.  I am a passionate fan who prides himself on not reacting as harshly and maintaining optimism but I cashed this season in.   I wasn’t going to call for anyone’s head.  I think maybe Capers needs a wakeup call or maybe to be shown the door, but that’s not where I placed the blame for this wayward season.  The team wasn’t constructed that poorly, it just got hurt.  The spots where the defense struggles, ILB and S, are definite talent issues.  It’s not really TT’s fault that his biggest playmaker in that fashion, Desmond Bishop, suffered a career altering injury at the age of 28.  A lot of things that happened this season aren’t anybody’s fault.


Deadlock: Green Bay Packers 26 Minnesota Vikings 26


The Green Bay Packers entered their game against the Minnesota Vikings in desperate need of a win. They had lost their last three games, sputtered on offense, and had been even worse on defense. What they got in the end, was perhaps the least satisfying result possible. A 26-26 tie.

The game began with the Packers getting the ball first, after winning the toss and electing to receive. They were unable to generate anything early, however, as a sack on first down killed any chance of establishing an early rhythm. The Packers defense returned the favor early sacking Christian Ponder twice leading to a punt.

This allowed the Packers to draw first blood. Starting quarterback Scott Tolzien converted two big third downs with completions to John Kuhn and Jordy Nelson for 20 and 34 yards respectively. The drive ended with an interesting play design, and some nifty footwork from Tolzien as he spun his way into the end zone for a highlight type of touchdown.

Unfortunately for Tolzien his highlights ended there. He appeared to regress as the game went on. He missed throws and looked skittish in the pocket throughout the game. Following the touchdown drive the offense was only able to muster two stalled out drives, and two three and outs before the end of the half, while the defense allowed 13 unanswered points, giving the Vikings a 13-7 halftime lead.




Clay Matthews

I would imagine that a lot of you reacted to Aaron Rodgers wincing in pain and jogging off of the Lambeau Field turf the same way that I did.  I was silent.  I was more concerned for a person whom I have never met than I probably should have been.  I was constantly refreshing my twitter feed for anyone, anyone to tell me that my quarterback was going to come back in to the game and beat the hated Bears.  It didn’t happen.  We lost.  Chicago won.  At our place.  Seneca Wallace looked less than adequate and the defense played uninspired football.  It was terrible.

But the team has to move on.  The fans have to move on.  No one knows how long Aaron Rodgers is going to be unable to compete.  The number 3 weeks was thrown around on Tuesday morning, but that now seems to be optimistic.  If I were to throw a guess out there, I’d suggest that Rodgers will miss the next four weeks, including the Thanksgiving showdown with the Lions, and use the 10 days between that game and the home contest against the Falcons to get the team ready to compete.  Chances are that the Packers are going to have to duplicate the first half of the season’s 5-3 record to get to 10-6 and in to the playoffs.  Keep in mind that this team has won a Super Bowl as a 6 seed with that very same record.  Now, more than ever, Coach McCarthy needs everyone, players and fans alike to keep calm and carry on.


Second Chance for Eddie Lacy Helmets

Packers Eddie Lacy Signed Memorabilia: Autographed Helmets, Mini Helmets, Footballs

Packers Eddie Lacy Signed Memorabilia: Autographed Helmets, Mini Helmets, Footballs

Due to the unfortunate circumstance of Eddie Lacy suffering concussion on a hit by Brandom Merriweather in last Sunday’s Redskins game, he was unable to participate in a scheduled memorabilia signing this week. But no worries, Eddie has rescheduled for October 1st at  Waukesha Sportscards on October 1st. Also signing that day will be Nick Perry and Jerron McMillian.

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Midweek Movie: A Look Back At 2012 At The Dawn of 2013

Green Bay Packers helmet

The 2013 season for the Green Bay Packers is upon us.

The players have decended into the city by the bay, and have reported to Lambeau Field for their physicals in preparation for Training Camp, which begins Friday at 820am.

Expectations are high for the Packers this season, as they are every year.

The league’s best player in Aaron Rodgers leads a potent offense, which features the likes of Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Jermichael Finley to name a few. This high octane offensive unit should receive an added boost with the addition of running backs Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin from this year’s draft, as well as the continued development of DuJuan Harris and Alex Green.

On the defensive side of the ball, Datone Jones is expected to make an immediate impact on a squad which features Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, Nick Perry, and Casey Hayward.

The Packers loss to the 49ers in the playoffs which ended their season still stings, and left some unfinished business on the field.

That business is about to be settled, and it starts tomorrow.

With that in mind, please enjoy some highlights from the 2012 season-a season which created some incredible memories, even if it ended far too quickly:





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Packers Training Camp Competition: Cornerback

Tramon Williams and Sam Shields

When one considers the embarrassing defensive manner in which the Packers exited the playoffs in 3 of the past 4 seasons, one might assume that the Packers would not have depth (or talent for that matter) in the defensive backfield.  Kurt Warner, Eli Manning, and Colin Kaepernick all had huge individual games that ended the Packers seasons (well there was that one season a couple years ago where the defense tightened up even though it was missing a million starters and then WE WON THE FREAKING SUPER BOWL!).  In 2009 against the Cardinals, the Packers didn’t have Burnett, House, Hayward or Shields.  in 2011 Eli’s numbers wouldn’t have looked that great without a fluky end-of-the-half Hail Mary.  I’ve watched the film on last year’s loss to the 49ers in the playoffs, and in my professional opinion, roughly 570 of the 49ers 579 offensive yards can actually be attributed to now-Indianapolis Colt Erik Walden (bitter much?).   The truth is actually quite the opposite, as the Packers have 4 starting quality cornerbacks on the roster.  This is a fantastic problem to have.  Former All-Pro Tramon Williams, speed demon Sam Shields, should-have-been-DROY Casey Hayward, and physical 3rd year man Davon House are vying for 2 (read: 3) starting positions.



Question Aaron Rodgers Leadership? I Don’t Think So

Football Friday: The Packers home opener is against the Washington Redskins. Both teams are 0-1 coming off of losses to good NFC teams.

The simplest quote defined the 2012-2013 Packers, “Shh.”

It was a simple message that displayed confidence, and a refusal to panic. Don’t let his critics fool you. Aaron Rodgers leadership should never be in question.

Aaron Rodgers recent history is well decorated. A Super Bowl championship, MVP honors, and now he is widely considered to be the game’s best quarterback. In order to find a fatal flaw in Rodgers career a critic would have to dig pretty deep. Rodgers has often been critiqued for a lack of 4th quarter comeback drives, or coming through in the clutch but this upcoming season will bring about a different question. Is Aaron Rodgers a leader?

For years the leadership in the Packers locker room has unquestioned. They were filled with veteran presences such as Brett Favre, Donald Driver and Charles Woodson. Rodgers, a younger player in the locker room took what could be perceived as a back seat. That changed when Rodgers spoke up after a big win against Houston. It was an announcement that he had arrived, and who the unsung leader was in the Packers locker room.

Those questions did not end however, they only got louder when Jermichael Finley’s agent tweeted questioning Rodgers’ leadership capabilities. The tweet read, “Rodgers is not a leader, leaders make other players better.” Other critics include ESPN shock jock Skip Bayless and CBS football analyst Shannon Sharpe who have chimed in as well. They have called Rodgers an excuse maker, and finger pointer among other things. If those characteristics were true of Rodgers, the leadership questions would be valid.