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Green Bay Packers Taking A Step Back Defensively?


The Green Bay Packers have been able to keep its fantastic offensive machine so far this offseason, but the same cannot be said for its defense.

The Packers lost cornerbacks Tramon Williams and Davon House, who combined with Sam Shields, Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde were the biggest strength of the Green Bay defense. They also have not added any free agents from another team to help out the defense.

Now at a premium position on defense they are an injury away from a disaster. Of course, it’s only March 23 and the NFL Draft has not happened yet, so it’s too soon to say the Packers have taken a step back on defense. However, drafting from the 30th spot in an average at best draft in terms of talent will not be easy. The Packers will find it tougher than the past two years when they had picks in the low and mid 20s in very deep drafts.

Ted Thompson made the right choices in letting both House and Williams go, as they were both overpaid. House has all the makings of a starting caliber corner, but he has not stayed healthy for a full season and has trouble with quicker wide receivers, so him getting more money guaranteed than Bryan Bulaga is crazy. Williams also got more money guaranteed than Bulaga and is one of the oldest corners in the NFL.


Packers Thompson Starts Free Agency His Way


Packers general manager is a man of few words, and even fewer smiles. He isn’t a bombastic circus sideshow like owner/GM Jerry Jones. It’s never about Ted. It’s about the football. Yesterday, as free agency had just begun, Thompson had already proved he is shrewdly one of the best in the league.

He’ll never be one to act like a star-struck groupie willing to get herpes from an over-the-hill, washed-up rock star playing the local bingo hall like the organization on the other side of the Mississippi. He’s stingy when it comes to free agency, and there needs to be a specific need before he’s willing to enter into a bidding war with other teams. The Packers needed a leader in the secondary, and he pulled the trigger on Charles Woodson. Last year the defensive line needed some heft, and he signed Letroy Guion.

So when the Packers were mentioned and interested suitors yesterday in the Darelle Reavis speed dating saga, I had to laugh. He wouldn’t cross the $7 Million line for tackle Bryan Bulaga, and signed Randall Cobb for a hometown discount the day before. You really think he was going to pay a king’s ransom for a reconstructed knee and would even entertain paying a corner more than his MVP quarterback. Reavis is good, but he isn’t that good. There was no way Thompson would’ve payed $70 Million over 5 years. (Whether he was at the table to get other teams blow their entire cap may be another story.)


The Highlights of Packers Free Agency

Reggie White

As the sun rises on the official start of the 2015 NFL season, numerous free agents are looking forward to signing contracts with new teams. Over the years, there have been some mega signings made on this day – Drew Brees to the Saints, Kurt Warner to the Cardinals, Peyton Manning to the Broncos, and Shannon Sharpe to the Ravens.

While Ted Thompson and the current Packers organization are more likely to let the free agency signing period come and go without much pomp and circumstance, there have been a times where Green Bay has opened up their wallet and paid some big name players.

1. Reggie White

ReggieWhiteSI ReggieWhiteSigning
Probably the biggest free agent signing in NFL history happened when defensive lineman Reggie White decided to ink a surprising deal with the Packers. After singing with the team, White said, “I wanted to try to get a new start, and hopefully find a team that would be devoted to winning.”

A coveted free agent in 1993, White anchored the line for six seasons, boosting the defense to tops in the league during his tenure with the team. White tallied 68.5 quarterback sacks, good enough for a Packers record at the time. He also had 239 tackles, forced 14 fumbles and had one interception.

White was also crucial to the Packers two Super Bowl appearances following the 1997 and 1998 seasons. He was also crowned the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1998, a year in which he has 16 sacks – and celebrated his 37th birthday. Let’s take a look at some highlights.


The Calm Before the Free Agent Storm

Randall Cobb

Once again, the NFL’s franchise tag deadline has come and gone for the Green Bay Packers. As a result, they will need to work hard this week to sign their free agents before Friday’s open negotiating period begins at 4:00pm ET. This negotiating period lasts for three days and allows NFL teams to begin talking to all available free agents.

It’s not a huge surprise that Ted Thompson opted not to use the team’s franchise tag again this season. The last couple of times Thompson has used the tag were on defensive tackle Ryan Pickett (2010) and defensive tackle Corey Williams (2008). A long-term deal was reached shortly after tagging Pickett, and Williams was traded to Cleveland soon after being tagged.

Some media outlets are shocked that Randall Cobb didn’t receive the franchise tag – especially after big name receivers Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas were tagged by Dallas and Denver, respectively. While the Packers could easily have absorbed the $12.8 million it would have cost to hold on to Cobb for 2015, it’s not a surprise that Thompson chose not to at that price, especially since the team’s leading receiver, Jordy Nelson, is currently getting $10 million per year. That could very well be the number that the Packers have in mind for Cobb. But Cobb may have a higher number in mind.


The Green Bay Packers – Some Of You Should Jump Off The Bandwagon

Brandon Bostick says goodbye.

As everyone knows, Brandon Bostick was released by the Packers. That wasn’t a surprise to me. Nor was what he disclosed in this article for Sports Illustrated’s MMQB

He received death threats.  From Packers fans.  Over a GAME.

In my opinion, Bostick should have been cut.  Not because of that one play, but because he’d had (despite his opinion) a less than stellar year, because he did not show enough progression and because the Packers needed his roster spot for someone who could contribute at a higher level.

Still.  Some of you “real fans” threatened his life?


Football, despite the importance the Green Bay Packers have to me, is a game.  It is not life or death.  To threaten the life of a young man who was very much a”Packer Person”, who owned his mistake with grace and courage, who did someone any of us that has ever played sports or cared passionately about would understand – acted on instinct with a bad outcome- if you did such a thing , you’re lower than a snake’s navel.

I wish Brandon Bostick the best in Minnesota, although not against the Packers.  Anyone who wished he would die…I hope they get what they deserve.

Get off the bandwagon.  You aren’t wanted.

You aren’t a real fan.



A Look Back at the Career of Brandon Bostick


Once that onside kick bounced off his face, we knew that Brandon Bostick’s days as a Green Bay Packers were numbered. It’s never a good sign when your most impactful play as an NFL-er is one that (potentially) costs your team a trip to the Super Bowl.

As a result, Bostick was released by the organization yesterday, February 16th. He announced his release on his Twitter account saying, “Thankful to spend the first 3 years of my career in GB. Unfortunately my time there has ended. I appreciate the support from everyone in GB!”

In his three years with the organization, Bostick’s contribution to the team was minimal at best. After being signed as an undrafted free agent in May of 2012, Bostick spent his entire rookie year on the practice squad, despite showing flashes of ball-catching talent in the pre-season.

He made his professional debut on September 15, 2013 against the Washington Redskins, a Week 2 game that the Packers won handily 38-20. His first touchdown came later that season in a game at Lambeau against the Philadelphia Eagles. In that contest, he caught three passes for 43 yards and a touchdown – all career highs. His only other touchdown came against the Bears this past season in a 55-14 drubbing of the hated rivals. This was the same game that Aaron Rodgers threw six touchdowns in the first half.

On his career, Bostick has totaled 18 targets resulting in nine receptions for 123 yards and two touchdowns.


Deciphering Mike McCarthy’s Staffing Moves

MJS packers10 35 of hoffman.jpg packers10

After what seems like years of the status quo, it appears that Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is shaking things up with his coaching staff. Since nothing has truly been confirmed, the moves seem like the stuff of conspiracy theories complete with tin hats and a grassy knoll.

Multiple outlets not based at 1265 Lombardi Avenue have run with the story but it has yet to be confirmed by anyone within the Packers organizations. If the news is true, then McCarthy is handing over the offensive play calling to offensive coordinator Tom Clements. Clements will be elevated to the title of Associate Head Coach and wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett will be promoted to Offensive Coordinator.

But what does this mean? Lots of speculation, lots of conspiracies. Until Packers, Inc. explains it further, all we can do is guess.

Theory #1 (aka the Tinhat Theory) with thanks to ESPN Milwaukee’s Bill Johnson for birthing such a juicy conspiracy: The staffing change is an Aaron Rodgers’ power play and he’s the actual play caller now.

In this scenaritinhatso, it is Rodgers, not McCarthy pulling the strings for a staffing change.  It’s no secret Rodgers thrived under Clement’s tutelage while he was the quarterback coach. After all, the Packers won the Super Bowl during that time and Rodgers was the greatest player in the league.