The Packers Red Zone Offense Will be Among the League’s Best

The Packers Red Zone Offense Will be Among the League’s Best: With the return of a healthy Aaron Rodgers and the additions of Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis who had a combined 15 touchdowns last season, The Packers are looking forward to a season with a high percentage of red zone drives that finish with […]


Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic

Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic Sometimes picnics with your family and friends can become a bit awkward.  There’s always an encounter with a family member that gets under your skin for various reasons or a random family friend that bends your ear about their life and all you can do is smile […]

Redrafting All Green Bay First Round Picks Since 2000, Part 1

Since the year 2000, the Green Bay Packers have had 18 first round selections, including two years (2008 and 2017) that had no selections, and 2009, where the team made two first-round selections. The selections were mainly defensive for Green Bay, as 13 were on the defensive side of the ball. Probably the most famous […]


Looking at the 8-year Playoff Streak

As everyone knows, the Green Bay Packers failed to reach the postseason last year after making it for eight consecutive seasons. Green Bay fell one short of tying the Cowboys, Colts and now the Patriots, which all have the NFL record with nine straight playoff berths. New England will likely move past Dallas and Indianapolis […]


Rodgers Opt-Out Clause Demand No Cause For Concern

The drama around Aaron Rodgers contract extension negotiations has taken another twist. In reports over the weekend, Rodgers and his agent have asked for an opt-out clause to be included in the contract language. Give Rodgers and his agent credit, they could essentially ask for the moon from the Packers and get it because of […]


Battle to back up Aaron Rodgers

Last year when Aaron Rodgers went down, the Green Bay Packers went on a tailspin that resulted in them going from 4-1 to 7-9 and out of the playoffs for the first time since 2008. After Rodgers broke his collarbone at US Bank Stadium in October, the Packers let Brett Hundley run the show, and […]