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From The Benches: Safety First with with Cody Bauer

From the Benches Packers Podcast

The guys return with special guest Cody Bauer from DraftDudes.com. They begin the show by discussing the return of Ross’ favorite backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

After discussing the return of a current quarterback, they discuss a legendary former quarterback. The discussion of Brett Favre leads to a time to reminisce about what was, and speculation about what Favre’s reception will be when he returns. Following the discussion on Favre the boys go Behind the Bench discussing Ian Hanley’s article about who the number one tight end will be in the 2014 season. The boys wrap up their positional series with the help Cody Bauer discussing the Packers biggest need at the safety position, and they pick who their favorite safeties are in this year’s NFL Draft.

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A What If Scenario About the Packers, Brett Favre, and…Vince Lombardi?

brett favre jersey

Let’s get something out of the way right now.

The Packers and Brett Favre are going to reconcile.

It is going to happen. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is going to become a reality in the not too distant future.

The most recent comments about this gradual process by Packers President Mark Murphy indicated that this was going to be a reality last year, if not for Favre’s commitments coaching high school football:

 ”We do have ongoing communications with him, and I think relations are good. We’re hopeful to have him come back soon. We wanted to have him come back to a game last year, (but) his team kept winning and winning, so it kind of made it tough to find a time where it worked.”

The reconciliation process between the two sides has been a slow process since the former quarterback retired for good following the 2010 season. Both sides have spoken kindly about the other, with olive branches extended by both parties. At this point in time one could say that their relationship is one of respect. Both the Packers and Favre have seemingly put their differences about how their “marriage” ended in a messy divorce and have begun the next phase of their relationship.

It will never be the same, but there is at least a relationship between the team and their future former Hall of Fame quarterback.

For the fans, it is a different story.

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Brett Favre & Ryan Braun: A Double Standard In How Athletes Are Viewed

brett favre hanging head

An interesting thing happened at Miller Park Monday afternoon.

Brewers slugger Ryan Braun received a standing ovation from the crowd during the team’s home opener.

Not exactly stunning news, as Braun is the best player on the Brewers, arguably one of the best in the major leagues.

Except this is also the same Ryan Braun who was suspended for 65 games last season after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. This suspension has forever tarnished his image, and no matter what Braun does or says going forward, he will always have this hanging over his head.

Despite this black mark on his reputation, he still received a standing ovation from the fans.

This got me thinking-how many of those who cheered for Braun still view former Packers quarterback as a pariah?

Ryan Braun was caught cheating playing the game he receives millions of dollars to play. That is a fact. Granted there are some questionable circumstances about exactly how he was found guilty of doing this, but the fact is (at least in the eyes of baseball brass) that he is guilty of cheating.

And as a welcome back to the game, he received a standing ovation from Brewers fans.

What exactly did Brett Favre do to be shunned by many of the Packer faithful, six years since leaving the Packers and four since retiring once and for all from the NFL?

Did he act like a diva who could do no wrong? You could say that.

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The Week in Review at Packers Talk Radio Network

Packers Talk Radio Network

This week at Packers Talk Radio Network:

With compensatory picks now distributed, Ian gives us his updated Packers mock draft.

Matt discusses how the Packers got a steal with their compensatory picks.

Someone this week came up with the worst idea ever for the Packers-and it’s a doozy. Good thing it will never happen.

Jacob takes a look at the questions the Packers have at center.

Ross addresses the elephant in the room-namely how Julius Peppers may be used in the Packers defense.

Speaking of the “elephant” position, could Nick Perry benefit the most from Julius Peppers? Time will tell.

From the Benches discussed the “elephant” position as well in their latest podcast.

The fantastic documentary “Last Day at Lambeau”, chronicling the divorce of Brett Favre and the Packers, is now available online, and can be viewed right here.

John also discusses Brett Favre in this article, questioning the legitimacy of the Quarterback Bracketology currently taking place at NFL.com

Sticking with the quarterback position, Ian believes finding a quality backup to Aaron Rodgers should be a priority. After last season, I think everyone would agree.

Mike McCarthy made it official this week, saying Bryan Bulaga would return to right tackle this season, and Ross covers this news.

Matt thinks resigning James Starks solidifies an already strong running back group.

Be sure to head over to AllGBP.com and check out this week’s edition of Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived. It is a must read every Sunday during the far too long NFL off season.

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Quarterback Bracketology-A Good Idea Gone Terribly Wrong

brett favre and rich gannon

During the NFL off season, fans look for any possible avenue to get their NFL fix.

Whether it is scouring the internet looking for every ounce of minutae related to their favorite teams, listening to sports radio non stop, or being glued to the TV watching replays of their favorite teams, NFL fans are rabid, and need their football fix.

One of the ways that NFL.com hoped to curb this insatiable appetite was their Quarterback Bracketology. This quasi reference to the NCAA Tournament would have four different eras of quarterbacks, seeded 1-8, and would allow fans to vote for which QB they thought was the best. The winning QBs would advance through their respective bracket until the “greatest” quarterback of all time was selected as determined by the fans.

A good idea, right?

More like a good idea gone terribly wrong.

Case in point number one: Brett Favre vs. Rich Gannon.

Whatever your personal feelings are about the former Packers quarterback, there should be no doubt by anyone that Favre is the better quarterback in this match up. Actually, that is false. He is far and away the better quarterback. Favre’s career statistics dwarf Gannon’s career statistics by such a wide margin that this voting should not even have been close.

Sadly, that is not the case. The only wide margin seen was the defeat Favre suffered in this first round voting, sending Gannon on to the next round and sending Favre out of the competition.

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“Last Day at Lambeau” Now Available Online

"Last Day at Lambeau" poster

The years 2008 through 2010 is a period of time Packers fans will never forget.

The retirement of Brett Favre in March of that year set off a series of events the likes of which had never before been seen in the history of the NFL. Green Bay was the focus of the entire NFL world as people everywhere were glued to their TV’s, radios, and computers, waiting to see what the next move in the saga would be.

Favre’s trade to the New York Jets in August of that year was just the beginning of the story though. A series of events would eventually lead to Favre’s joining Minnesota Vikings, pitting the former Packer hero head to head against his former team.

Everyone has an opinion about those years. Who was right and who was wrong. What should have happened, and what should not have happened. How things could have and should have ended very differently than they did.

The film “Last Day at Lambeau” brilliantly chronicles this period of time, and is one which should be viewed by all football fans.

Now for the first time, that has become possible.

Director Michael Neelsen and Story First Media have made this film available online, after previously appearing exclusively at film festivals around the country.

If you are a Green Bay Packers fan, a Brett Favre fan, or a fan of the NFL in general, this is a must see film.

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The Yearly Revisiting of the NFL Network’s Top 10 Green Bay Packers

top 10 award

In what has become an annual tradition, it is time to revisit the NFL Network’s list of the Top 10 Green Bay Packers of all time.

This year, this program is being featured during “Dynasty Week” which has an entire week of Packers programming scheduled to satisfy the need for football in the off season. With this in mind, now seems to be the perfect time to see if the list is accurate, or needs some revisions.

To refresh everyone’s memory, here is the list as they originally came up with:

10: Jim Taylor

9: Jerry Kramer

8: James Lofton

7: Herb Adderley

6: Paul Hornung

5: Ray Nitschke

4: Reggie White

3: Bart Starr

2: Brett Favre

1: Don Hutson

During last year’s revisit of the list, there were a few players who were worth discussing their inclusion on this list, and should be discussed again.

Although he was injured for half of the 2014 season, Aaron Rodgers’ career stats speak for themselves. Has he warranted a spot in this exclusive list yet?

What about Donald Driver, who retired as the team’s all time leader in receptions and receiving yards?

Dave Robinson entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past year. Does this equal a Top 10 all time ranking for the Packers?

After careful consideration, my revisited list last year featured the removal of James Lofton, and the inclusion of Aaron Rodgers:


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