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Cheesehead Radio: Preseason Happenings with WLUK’s Justin Felder


In an surprise announcement, the Packers and Brett Favre announced the return of the Prodigal Son back into the fold with a 2015 induction ceremony into the PHOF and number retirement ceremony. If there is ANYONE able to sort through the details of this next chapter in perhaps the longest saga in Packer history, its the Cheesehead Radio gang.

Joining us for….oh, that’s right….training camp updates will be a return visit from the amazing Justin Felder, who as WLUK Fox11′s Packers beat reporter, will give us all the latest updates from practice and what we should be looking for Saturday night versus the Rams. Don’t miss it!

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Ol’ Bag of Donuts: Taking a Turn on Defense

Ol Bag of Donuts Packers Podcast

Ol’ Bag of Donuts continue their stay at camp breaking down the Green Bay Packers defense this week. Chris and Adam talk about the depth at an area the team isn’t used to, as well as break down the impact of Big Ol’ Julius will have. But it wouldn’t be a Packers podcast if injuries and a certain southern slingin’ footballer.

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From The Benches: Favre Returns Home

From the Benches Packers Podcast

The boys are back with a new show with some explosive content sure to rock the minds of Packers fans all around.

The show begins with the exciting news that Brett Favre is returning to Green Bay for his induction into the Packers Hall of Fame and retiring of his jersey, followed by the unfortunate news of Don Barclay and Jared Abbrederis’ torn ACL’s.

The boys go behind the bench this week with a discussion of what injury between Barclay and Abbrederis concerns them more before discussing the heated battle for the #3 wide receiver position.

Following that, the show takes an interesting turn as they discuss stories that were brought to light in an episode of Green and Gold Today regarding Brett Favre. A discussion of the first preseason game follows with who the guys are looking at, and they check in on their Adopt-a-Packers, all before Ross has some words about the training staff in the show’s signature segment You’re Gonna Want To Cut That.

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Out of the Pocket: Brett Favre Family Night

Out of the Pocket Podcast on the Packers Talk Radio Network.

As Kelly, Colleen and Richard set to record, news breaks that Brett Favre and the Packers will reunite in 2015. They discuss Favre’s legacy, his family, rumors from the mid 90s, totem poles and much more. Kelly’s brother Jay also chimes in to discuss his time working Packers training camp, how the new CBA screwed up Family Night and shares a story about an old Packers punter.

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Welcome Home Brett Favre

brett favre arms up

At long last, it will be over.

On Monday afternoon, the Packers and the Packers Hall of Fame will make a joint announcement about Brett Favre’s induction into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2015. It is also expected that they will announce that his jersey will also be retired during the 2015-16 season.

The news, first reported by ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, was later confirmed by Favre via his website.


favre website


The announcement will officially welcome Favre back into the Packers family in a formal manner.

Ironically, the announcement will take place exactly 6 years after Favre and the Packers agreed to part ways, after he and Head Coach Mike McCarthy met for several hours in McCarthy’s office.

Perhaps, in a weird, ironic way,  that is just the way it is meant to be.

At long last, Favre will once again be part of the Packers family. After six years of heartache, hand wringing, hoping, and wondering if this day would ever come, it appears as though it finally will.



brett favre jersey


Whatever your personal feelings are about Favre, one cannot deny that the 16 seasons he spent with the Packers are among the most exciting time in the team’s history. A Super Bowl win. A Super Bowl loss. Perennial contenders. Three MVP awards. Countless memories. All of this is what Favre brought.


Why Brett Favre Deserves His Packers Day Now


Brett Favre will go another season without having his number retired in Green Bay, and it is another season too long.

Packers president Mark Murphy told reporters last week that it is just not the time for a Favre ceremony yet with the possibility of booing being a reason.

“That is an issue,” Murphy said. “He doesn’t want it, and neither do we. He wouldn’t want to come back and get booed. You can’t control 80,750 people. I really think as time goes on, every year that passes, it’s less likely that he would get booed, but that is an issue.”

Hopefully the booing isn’t an excuse for there still being tension between Favre and the organization. I have seen many people have say this on Twitter and it makes sense; just send Favre out with Bart Starr and Aaron Rodgers and he will not be booed.

If you are somebody who planned on booing Favre will another year really make a difference? He last played for the Packers in 2007 and last played in the NFL in 2010. If you’re not over it by now you will probably never be over it. Also, if you’re still holding a grudge on Favre at this point you really need to get over it and grow up.

LeBron James agreed to return home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers after having about as ugly a divorce as possible. Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert wrote a scathing letter tho the fans about James after he left for Miami–and the fans burned his jerseys in the streets–yet they both realized that they behaved badly and reconciled.


Bringing Brett Favre Back to Green Bay Soon Will Also Bring Closure

brett favre arms up

When Brett Favre speaks, people listen.

If E.F. Hutton was still in existence today, they would have been all the wiser to acquire the services of the former Green Bay quarterback to promote their company.

No matter what your feelings are about Favre, when he speaks, it is guaranteed to generate a reaction.

When Favre took to the airwaves earlier this week on NFL Sirius XM Radio, his words were almost immediately transcribed then published across the globe. And as soon as they were read, as is the norm with Favre, everyone had a reaction. 

During his interview, Favre verified what Packers President Mark Murphy had stated earlier this year-that the team and their former QB almost had a reconciliation last year, but Favre’s coaching duties to Oak Grove High School prevented this from happening:


“We’re trying to set up, we’re actually trying to figure out a game to come up and I have been in contact with Mark Murphy and (general manager) Ted (Thompson). It’s just about when the time is right because we have had communication. Not that it’s really anybody else’s business, with all due respect. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Green Bay, and it’s not about me. It’s not necessarily about them. It’s about the fans and respect. When the time is right, they’re going to have things to do. They have a season to play. They have to get ready and I don’t want to be a distraction for them.”