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Some Packers Got Paid Today Just For Going to Work

green bay packers money

The 2014-15 Green Bay Packers season (un)officially kicked off this morning as players began arriving at Lambeau Field for the start of off season workouts.

One by one, the names we all know drove into the parking lot at Lambeau Field. The quest for the Packers 14th World Championship begins today, and fans are once again reinvigorated during this dead period before the NFL Draft

One other interesting thing happened on this crisp, cool April morning in Green Bay:a good number of players got paid-big time.

According to a report in the Green Bay Press Gazette, more than 20 veterans earned a bonus just for reporting to the offseason program. Nearly $4.3 million of this season’s $133 million cap will be paid out to 21 veteran players as incentive to show up for this program. This comes after the Packers reprtedly paid more in workout bonuses in 2013 ($3,672,500) than any other team in the league.

While these workouts are optional, they are part of Mike McCarthy’s vision of keeping the players close to Green Bay in the weeks leading up to the team’s mandatory mini camp.

That all sounds well and good, but why do the players need to be paid to want to be in Green Bay?

Case in point: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Sam Shields.

Each of these players will reportedly receive a $500k bonus for reporting to Green Bay and going to work today. Think about that for a minute: $500k to go to work, to do their job.

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Green Bay Packers 2014 Schedule Preview


The 2014 NFL schedule is supposed to be released this week, which should give us something interesting to talk about in the midst of this dead time between free agency and the draft.

No schedule release in any other sport comes with the anticipation that the release of the NFL schedule comes with. Since there are only 16 games it is very easy to evaluate and decide where the soft and hard spots are.  Fans also enjoy the chance to plan their Sundays in fall way in advance.

The Green Bay Packers already know their opponents for the 2014 season. It is just a matter of what order they are in. Here are the Packers’ 2014 opponents:

Home Opponents 

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Chicago Bears

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Away Opponents

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Chicago Bears

New Orleans Saints

Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

As you can see, the Packers play their division opponents twice, the NFC South, the AFC East and the Eagles and Seahawks. The divisions they play are rotated every season, and they play the Eagles and Seahawks because they also finished first in their divisions.

The first thing that sticks out to me are the road games in New Orleans and Seattle. Those are nearly impossible games to win, and it would take a near perfect game by the Packers to get it done. Although, the Packers essentially did win at Seattle in 2012, but you know what happened there.

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Green Bay Packers Mock Draft 3.0: The Return of Trader Ted

Green Bay Packers Mock Draft Trent Murphy

Any other year we would be looking forward to the NFL draft kicking off this week, but with a couple weeks added between the Super Bowl and the draft, even the most rabid NFL fan may have started suffering from mock draft fatigue.

So to try to keep things a little more interesting, I decided to do a full 7 round Packer mock draft and include some trade scenarios. Ted Thompson hasn’t gone a draft without making a trade; in fact he has made a trade in the first 2 rounds in all but the 2005 and 2011 drafts.

Here is my attempt to get inside the mind of Ted Thompson.

Round 1: Pick 21 Traded to Oakland for picks 36 and 67

Despite trading for Matt Schaub, the Raiders still need to find their quarterback of the future. And with both the Browns and Raiders both reportedly having interest in Derek Carr, Reggie McKenzie uses his connection with Ted Thompson to jump ahead of the Browns, who pick at 26, and select his franchise QB.

Round 2: Pick 36 from Oakland

Jimmie Ward – S, Northern Illinois, 5’11”, 193

Even at pick 21 it’s doubtful the Packers have a chance at Ha-Ha Clinton Dix or Calvin Pryor, the top 2 safeties in the draft, so they trade back and get another starting caliber safety, as well as an additional 3rd round pick. Ward’s play making ability (11 interceptions and 4 forced fumbles during his college career) and his coverage skills make up for the fact that he is a bit undersized.

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The Week in Review at Packers Talk Radio Network

Packers Talk Radio Network

This week at Packers Talk Radio Network:

Ross wonders if the resigning of Matt Flynn-along with the signing of free agent Julius Peppers-signal a change in the way Ted Thompson does business.

Matt thinks that the biggest holes from last season may still remain, including…

Who will be the Packers number one TE. With Jermichael Finley’s career still in limbo, this is a position to keep an eye on.

The Packers Tailgate Tour was out and about this past week, and as par for the course, Mark Murphy was asked about the status of Brett Favre. When it was announced that Favre nearly attended a game in 2013, John had a few words to say about it, including a what if scenario involving the Packers, Favre, and Vince Lombardi.

While Matt provided a Packers full seven round mock draft

And Ian talked about late round pick and undrafted free agents

John thinks waiting for the NFL Draft-especially this year with it being in May-is worse than watching paint dry.

Meeting former Packers QB Lynn Dickey was a fantastic trip down memory lane for one of our writers.

Sean Richardson was the focus of this week’s player profile series.

And From the Benches was back this week with special guest Cody Bauer talking about the upcoming draft.

Be sure to head over to ALLGBP.com and check out this week’s edition of Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived. It is a must read every Sunday during the far too long NFL off season.

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Waiting for the NFL Draft is Worse Than Watching Paint Dry

roger goodell nfl draft

Has anyone ever waited for paint dry?

It is a long, slow, agonizing process. While it may be dry in one place where the new paint has been applied, it may still need hours or even days to reach a point where it can be considered dry.

No matter how much you wait, twiddling your thumbs in the process, doing anything possible to kill time, the torture just never seems to end.

This is what waiting for the NFL Draft has become this year.

When Roger Goodell announced that the NFL Draft would be moved to May this year, most probably never gave it a second thought. The reason for the move was because Radio City Music Hall-the home of the draft for draft since 2006-would be hosting an Easter program in April. Rather than attempt to find a new venue, the decision was made to shift the draft back three weeks into early May so Radio City could still be used.

No big deal, right? Wrong. Absolutely, positively wrong.

Moving the draft back has left a massive void in terms of coverage for the NFL. A gigantic black hole of nothingness. To be very blunt, it sucks.

There are only so many mock drafts one can look at leading up to the draft. While they are fun to read and somewhat informative, after a while they all start to look basically the same. Add the fact that mock drafts are basically pulling a name out out of a hat and attaching that player to a team, and they tend to lose their value over time. Adding an additional three weeks of mock drafts does not help anyone.

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Getting to Know: Sean Richardson

sean richardson

Packers Talk Radio Network continues its player profile series for our sponsor Mayfield Sports Marketing with a look at S Sean Richardson.

Seandre Antonio Richardson was born January 21, 1991 in Clarksville, Tenn. The son of Sandra, she was a member of the US Army when Sean was born, stationed at Fort Campbell in Clarksville, Tennessee during Sean’s birth.

Sean was a star athlete at Linden High School, having lettered all four years in both football and basketball. He also participated in track for one year. Football was Richardson’s true calling though, as he played QB, RB, WR, S and CB for Linden. High.

Richardson would go on to take his skills on the football field to Vanderbilt University. A four-year letterman for the Commodores who started 31 consecutive games, Richardson  finished his college career with  an imoressive 256 tackles, including 18 tackles for loss, three sacks, an INT and 10 passes defensed. Part of a defensive backfield which also featured Packers CB Casey Heyward, Vanderbilt went a mere 17-33 during his college career, but was 1-1 in bowl games (Won 2008 Music City Bowl, lost 2011 Liberty Bowl).

Richardson would go undrafted out of college, and would wait a full year before being able to play because of neck fusion surgery. Once cleared to play, he would become a contributor on special teams as well as on defense. Among his pro career highlights are:

  • One of four non-drafted free agents to emerge from training camp to make the team’s opening-day roster in 2012.
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From The Benches: Safety First with with Cody Bauer

From the Benches Packers Podcast

The guys return with special guest Cody Bauer from DraftDudes.com. They begin the show by discussing the return of Ross’ favorite backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

After discussing the return of a current quarterback, they discuss a legendary former quarterback. The discussion of Brett Favre leads to a time to reminisce about what was, and speculation about what Favre’s reception will be when he returns. Following the discussion on Favre the boys go Behind the Bench discussing Ian Hanley’s article about who the number one tight end will be in the 2014 season. The boys wrap up their positional series with the help Cody Bauer discussing the Packers biggest need at the safety position, and they pick who their favorite safeties are in this year’s NFL Draft.

From the Benches is a part of the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.

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