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The Packers with the Most to Win and Lose in the Final Preseason Game

Scott Tolzien Packers


The regular season is almost upon us, but there is still one more game for players who are on the fringe of making the Packers roster to make one last impression.

Here are the players and the positions battles to keep an eye on when the Chiefs visit the Packers.


The most interesting and most intently watched battle will undoubtedly be between quarterbacks Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn. It has been pretty obvious to anyone who has watched the Packers during preseason that Tolzien has outplayed Flynn through the first 3 games.  However, Flynn’s game experience and knowledge of the Packer offense might be enough to keep him locked in as the Packers backup quarterback, at least for this season.

No matter what happens Thursday, with Flynn signed to just a 1 year contract I can’t see the Packers letting Tolzien go and leaving them vulnerable at the backup quarterback spot again next season.  However, if Tolzien looks good again and Flynn continues to struggle, the Packers could opt to keep Tolzien and waive Flynn, but I still think the most likely scenario is that the Packers keep 3 quarterbacks on their roster this season.


The Packers secondary is loaded with talent at both at corner, and somewhat surprisingly, safety.


From the Benches: Final Cuts

From the Benches Packers Podcast

The From The Benches team is back with a lot of new things to talk about. The show begins with a lengthy news segment leading off with the impact of the injuries to BJ Raji and JC Tretter. Following that, the guys discuss what has encouraged them, and what has them concerned from the Packers last two preseason games ( with a lot of praise for the first team offense).

The boys go Behind the Bench this week with a discussion on the backup quarterback debate, with questions of whether they should keep 3 QB’s, and who the backup QB should be.

The guys then discuss the plight of Carl Bradford, and whether or not he will make the team before previewing the final preseason game. Jacob wraps up the show discussing backup QB’s in the show’s signature segment “You’re going to want to cut that.”

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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.



Why it isn’t crazy for the Packers to keep 3 quarterbacks

Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien

With Aaron Rodgers sitting out the Packers’ last preseason game tomorrow against the Chiefs, Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien have been alternating time with the first team offense. On days Flynn gets the reps, the blogosphere declares the Packers have selected him to fill the QB2 shoes. The same can be said on days Tolzien gets the nod.

By this time last year, the Packer were already starting the never ending turnstile of revolving back-ups. Graham Harrell had already been shown the door, and in the first few days of last September Rodgers was the only QB on the roster while both BJ Coleman and Vince Young were cut loose and Seneca Wallace had yet to be signed.

The same cannot be said this year. The Packers have been reluctant to pare down that list aside from asking fourth string Chase Retting to turn in his iPad. The organization itself has been nothing short of cryptic and has been reluctant to name a QB. There are arguments on both sides to name Flynn or Tolzien the understudy quarterback.

For many years the Packers have held to a strict formula: the strongest candidate becomes the insurance policy if Rodgers should go down. The greener one is sent to the practice squad to grow and develop.


Packer Rookies: The Studs and the Duds on Offense

Jeff Janis Packers

Last week I took a look at the players on the defensive side of the ball who have impressed and those who have disappointed, and now it’s time to look at the Packers rookies on offense.

Not surprisingly, given Ted Thompson’s track record of finding offensive talent in the draft, the offensive players have fared a little better than the rookies on defense.

Here are the rookies on the offensive side of the ball who have made a positive impression, and the ones that haven’t lived up to expectations.

Stud: Corey Linsley – Somewhat surprisingly, Pro Football Focus has actually graded out Linsley higher than JC Tretter through the first 3 preseason games. Granted Linsley has been facing a much lower level of competition, but being the 3rd ranked center in the NFL should give Packer fans a little peace of mind with Tretter expected to miss the start of the season.  Linsley will have his work cut out for him getting ready to play his first NFL game at the incredibly loud Century Link Field on opening day, but playing in between talented veterans Josh Sitton and TJ Lang should make his transition to the starting lineup a little easier.

Dud: Davante Adams – By no means am I calling Adams a bust, but after 3 preseason games he hasn’t done anything to stand out and he certainly doesn’t look like he will be pushing Jarrett Boykin for the 3rd receiver spot any time soon. Adams should still contribute to the Packers offense this year, but don’t expect him to make the same type of explosive plays he made at Fresno State on a weekly basis, at least until he has a firm grasp of the Packers playbook.


The Packers Will be OK Without BJ Raji

bj raji

Everyone suspected the worst when they saw Packers NT BJ Raji standing on the sidelines midway through Friday’s game against the Raiders.

Without his uniform, and his arm wrapped in ice, it was reported that Raji had suffered an arm injury during the game. The extent was not yet clear. Yet because of the Packer injury history over the past few seasons, anyone who follows the Packers always thinks worst case scenario anytime someone on the team gets injured.

These worst case thoughts were confirmed yesterday, when it was reported that Raji had torn his bicep, and would most likely be lost for the entire 2014 season.

This season ending  injury completes a full circle for Raji over the past three seasons.

He had gone from riding high after Super Bowl XLV, to somewhat of a down season in 2011, to two very uninspiring seasons in 2012 and 2013. Raji had gone from budding superstar to budding draft failure.

Some will say that he suffered playing out of position for the past two years. After playing at a high level as a NT in 2010, he was moved to DE, and became nearly invisible.

Despite some rather unimpressive stats, the Packers still offered Raji a longterm contract offer which would have paid him close to $8 million a year. But Raji passed on this offer, deciding to play the final year of his rookie deal and hoping to capitalize on interest in free agency.


Ol’ Bag of Donuts: Does PreseasonMatter?

Ol Bag of Donuts Packers Podcast

This week Ol’ Bag of Donuts ask the question the seems to crop up every August, how much does the preseason matter? Chris and Adam then get into some the biggest battles in the Green Bay Packers training camp and how they should be settled in tonight’s game against the Oakland Raiders. Lastly, the guys weight in on their thoughts of Jerry Kramer’s HOF situation.

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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.



Cheesehead Radio One-And-One with ESPN Wisconsin’s Bill Johnson


Subtitle: The One With Bill Johnson’s Wife

The Green Bay Packers settled a lot of fears last week with a dominating performance by the first team offense and defense over the St. Louis Rams.  While a healthy Aaron Rodgers might mean bolder predictions about deep playoff runs, the number of penalties approach ridiculous levels. Will the Packers make the Super Bowl? Will they get the “penalty situation cleaned up”? No one is more ready to go Big Okie on your 1-1 Packers than the Cheesehead Radio team.

Joining us in the broadcast is ESPN Wisconsin’s Bill Johnson, who will give us his keen insight as to what’s going on this week and what we can look forward to the preseason home opener against James Jones and the Oakland Raiders on Friday night.

Also making a completely unexpected guest appearance is Mrs. Bill Johnson, otherwise known as Michelle, who takes EVERYONE to task and let’s us all know the TRUTH about Brett Favre. You. Do. Not. Want. To Miss. This.

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