Brett Favre: The Return to Titletown

I’m not sure there is any set of words that could completely describe Brett Favre‘s ceremony for his jersey retirement and Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame induction. The stubbornness of an elderly woman I saw outside Oneida gate before the stadium opened probably summed it up though.

I don’t know who this woman is personally but I can imagine that she is a big Brett Favre fan. I came to this conclusion when she was telling the medics tending to her that even though she had heat exhaustion she was still going to her seat for the ceremony. There were definitely more expletives used than I lead on.

My best friend Reese nearly keeled over from heat exhaustion inside Lambeau Field. I kept telling him we could leave and go somewhere with air conditioning but he wouldn’t budge.

It pretty much sums up Favre’s ceremony. Fans would literally die to see Favre back in Lambeau Field.

It’s fitting when you compare it to the type of quarterback Favre was. He was a guy who played through everything and never missed a game, even during his father’s death. I guess his fans were willing to do the same for his ceremony.

Green Bay is known for being the “Frozen Tundra” but it was far from that on Saturday evening. The weather was rough. It was a nice and sunny day but the heat index was over 95 degrees. I’m sure it was over 100 degrees inside the stadium. No wind either. It was hell on earth. But I’ve never seen hell so sweet.


2014 Could Be the Ultimate Packers Hall of Fame Class

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame is one of the most unique experiences in all of professional sports.

Residing on the grounds of Lambeau Field, the Packer Hall of Fame is 25,000 square foot trip through the history of this great franchise. Memorabilia, old uniforms, a look at what medical services used to be offered, and even an exact replica of  Vince Lombardi’s office, A tribute to decades past, celebrating success for both the team as well as individuals, it is a must visit for any NFL fan, especially for any Packers fan.

Every year, the Hall of Fame inducts players from the past to join their fellow Packer greats. This year, the Packer Hall of Fame will induct Chris Jacke and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, along with former team president Emil Fischer. They will join 148 other members as the most impactful individuals, either on the field or off, in the history of the Packers.

While the class of 2013 may be set, there is great potential for the class of 2014 to be the biggest induction ceremony Packer fans have ever seen.

With the retirement of Donald Driver and an apparent thawing of the ice Packers and Brett Favre, along with the retirement of Ahman Green in 2011, the possibility for all three of these Packer greats being inducted at the same time exists.

This idea  was first proposed by Jerry Windisch on Twitter, and it is an idea that the Packer  Hall of Fame should definitely consider.

Consider the impact these three players had on the Packers: