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A Look at the Packers’ Unrestricted Free Agents

James Starks missed his senior year at the University of Buffalo has been a regular on injury lists since.

Below you will find a list of the Green Bay Packers’ upcoming unrestricted free agents. These players will be free to sign with any team starting on March 15th. I have assigned a priority level to each player (high, medium, low, or do not attempt to resign). These speak to the importance of each player to the 2016 roster and the Packers’ ability to assemble a team capable of returning to Texas to win Super Bowl LI. The priority is ranked in light of their possible contribution to the team overall, not just their talent-level. A highly-skilled but likely expensive player at a position of great depth will result in a lower resigning priority ranking.


Don Barclay – Do Not Attempt to Resign

Barclay is not the worst tackle in the league. He provides some flexibility to the offensive line, but his inconsistency against the pass-rush has torpedoed his reliability as a back-up. With Bulaga continuing to miss time due to reoccurring injuries, the Packers need to find a more stable back-up.

Mason Crosby – High

Crosby is one of the best kickers in the league. He’s shown that he can get it done in the cold weather of Lambeau, and the Packers brass went through a lot of trouble to keep him during his major slump in 2012. It paid off to ride out the storm. The Packers need to continue benefiting from that decision and resign him.

Brett Goode – Low


Packers Offseason: Offensive Backfield

Running Backs

The offseason will be officially be upon the NFL in just under 48 hours and that means it’s time to look inward at your own roster to see where you stand. And for the Packers, that stance is still pretty strong. They have a lot of strong spots on the 90-man, but that doesn’t means that these strengths cannot be augmented.

But like all teams, they also have weaknesses, and we will look at them as well. And like the first part in our position be position outlook, we will address potential free agent additions that make sense as well as draftable players that would fit the team. But instead of quarterbacks, we will be looking at the guys who reside in the backfield with him: the halfbacks and fullbacks.

We start with arguably the most scrutinized man in Green Bay over the past season:



Dispelling Five Packers Offseason Myths


I understand that the @JSComments section of Packers fans are the vocal minority.  I get that Packers fans, as a whole, are a pretty smart group.  In fact, I’ve found that they are about as passionate and as well-informed a group of football fans as you’ll find in the NFL.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some prevailing lines of thought about this team going into the offseason that aren’t very accurate.  Whether it’s emotional overreaction or “mob mentality”, there are some theories about what’s going to go on at 1265 Lombardi between now and late July that just aren’t going to happen.

It’s not just Packers fans and internet commenters either.  There are national media and draftniks that are misplacing Green Bay’s priorities heading into the offseason as well.  Let’s take a look at five off season Packers myths.

1.  The Packers aren’t going to prioritize wide receiver in the draft.

Yes, the Packers receivers struggled this season.  Davante Adams had a very serious regression from his promising rookie season.  Adams dropped six targets, and also only converted 53.% of his targets into receptions.  It wasn’t a great look.  Luckily for Adams, his two best performances were in the season finale against Minnesota and the first playoff game against Washington.




Nobdoy’s underdog.  That’s the message.  This team is going to Arizona expecting to win and move on to the NFC Championship, which very well could be at Lambeau Field against the Seahawks.  That’s what we all wanted before the season started anyway, right?  A shot at redemption against the Seahawks, but this time at home.

No one else believes, though.  The Packers are seven point underdogs and 5/2 to actually win the game in the sports book.  Even Packers fans have a hard time believing that this season is going to go any further than Saturday night. They could, though.  They could win.

That’s really the point.  There’s a chance.  That’s all I asked for in last week’s Football Friday.  I get to watch my favorite team play at least one more time.  Everything went wrong this season.  Jordy Nelson didn’t play.  The offensive line was beat up.  Aaron Rodgers missed throws.  They lost EVERY division home game for the first time since wayyyy before I was born.

There are reasons to believe.  The Packers are much healthier than they were the last time they played Arizona.  The return of Bakhtiari (or rather the lack of Don Barclay in the game plan) could help lower the four turnovers that gave Arizona 28 points in the last meeting.  They also get Sam Shields back, whose speed is very useful against the speed of the Arizona receivers.

When the Packers have the ball:


Nobody’s Underdog: McCarthy’s Message Remains

Packers' Head Coach Mike McCarthy

“Nobody’s underdog”.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  During a season in which many Packers writers surmised that McCarthy’s message might be getting stale, the 10th year head coach has stood firm in his message.  Not only are the Packers sticking to the schemes that have allowed them seven consecutive playoff appearances, but Coach Mac isn’t changing his message, either.

“We’re not going to be an underdog.  That’s not us.  We’re going out to Arizona to win.  We expect to win”

I don’t want to make comparisons to the 2010 Packers.  I understand that the last time the Packers didn’t win the division, they won the Super Bowl.  I understand that they were also 10-6 that season.  I even understand that the Packers traveled to a heavily favored 13 win team whose primary team color was red and whose mascot was a bird in the divisional round.  I EVEN understand that the Packers lost to those Falcons during the regular season, much like these Packers lost to the Cardinals.

These ain’t those.  These Packers, ain’t those Packers.  It doesn’t mean that Green Bay can’t win on Saturday (Jesus, I think that game was a Saturday night too) it just means that these are very different squads, with very different personnel.

The main thing that hasn’t changed is the trio that operates everything, Aaron Rodgers, Ted Thompson, and Coach McCarthy.


Packers D Scheme Versatile for the Future


This is not a #FireCapers article.  I want to make that clear.  The Packers were 9th in defensive DVOA in 2015.  I promise you that should have been good enough.  The Packers had the #1 offensive DVOA in 2014 and were supposed to return all 11 starters.  That obviously went a different direction when they lost Jordy Nelson to injury, but it continued with nagging injuries to Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy, Andrew Quarless and the entire offensive line.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there’s something physically wrong with Aaron Rodgers after the season ends.

The #1 offense and the #9 defense would have been good enough for another deep playoff run.  That’s not what I am anticipating this postseason.  The Packers will more than likely win their game in Washington against the Redskins and go no further in 2015.  But that is not Dom Capers fault.  He’s held up his end of the bargain in 2015.

At the same time, Dom Capers is 65 years old.  He’ll be 66 before the beginning of the 2016 season.  Whether or not he’s fired or quits there is going to be a different defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers at some point during the Aaron Rodgers era.  It’s certainly possible that there will be a different General Manager as well, but that’s not the road we are currently going down.


From The Benches: Playoffs???

From the Benches Podcast - Packers Talk Radio Network

Ross and Ryan are back after a disappointing, but not altogether surprising, Packers loss to wrap up the regular season. Neither are in great spirits as they deal with the barrage of celebration from Viking land. They start with some injury news before discussing whether it really matters that the Packers aren’t division champs for the first time in five seasons. Then they once again try to fix the Packers offense and was moving Josh Sitton to left tackle the right call? How important is David Bahktiari? Then it’s a quick discussion of the future of the wide receiver position. The guys wrap up the show with their thoughts on the matchup with Washington and give their playoff score predictions.

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