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PACKERS FOOTBALL FRIDAY: Foot on the Gas, Hands on the Wheel


Kelly’s right. The symmetry is almost perfect.  The Packers rolled into Seattle in week 1 expecting to be a favorite in the NFC.  The team expected to have one of the top offenses in the league.  The Seahawks were the defending world champions.  The last time they played they undressed (as underdogs) the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl by a score of 43-8.  Yes, Manning has a history of coming up small in big games but this was an onslaught that no one could have predicted.  The Seahawks brought back most of that roster and figured to be a favorite in the NFC and one of the top defenses in the league.

Seattle won the opening game by 20, though the game wasn’t as much of a blowout as the score would tell you.  1100 yard rusher Eddie Lacy left the game early with a concussion.  Green Bay led after the first quarter and was driving to tie the game in the 3rd quarter when all hell broke loose.  Aaron Rodgers threw a quick slant off of Jordy Nelson’s hands that was intercepted.  RT Bryan Bulaga was injured on the same play.  His replacement, Derek Sherrod, gave up two sacks that completely changed the game.  One was on a 4th and medium in Seahawks territory with the Packers driving and the other allowed a sack/strip/safety that effectively ended the game.


Cold Reality: Packers-Cowboys Result Didn’t Turn on Bryant Challenge


I’m going to start by saying something that most of you reading this already know.  I’m not an objective jounralist as it comes to the Green Bay Packers.  I am a Packers fan.  I write for a Packers site.  I co-host and produce a Packers Podcast.  I’ve been a Packers fan since I forsook my father’s Minnesota Vikings in 1994 (I was 6) for a southern quarterback in familiar colors (North Dakota [where I’m from] State University wears Green and Gold) wearing #4.

These past 20+ years have been a fun ride and my love for the team and my network of Packers people, my Packers family has grown.  I’m probably not objective about the Dez Bryant call.  My stance on it, though, is the same as most of the people that don’t have a horse in the race: it was the correct interpretation of bad rule that no one likes.  I’m not going to go any further debating how many steps he took (or was taking as he stumbled to the turf), whether he made a football move, or why the ground can cause an incompletion, but not a fumble.   That said, it didn’t decide the game.




The best (and only) home victory for the Aaron Rodgers Packers is against the lowly Minnesota Vikings.  Not only is it against the Vikings but against the Vikings with their backup QB.  The 2010 Super Bowl run happened completely on the road.  The Packers didn’t get to don their customary green jerseys until the Super Bowl itself.  In that time period they dropped the heartbreaker to the Giants that ended the 15-1 season.  They lost last season to the 49ers on a dropped interception by Micah Hyde.  The second season for the Green Bay Packers has begun, and one of the only things the McCarthy-Rodgers-Thompson crew doesn’t have is on the table: a signature home playoff victory.

There’s a lot of hand-wringing about this game.  People are terrified of Demarco Murray.  Dez Bryant is an unstoppable force of nature.  Jason Witten has “old man game”.  The Cowboys have the best offensive line in the league.  All of these things are at least a little bit true.  Here’s the thing that no one is happening to mention (because it doesn’t fit the narrative), the Packers offense is better.

It’s better in almost every way.  Look at the way the Packers ran the ball on Detroit.  It’s a good deal better than how Dallas and their 392-carries-worth-of-mileage back Demarco Murray did.  And Aaron Rodgers vs. Tony Romo? Please.  Yes. Dallas has a top 5 offense.  Football Outsiders has them pegged as the #4 offense in all of football (DVOA).  Cool deal.  Congratulations.  Who’s #1? The Green Bay Packers.



Aaron Rodgers

The Packers are in the same position as they were last season, only it’s completely different.  Once again Green Bay has a chance to clinch the division title in week 17.  After clinching prior to the season’s last week in both 2011 and 2012 the Packers’ 2013 division title cam down to week 17 against the other team with a chance to win, the Chicago Bears.  Last season, however the Packers were trying to battle back after losing Aaron Rodgers for most of the season.  They were trying to go 8-7-1 and secure the 4th seed in the NFC.  This season a win means a tie for the best record in the conference (12-4) and a first round bye.  A loss means 3 road games would have to be won on the way to a possible Super Bowl berth.

I’ve always agreed with the idea that if you have a franchise quarterback in his prime your team starts with 10 wins.  If an average team has a franchise QB  it should go at least 10-6 every year.  10-6 almost always gets you in the playoffs.  The Packers are an above average team and therefore have a chance at a 12-4 record.  The additions of Julius Peppers and HaHa Clinton-Dix, the development of players like Corey Linsley and Micah Hyde as well as the reduction in roles of players like AJ Hawk and Brad Jones have made this a better team, regardless of the fact that Rodgers has been able to play all 15 games this season.


Packers, Aaron Rodgers a Christmas Gift Every Year

Aaron Rodgers & Eddie Lacy are ready.

There haven’t been many times I’ve been as frustrated after a win as I was on Sunday.  Not because the Packers didn’t play well.  Not because the offense “only” scored 20 points.  They won a road game by 17 points in which they were favored by 12.  I was frustrated because Twitter is a terrible place and Packers fans make me sad.  The team is 11-4.  They’re favored by 8 points to go 12-4 and win the division.  If they do this they’ll most likely lose the #1 seed on a tiebreaker because guess what, kids? They’ll be tied for the best record in the conference.

But on Sunday I learned that Aaron Rodgers has noodle arm, despite his 78% completion percentage and 300+ yards.  I learned that we might as well not even have the playoffs because Seattle’s going to win anyway.  I learned that despite only allowing 109 yards of offense, recording 7 sacks and not surrendering an offensive touchdown for the second consecutive week, not only does it not count because we played Tampa but we need to get AJ Hawk on the field more.  I also learned that because Davante Adams has 5 drops this season (one every 3 games) he has a “severe case of the dropsies” and the Packers don’t have a viable 3rd receiving option.



Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Back before the Buccaneers started playing in Raymond James Stadium they played their games in the old “Big Sombrero”.  More often than not the away game between the Packers and Buccaneers would be scheduled for late in the season and as northerners are wont to do in the colder months Packers fans headed south.

During these times the Buccaneers were not very good.  The stands at the Big Sombrero would often be filled with Green and Gold.  The Packers were very successful in their trips to Tampa.  Since the new stadium was built however, things have not been great.  The Packers have won just once at Raymond James Stadium despite the two franchises having very different levels of success over the past two decades.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is winless in Tampa, going 0-2 over two starts in 2008 and 2009 with 3 interceptions in each game.  In fact, games played in Tampa, FL account for 66.67% of Aaron Rodgers’ career 3 INT games.  Considering that Tampa Bay is one of the worst teams in the league and just put their best defensive player on IR, it would be hard to believe that a poor performance would happen again.  After all, Rodgers almost always succeeds after a bad game.  More simply, Rodgers almost always succeeds.




The Arizona Cardinals continued to find a way to win last night, despite playing a red hot St. Louis Rams team and losing their second quarterback of the season to a knee injury.  Despite being beat up in a 2012 Packers type of way the Cardinals are grinding out wins in an effort to maintain their status as the #1 seed.  As far as I’m concerned this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  The focus of the Green Bay Packers must stay razor sharp.

If the Packers win on Sunday, and they should, and the Cowboys lose on Sunday, and they should the Packers will qualify for the playoffs.  That’s not really what this is all about, though.  This team has proven that with its current construction it is a brilliant home team.  The goal for this team has to be the #1 seed.  That goal as far as I’m concerned is still in front of them because as impressed as I am by the Cardinal’s resilience I really don’t believe they can run the Seattle/San Francisco table with Ryan Lindley.

The fact that Green Bay has to continue to win is a good thing.  We all remember how the team coasted in to the playoffs in 2011 and  how short that post season was.  Selfishly as a man that predicted that this team would go 13-3 I appreciate the pressure to win every game that still exists.