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Jones, Perry Shedding Bust Labels

Nick and Datone

It’s difficult some times to quantify the effect injuries have on a career.  Is a player a bust?  Is that player just hurt a lot?  Is that player not playing well because he’s playing hurt?  Is that player just not good?  If this player ever got healthy and was allowed to develop, will he be a good player?  These questions have defined the careers of the Packers 1st round picks in 2012 and 2013, Nick Perry and Datone Jones.

Nick Perry was selected 28th overall (one selection before Pro Bowl S Harrison Smith) to be the edge defender across from Clay Matthews.  Perry was an interesting selection at the time.  He played defensive end in college at USC.  At 6’3″ and 271 pounds Perry actually made a plea to teams at the combine to draft him to play defensive end, not to switch him to an outside linebacker.  Perry was a player with an upside, but not a perfect fit.

Datone Jones was the exact opposite.  Jones was a perfect fit for Dom Capers defense straight out of UCLA.  Head Coach Jim Mora, Jr. ran a 3-4 system similar to the one run in Green Bay by Dom Capers.  As a Senior Jones put it all together, matching his tremendous potential to real production.  In his final season Jones compiled 19 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks, tremendous numbers for a defensive lineman in a 3-4 scheme.


Out of the Pocket: The Defeat of Squidward Tentacles

Out of the Pocket Podcast on the Packers Talk Radio Network.

Join the Hot Mess Express as they break down the latest win in the Packers’ Revenge Tour 2015. The crew will discuss the (semi) containment of Squidward Tentacles, i.e. Colin Kaepernick, how the guys who had to step it up in the place of injured players fared, Clayton Matthews III, and more!

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Packers vs. 49ers in 3…2…1…

2015 Week 4 (49ers)

At 3-0, the Packers are onto a spectacular start, and after defeating two strong teams in “revenge” games, another one is on the horizon. The San Francisco 49ers are next on the calendar after a couple rough weeks they seek redemption against the Packers.

And we all know what has happened between those two teams in recent years, but they both are extremely different this season. The Packers look like a powerhouse team to be feared, while the 49ers seem to be trending downward. That brings us to this weeks 3…2…1…

For those who haven’t been reading this series, every Saturday and sometimes Tuesday I will use this countdown system to preview the matchup. I will showcase 3 key matchups, make 2 bold predictions, and 1 key stat. So let’s get started.


  1. BJ Raji vs. Daniel Kilgore
    • The 49ers are a power running team at their core with Carlos Hyde showing some great potential. And the Packers have been good at stopping the run over the past few weeks, shutting down a power back in Marshawn Lynch and a slasher in Jamaal Charles. And it all started with the play of nose tackle BJ Raji. The big man has looked his best since 2010 and his dominance has translated to the way the run defense has held up. He needs to win his one-on-ones against a strong center in Kilgore for the Packer defense to hold up.


Green Bay Packers's starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) throws against the San Francisco 49ers in the first quarter for the NFC divisional playoff game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, Calif. on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013.  (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

One of my favorite things about the 2010 championship season was all of the wrongs that were righted.  Obviously winning the second Super Bowl of my lifetime and the club’s 13th title was important, but there were so many demons that were exorcised by Aaron Rodgers and the 2010 Packers.

During the regular season the traitorous Brett Favre and his Vikings were dispatched.  First the Packers defense got the Favre monkey off their back by forcing the Gunslinger into 3 INTs and thwarting a patented Favre comeback.  In the second game (in Minnesota) Rodgers buried Favre and the Childress-era Vikings 31-3.

Michael Vick and the Falcons won the first playoff game by a visitor at Lambeau field, a painful day for Packers fans.  Green Bay dismissed Vick in the Wild Card round and the Falcons in round 2.  Most of the post-Super Bowl XXXI pains were put away by that 2010 team.

Since Super Bowl XLV title new demons have arisen.  Packers fans have awful memories of the Giants, Seahawks and 49ers, losing regular season and playoff games to each.  The Giants have taken care of themselves and aren’t a very good football team anymore.  Since Super Bowl XLV, the Seahawks beat Green Bay in the “Fail Mary” game, the season opener of 2014 and the NFC Championship game of the same season.  Seattle was just dispatched by the Packers at home on Sunday Night Football and sit at an unimpressive 1-2.


Packers Big Favorites to Exorcise their Kaepernick Demons

colin kaepernick 49ers, Packers

After ripping through Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs (before letting up and giving up three late TDs) the Packers defense showed the ability to be better than just “ok.”

Dom Capers showcased the depth on his bench, using a multitude of packages that included getting players like Chris Banjo and newly re-signed Joe Thomas some meaningful snaps. The Packers sacked Alex Smith seven times in this game and held Jamal Charles to 49 yards rushing.

Off of this performance, the early sports handicapping picks established the Packers as 9.5 point favorites to beat the 49ers in their own building. Apparently, their memories are shorter than those of Packers fans, who still throw up in their mouth a bit when Colin Kaepernick gets mentioned.

For that matter, 49ers fans certainly haven’t forgotten how easily the demon Kaepernick sliced through the Packers defense in record-setting manner. Perhaps it’s the 49ers fans putting up the early money on this game, resulting in the odds dropping down to 8-8.5 points currently.

It’s an understatement to say the 49ers are not the team they’ve been the past few years, when they broke the Packers hopes and dreams of gridiron success. But does any of that really matter now?

The Packers are on a roll and the 49ers are struggling. The Packers will exorcise their demons on Sunday, but this is not a game I’d like to wager on with the points.


Packer Defense Looks Championship Caliber

packers defensive coordinator dom capers

In the 2010-2011 season, the Packer defense was ranked 2nd in scoring and 5th in total yards, leading them to a championship. Since then, holes in the defense caused falls that have prevented the team from reaching the Super Bowl since. But this year through three games, it looks like the championship defense is back.

In 2010, Dom Capers was in his second year as the defensive coordinator and all of us fans were ecstatic over what he had done. He seemed to be the next great defensive mind in Packer history, following the likes of Phil Bengtson and Fritz Shurmur. With great assistants like Kevin Greene, Joe Whitt, Darren Perry, and Mike Trgovac, Capers’ defense was a turning point in that magical playoff run. Tramon Williams’ interceptions in the first two rounds, BJ Raji’s pick-6 in the NFC Championship game. Nick Collins Super Bowl Pick-6. Everyone remembers those moments. But a short year later, people were calling for Dom’s head.

Following that season, the Pack roared to a 15-1 record despite struggling on defense. That defense got exposed by the Giants in the playoffs and fans wanted someone to blame. It was Ted Thompson’s fault for letting Cullen Jenkins leave to some fans, but most of the fan anger went toward Capers. He was seen as aging and losing his touch, despite his success the previous year. That trend continued throughout the following few years, until now.


Can We All Just Talk About Aaron Rodgers for a Minute?

Aaron Rodgers is ready for the  Dallas Cowboys.

As I watched Aaron Rodgers dismantle the Kansas City Chiefs defense last night I thought to myself, “Man, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything about Rodgers.” Then I looked around at my favorite Packer media outlets and realized no one has really written much about Rodgers recently either.  Packers Twitter doesn’t discuss QB1 in great excess.  In fact, Rodgers is often disqualified from radio and podcast conversations because he is so excellent.  You can’t discuss the key to any game in reality, because Rodgers is the key.

So let’s talk.  Rodgers is on pace to eclipse 4,100 yards and throw for 53 TDs against 0 interceptions.  While it’s unlikely that the 2015 season actually plays out like that, it would be not only Rodgers greatest season, but the best season from a QB ever.  Sure the national guys are talking about it.  Sports Illustrated featured Rodgers on the cover and Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless yell about Rodgers all the time.

The last time Aaron Rodgers threw an interception at home was (on a double-pass trick play) was on December 2nd, 2012.  The first Hobbit movie came out that week.  “Die Young” by Ke$ha was the #1 song in the country.  Ke$ha has since become Kesha and is suing Sony Records to try and get her career back, or something.  He has thrown for 45 TDs and 5400 yards at Lambeau since that play happened.