Packers Last Look: Final 2017 Game-by-Game Predictions

Well, the offseason is officially over. The Patriots take on the Chiefs tomorrow to open the 2017 season, and Green Bay’s year officially gets started on Sunday with a match up against the rival Seahawks. As has been the case for the better part of the last decade, the Packers have Super Bowl aspirations on […]

Share Game Predictions: Packers vs Steelers

Cory Jennerjohn (@coryjennerjohn) Not having Aaron Rodgers yet again is bad but Eddie Lacy in the snow might be the next best thing. The secondary showed signs of life last week against Tony Romo and should show up against the lesser Ben Roethlisberger at home. The game will be won by by the Packers’ linebackers. […]


Behind Enemy Lines with Neal Coolong from

Amanda and Chris try to make sense of what was the cause of the turnaround against the Cowboys, discuss the talented and improving secondary and Chris tries to rationalize starting Matt Flynn again in Week 16. The duo are then joined by Neal Coolong from, where they discuss the Steelers’ turnaround, the emergence of […]