(Some) Packers Fans Say the Darnedest Things…

Earlier today on this site you (hopefully) read a well-reasoned and realistic take on Ted Thompson’s methodology of team building. Of course, there are those that disagree completely, even vehemently.

Harsh words belie their anger towards the Packers GM that has them in the playoff hunt every season. They seem to prefer the approach teams like the Eagles and Jets took – going out and signing expensive free agents.

That begs the question, which teams have been utter failures the last two years and are now deconstructing their teams and starting over?  Well, you know the answer…

So, for your perusal and without any judgement on our part, here are some comments found on the Packers Facebook page and other Packers Facebook fan pages:


“Ted Thompson needs to go every time we get a chance to get a good player he doesnt do anything to get them fire him”

“someone has to get there act together they are letting to many good players slide by”

“Ted Thompson ‘s ego is starting to make Jerry Jones self righteous narcissism look like childs play”

“And that 1st round bust mike Neal better be on his way out the door”


“do cheeseheads not understand he dismantled our team”

“No need to get upset peepz, its TT, his Ego is bigger than the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.”

My dreams were actually shattered today! Years, I mean for years I’ve been hoping you guys would get a good RB and then this phenomenal opportunity is there for the taking and you shit the bed! I wouldn’t have been the least bit concerned about Jennings, with someone like Jackson I woulda dropped Jennings like a 5lb bag of shit! Ted, you sir, fail!”

Ted you suck!! We don’t have a three down back. So here’s an idea, go get one!!! Nvm to late dumbass

Fire Ted, Jackson should have been ours…

fire ted!!

Raised tix prices see equals nothing in free agency.

i think ted should get paid according to how he does his job. if that were the case he would be mearly middle class. ted you let a good rb get away shame on you!

Ted thompson must gooo n get rid of mark murphy while u at it. These 2 clowns need to be fired

uggh…you miss out on S-JAX yet again!!! TT is a idiot!

“we should bring Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson out of retirement”

Welker is ours if we want him, Jackson needs to get signed asap. Stop stalling TED!


Hey Thompsom spend some money sign jennings and go steven Jackson and Revis.

Spend some of that cap room and lets be the best! Dashon goldson or ed reed! Aqib Talib, nnamdi asomgoa, dominique rodgers-cromartie!! And osi omunyera!! Those 3 would make our defense so killer! And offense pick up a few o line and either micheal turner or reggie bush!!!! Just think about it!! It would make us unstoppable!! Be smart for once!!

Fortunately, these are just the vocal minority and the sudden angry fan uproar over a “disappointing” free agency period has become an annual rite of passage, much like the Packers making the playoffs every year. Ahem…


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