If there is one thing that we may have learned over the past few months, it is that Brett Favre is not afraid to speak about the past, present, and future.

Five years removed from Green Bay, including two with hated rival Minnesota, Favre had never really spoken about the way things ended in Green Bay.

Until the past month.

Last week, Favre took public responsibility for the first time regarding the messy divorce between himself and the Packers in the Summer of 2008 with the following statement during a radio interview:

It’s over and done with. I was at fault…I feel that both sides had a part in it. If you could go back, would I or them have done things differently? I’m sure both sides would. But you can’t.

This admission was shocking, as many never expected Favre to take any sort of responsibility for the way things ended.

Today, he spoke again. Only this time, he spoke much more in depth.

During an interview on Sirius XM Radio today, Favre went into detail about why things ended the way they did.

I understood that they had a young quarterback who had tremendous potential, that they had to find out what he could do. And, quite frankly, I had probably my best year in 16 years that past season and there’s two ways to look at that; if you’re in the organization and you’re making decisions you got to feel like, OK, he had a great year but can he really duplicate that again at this age? Probably not. He’s probably maxed out. That’s kind of what I would have been thinking. Now, obviously my side of it is I think I still can play.

He later went on to give a glowing review of Aaron Rodgers’ performance up to this point of his career.

The way it went down was not the best of ways and I think people have learned from it and, again, I’m over it. Aaron has played extremely well, probably even better than anyone anticipated, but I knew he was capable of that and that’s why they drafted him. Barring any injury he’ll shatter everything I ever did there except for maybe consecutive games. But the guy has been tremendous, great move on their part.

As for when he and the Packers will reconcile, Favre admitted there is no need to rush into a full fledged reunion.

When will the day come that I go back? I don’t know that for certain. I think both sides agree that there is no sense in rushing anything just for the public or whatever. I don’t know what the response will be from the fans. I think there’s a great deal of fans that respect the way I played and what I did for that organization. I know I’m very proud of what I left behind there.

Will Favre return to Green Bay? Absolutely. He is an important part of Green Bay’s past, and will eventually be part of their present and future again.

When will he return to Green Bay? That still remains to be seen

Part of the interview can be heard right here.

Most of the interview has been transcribed for your convenience right here.

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