Ever so slowly, the Packers and Brett Favre are inching closer toward a reunion.

The year started with Favre and Aaron Rodgers presenting an award together at the NFL Honors Ceremony.

Mark Murphy chimed in and said that retiring Favre’s jersey was a priority for the organization.

Aaron Rodgers addressed the divide that still exists between some fans and Favre, saying that it is time to let the healing process begin.

Murphy has even mentioned the possibility of having Favre join the Packers Tailgate Tour some day.

It has been the “Winter and Spring of Favre” so far during 2013, with a lot of conversation taking place on the Packers’ side regarding the inevitable reconciliation between Favre and the organization. Yet Favre had remained quiet about these comments.

Until recently.

During an interview with Joe Buscaglia on WGR 550 in Buffalo, Favre opened up about the past, speaking candidly about the possibility of a reunion with the Packers, Mark Murphy, Aaron Rodgers, and his divorce with the Packers.

Among the highlights of this interview is this very frank comment about retiring his number:

I don’t know of any player who would not want that to happen. I’m honored just by the thought. Obviously there was, if you want to call it, ‘bad blood’ or whatever, I just think that people started picking sides. And really I’m over that and have been over it. Mark Murphy and I have talked on numerous occasions. I never expected them to do anything. I’m not one to sit here and say I think they need to do this and do that. They have a very good ball team and that’s their primary focus and it should have always been, which it has.

As time goes, it heals a lot of things. I know for me as I’ve gotten further and further removed from the game, I think of statistics and things of that nature, which I don’t know any player where that didn’t matter some. It matters a whole lot less now. So the things that transpired that led to us ‘breaking up’ if you will, to me, are over and done with. When will that happen? I don’t think either side is trying to push the issue. I think Mark Murphy — and Mark really came in the last few weeks of my career in Green Bay — he kind of came into a hornet’s nest if you will. He’s been extremely great in trying to make this work. In our discussions, it will happen. I think both sides are genuine. I know they are. And that’s the way it has to come across because that’s the way it should be. We don’t want to go out there waving to the crowd with our backs to each other. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. Aaron has said some very nice things. He and I have a good relationship. I had a chance to present an award with him at the Super Bowl and that was for real. It wasn’t for show. And so I think everything will be fine.

Even more important is for the first time, Favre takes public responsibility for the mess that the Summer of 2008 became:

It’s over and done with. I was at fault…I feel that both sides had a part in it. If you could go back, would I or them have done things differently? I’m sure both sides would. But you can’t.

Very honest words from someone often viewed as being incapable of being honest.

It is interesting to note that Favre mentions that he and Aaron Rodgers have a good relationship. After what was perceived as incredibly bad blood between them, both sides have gone out of their way to state that there is no ill will between them. That, more than anything else, is important, because it is good for the Packers franchise.

At this point, it is only a matter of time before Favre and the Packers reunite. How that will transpire remains to be seen. But the thawing of the ice that has taken place so far this year seems to have left just a few ice cubes that still need to melt. The upcoming summer may be just what is needed to eliminate the last of the ice between the Packers and Brett Favre.

The entire interview with Joe Buscaglia and Brett Favre can be heard right here.

John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com and co-host of Cheesehead Radio. To contact John follow him on Twitter @jrehor or email johnrehor@yahoo.com