Midweek Movie: Clay Matthews AKA The Claymaker

Clay Matthews is having an outstanding season.

For a team which is perennially in the discussion as a Super Bowl contender, the Packers apparently do so with two “superstars” and a number of role players.

At least that is what the NFL Network would have you believe.

As the countdown of the Top 100 players for 2013 reaches its apex, there has been only one Packer represented in the first 90 players of this (semi worthless) countdown of the best players in the NFL.

That player is Clay Matthews. And for good reason.

A one man wrecking crew, Matthews has established himself as one of the premiere  pass rushers in the game. Entering his fifth season with the Packers, Matthews has already accumulated 42.5 sacks during his career.

Relentless, intense, and emotional. These are just a few words which describe Matthews play.

The NFL Network agreed that Matthews’ play is elite, which is why it placed him at Number 31 on their list of Top 100 players for 2013, and for that we will make this week’s edition of Midweek Movie a Clay Matthews double feature.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the sounds from the field from the Claymaker himself from the playoff game against the 49ers this past January (just try to ignore the final score):


When you are done watching the 49ers highlights, please enjoy a second edition of Clay Matthews mic’d up on the field, this time against the Jaguars at Lambeau Field. (Sorry, no preview available. Just click the link.)


John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com and co-host of Cheesehead Radio. To contact John follow him on Twitter @jrehor or email johnrehor@yahoo.com