Brian Brohm was a second round bust that is now in the CFL.
Brian Brohm was a second round bust that is now in the CFL.

By now most Packers fans have been able to cope with not seeing number 12 for the next few weeks.

But how did we get to this point?

I usually defer to Ted Thompson because of his ability to mine diamonds in the scrap heap portion of the draft. And he did land Rodgers in his first NFL Draft as the Packers general manager.

But his quarterback picks since then have been pretty hapless. Ingle Martin (2006), Brian Brohm (2008) and B.J. Coleman (2012). The lukewarm bright spot for Thompson was netting Matt Flynn with the seventh round selection in 2008. But after losing his job to Russell Wilson and Terrelle Pryor, even Flynn is out of the league.

I don’t have a problem with Thompson’s philosophy of drafting the best overall player, that’s how he was able to get Rodgers all the way at No. 24. But now that the Packers have the best quarterback in the league with a makeshift offensive line, it stands to reason that a viable backup is necessary.

Thompson really never gave Mike McCarthy, a known quarterback guru, a kid that was able to develop and be groomed as a quality backup. Personally, I thought Brian Brohm was going to be a great fit. I remember watching him at Louisville and thought with a little seasoning, he could be special. However, he couldn’t get out of  his own way and is now with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.

I realize that backups are fickle. Because the moment they show any sign of life, their stock rises and they are out the door searching for a starting job.

Thompson never got any of those guys. Flynn was supposed to be that guy, but that quickly turned out to be false.

Because if and when Seneca Wallace spins his tires in a mud of mediocrity, the Packers will be on the horn with free agents that they hope can lead this team. Which of course isn’t exactly music to the ears of guys like Jordy Nelson, James Jones or Randall Cobb. Those are the guys that have been used to catching Rodgers’ darts at the precise point where they are supposed to be. Now, the offense will be scaled back significantly and any of those receivers that had aspirations of making a Pro Bowl, have now been dashed.

Perhaps McCarthy can squeeze some water out of a rock and get Wallace looking like a starting NFL quarterback.

But it shouldn’t be McCarthy’s job to save Thompson. There should be a competent quarterback already on the roster.


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