These are very strange times for the Green Bay Packers and their fans.

In a span of several weeks, the team has gone from riding high on a four game winning streak and sitting on top of the NFC North to losing two games at Lambeau Field in six days, falling out of first place, and reeling from injuries.

Aaron Rodgers, the face of the franchise, and his broken collarbone are only a part of what is wrong with the team right now.

Clay Matthews returned to action (club and all) and was essentially invisible against the Eagles.

Mason Crosby returned to his 2012 form missing 2 of his 4 field goal opportunities.

The defense as a whole has been humiliated over the past two weeks. Their once vaunted rush defense falling from third in the league to twelfth, their pass defense suffering from a seemingly lack of anyone capable of playing safety at the NFL level.

Aside from a few flash plays, the pass rush has disappeared.

Takeaways, once the key to the success of the defense, are non existent. (3 for the entire season)

And to make matters worse, Johnny Jolly, Don Barclay, Nick Perry, Evan Dietrich Smith and Casey Hayward are all dealing with new injuries which might affect them going forward.

The Packers season is on the brink of going free fall into the abyss, something not seen since 2008, and we want to know how you would handle it.

In this scenario we are going to hand the keys to 1265 Lombardi over to all of you, and put you in charge of the Packers for the rest of the season.

This is your team. Anything goes. Hire anyone you want. Fire anyone you want. Sign players. Release players. You are in charge, and we want to know how you will steer the direction of the team for the rest of the season.

In the comment section below, leave the changes (if any) you would make as the leader of the Pack. Everyone has an opinion about what they would do, and we want to hear from you!

Here are the keys to 1265 Lombardi Ave.





It’s your team now. What are you going to do now that you are in charge?


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