If Rodgers is cleared to play, he should play

Aaron Rodgers is recovering from a broken collarbone he suffered Nov. 4 vs. Chicago.
Aaron Rodgers is recovering from a broken collarbone he suffered Nov. 4 vs. Chicago.

The Packers still have a beating playoff heartbeat only because the NFC North has turned into the Three Stooges falling all over themselves.

Even after getting smoked by Detroit on Thanksgiving, I cannot give the Lions my full endorsement only because they lost to a bad Tampa Bay team a couple weeks ago.

But now the Packers are at a crossroads. Do they try and salvage the season by inserting the best quarterback in the NFL, who may are may not be 100 percent? Or do they just say enough is enough, shut him down and start anew for 2014?

Obviously season ticket holders never want to hear the Packers wave the white flag but sometimes you have to risk the short term in order to maintain the future.

I don’t think Aaron Rodgers should be forced to sit the rest of the season just because of a freak injury. If the team doctor clears him to play and he wants to play, he should play. The longer he sits out the more he’s going to have time to think about what his collarbone would feel like if a defensive lineman fell on it in the bitter cold.

But let’s not forget that Rodgers’ injury isn’t the only reason this team has been struggling. The Packers cannot stop the run with poor interior defensive line play and secondary has been getting torched all year.

Yet, it would still be nice to have No. 12 back.


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2 thoughts on “If Rodgers is cleared to play, he should play

  1. What is the obsession with getting into the playoffs? Knowing full well the team isn’t remotely ready for that lebel of competition? One game and out?

    Putting Rodgers behind the current offensive line is suicidal. There’s also little other pass protection skill on the field.

    It sucks, but those are the cards we’ve been dealt…

    1. Wait… So Lions making the playoffs make it so much better? The Lions are trashy Football team and will be one and done as well in the play offs. So what is exactly your point? Maybe nobody in the NFC North should make the play offs.

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