Shields’ great overshadowed by Romo’s terrible

Sam Shields notched his third pick of the season on an incredible read and react athletic play.
Sam Shields notched his third pick of the season on an incredible read and react athletic play.

Lost in the glitz of the historic comeback and the glamour of another Cowboys’ epic collapse was the actual hero.

I have seen the pick that Sam Shields made (watch it here) on Sunday afternoon about seven or eight times. And each time I rewind and play it again on my DVR, I still cannot believe it.

But, nationally Shields didn’t get any credit for that. All anyone wanted to talk about was how much Tony Romo cannot win in the critical month of December. Romo has now thrown an interception in the closing minutes of a game seven times this season, ultimately morphing the game from a win to a loss. Romo leads the league with the most fourth quarter interceptions in games that are within five points.

We also heard about the check out of a run that was called from the Cowboys sideline. Romo saw that he had man coverage and wanted to pierce the heart of the Packers and end the game at that moment.

Many people were probably disappointed that Clay Matthews got juked out of his jock on that play but he forced Romo to take an extra step allowing Shields time to converge on the ball.

The moment Shields saw it was going to be a skinny post, he closed on Miles Austin and made a home run saving snare that Mike Trout would be proud of. Because let’s be honest, if Shields comes up with air on that play, Austin goes for six and the Packers lose and we aren’t treated to an emotional Mike McMarthy emptying his guts after a season’s worth of difficulties.

Shields is having an OK season but nothing special. His last interception was late in the Thanksgiving Day massacre.

Which I guess speaks even more volumes about how special that pick was.

Because Shields didn’t just get in the way of a poorly thrown pass. He got in the way of a playoff-less season.


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One thought on “Shields’ great overshadowed by Romo’s terrible

  1. Not only did this game show the residual of a Packer team whittled with key injuries to players all season long. Yet this franchise Has always Throughout its many yrs. of Glory & those yrs. that weren’t so good ones, the players, coaches, fans, etc. always give 100%.!
    And it showed on a game like on Sunday! When most of the world especially the MEDIA, The HIGHLIGHT BRAINS, & Betting World counted the Packers out @ half time! But not US THE TRUE DIE HARD PACKER FANS! And to watch our D-FENCE PUT ON A SHOW TO KEEP GETTING THE BALL BACK, & SAM SHIELDS TO MAKE THE LAST TWO INT’S WAS NOTHING SHORT OF EXCEPTIONAL PLAY! TO WIN THE GAME! IT SURE wasn’t Romo falling short again, THIS WAS OUTSTANDING D-FENCE PLANE & SIMPLE!

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