It was a game for the ages.

The Green Bay Packers vs the Chicago Bears.

Two old rivals, going toe to toe for supremacy in the NFC Championship Game.

The winner would advance to the Super Bowl. The loser would go home.

For the first time since 1941, the two teams in the most notorious rivalry in the NFL would be squaring off in the playoffs. It was a matchup that the NFL could only dream of, and a game most fans had waited their entire lives to witness.

The build up to the game was one of drama. Fan bases on both sides declaring their team the victor long before the game had begun. The trash talk was plentiful from both sides. It was wonderful.

Fans flooded the Chicago area in anticipation of the game. From all over the country, Packers fans and Bears fans were seen walking along the Magnificent Mile wearing their respective teams’ jackets, declaring their loyalty while trying to stay protected from the winds whipping up off of Lake Michigan.

Some familiar names became recognizable faces during this week, as they had made the trek to the Windy City to partake in the action which was to unfold on that Sunday afternoon.

The game was everything it was expected to be. A tough, hard fought game between two arch rivals. Hard hitting on the field, hard words spoken between the fans.

The game saw The Freezer intercept a pass and return it for a touchdown:



It also saw Sam Shields become a household name:



Their 21-14 victory propelled the Packers to their first Super Bowl since 1997, and sent the Bears home in the process. In the never ending battle of supremacy between these two teams, the Packers could now lay claim to the ultimate upper hand.

What made the game special was the theme of the year for 2010. How the Packers had overcome adversity throughout the entire season, stuck together, never quit, and never took their eyes off the prize.

No one said it any better after the game than Charles Woodson.

What a truly fantastic day it was three years ago today.


charles woodson holding the halas trophy



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