Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre? You Make the Call

This is your opportunity to play GM for the Green Bay Packers.

One game, for all the marbles.

Who are you taking as your QB? Brett Favre in his prime (1995-97)? Or Aaron Rodgers, currently in his prime?

This is the question which was asked on the Miller Lite Football Show this past Sunday, and garnered some interesting responses. So we wanted to open the question up to everyone.

Let’s remind everyone of the contestants and their stats.

Brett Favre from 1995-97: 112 TDs (avg 37/yr); 42 int (avg 14/yr); 12,179 passing yards (avg 4,060/yr); passer rating of 92.6 or better each of these three seasons. Won 3 consecutive MVPs during this time. The Packers went to the NFC Championship Game in 1995, won Super Bowl XXXI in 1996, lost Super Bowl XXXII in 1997.

We will use 2010-12 as the time frame for Aaron Rodgers, as he is still in his prime, and was injured much of the 2013 season: 112 TDs (avg 37/yr); 25 int (avg 8/yr); 12,860 passing yards (avg 4,287/yr); passer rating of at least 101.2 each of these seasons, including an NFL record 122.5 in 2011. Won the MVP in 2011. Won Super Bowl XLV in 2010, lost in the Divisional Round of the playoffs in 2011, lost in the Divisional Round of the playoffs in 2012.

Impressive resumes for both. Now we want to hear from you.

Who are you taking for one game, everything on the line, to lead your team to victory?

You make the call. Please leave your comments as to why you made your selection.


You make the call: Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre
You make the call: Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?




John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com.

He can also be heard as one of the Co-Hosts of Cheesehead Radio.

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15 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre? You Make the Call

  1. Rodgers. Mostly because he doesnt take any risks in throwing the ball, which is important, not in just one game for all the marbles, but for ANY game. Take the sack, and not chuck the ball for the sake of “trying to make a play”.

  2. I agree with Michael. I take Rodgers because he was more careful with the ball while being just as prolific throwing it. All of the good with none of the bad. He was also much better running the football than Favre. People will defend Favre saying that he never had the weapons that Rodgers does, but Rodgers has played behind inferior offensive lines and in front of inferior running backs (maybe until right now) than the ones Favre got to work with.

  3. Assuming the wide receivers being equal,offensive line being equal, running backs equal, etc, I would take Favre because of arm strength,quick release and the ability to make something happen. Both guys have been in the position of not having a great supporting cast.

  4. I’d go with Favre. It is difficult to compare passing statistics from 1995/1996 to current years. The passing game has changed as the strategies of offense have changed. Going back even further, Bart Starr never had more than 2,418 passing yards or 16 TD’s in a season. That being said, in 1995 Favre led the league in passing for 4,413 when only three passed for over 4,000 yards as well as 38 TD’s when only two others broke 30 (33 and 32). In 1996 he passed for 3,899 while only 3 others broke 3,000 and threw 39 TD’s while only one other QB broke 30. There was a reason why he was a 3-time MVP. Perhaps Rodgers can surpass Favre’s feats, but it hasn’t happened yet (in my opinion).

  5. Favre. Took over the helm of a below-average team and transformed the franchise. Also, after the 2013 season especially, you can’t undervalue the consecutive starts.

  6. You can take risk knowing that you have a good defense to keep you in the game, if someone can find the W-L record (I know its not a QB stat) when both of them have multiturnovers games would be awesome.

  7. Brett did more with less….Aaron seems more interested in Aaron than in Team….Brett was always very supportive of his team members and they always seemed to give 110% for him….Brett is also so much more exciting to watch.

  8. That is utter nonsense. Rodgers cares about his teammates every bit as much as Brett did. Brett was every bit as much a diva as Rodgers is. Brett had his own locker room! Brett couldn’t be bothered to tell his team if he was retiring or not. It’s not like Brett played for free either. He was the highest paid QB at one point, just as Rodgers was. We’re lucky to have both.

    Rodgers is every bit as exciting to watch. Look at his TD/yardage #s. Tons of exciting plays. Look at the countless bombs to Jordy. 4th and 8 to Cobb to trump the Bears? Stuffed up the middle and he backs out to throw a laser first down in the San Fran game? The key pass to Jennings in the Super Bowl – a pass that very few QBs make. Countless improvisational shovel passes, just like Brett used to do to amaze us. Less exciting? Where did you check your brain? Because you need to go get it.

    But go on, keep thinking that it was so much fun to watch Brett, even as he was flinging 3-4-5 INTs in playoff games. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s having fun out there!!! I’m a fan of his, but the imaginary dirt you throw on Rodgers to elevate him is ridiculous.

    Not sure why I’m wasting my time here. You’re clearly another delusional Brett devotee. What do you know about football?

    1. Hey dude calm down! Debra is entitled to her opinion. You may disagree with her but there’s no reason to insult her because her opinion is no the same as yours. The purpose of this forum is to write how you feel on a topic without being insulted. She’s a Packer fan for God’s sake.

    2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What is not allowed is insulting someone for voicing their opinion. As the author of the article I won’t stand for it. As the editor of this site I won’t stand for it.

      If you have a problem with that one simple request, my email is listed at the end of the article.

  9. This is too easy. What Favre lacked, Rodgers has. Rodgers has control. If Rodgers wanted to be a gun slinger, he could. Now granted, Favre could play with half of his bicep hanging off his arm right after he dog died and do great. I will still take Rodgers with his injuries, (as long as our backup is at least as good as Flynn)

  10. No way Favre gets hurt bad enough to leave that one game, you just never know with Rodgers. If it is one game, everything on the line, win or die I take the gun slinger over the guy that takes the sack.

    Still time for Rodgers to change my mind, but this day and this time if I have to march into hell in a snow suit, I want Brett leading me.

    Rodgers shouldn’t feel bad, I would take Favre in this scenario over Peyton, Marino…

  11. I agree with Debra

    Favre in the 90s was all team all the time

    No me me me, discount double check, look at me stuff.

    As Favre grew and everything he gave the franchise was taken for granted, he changed. Favre bled for the packers and spent everything he had to win games with Billy Schroeder and Naji Davenport as his help. Then came back the next year, redid his contract to provide extra money for draft picks and did it again.

    Rodgers is about Rodgers. Damn fine player but never the leader or teammate Favre was

  12. Wanted to say thanks to everyone for your opinions on this debate. An interesting discussion for sure, and one which will probably continue for years to come.

    For me, I’d lean toward Favre-did more with less during his prime. And was much more cautious with the ball during 95-97 than his later years. Rodgers may be the better overall QB when all is said and done, but for one game, think Favre 95-97 is the better choice.

  13. Id say rodgers, Hes talented, not as many int. And rodgers can’t help it if he gets sponsors. Favre did wranglers and another I can’t remember. The difference is state farm is shown more. Both are amazing qbs and did our team wonders. But just realistically rodgers is more accurate and that’s what I’d want.

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