Eventually Lacy will need to rethink rugged style

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  1. Jj

    Really? I know this story is just your opinion, but this guy is a football player. If he has to adjust his style then so do all the other players in the NFL who get paid to lay some wood on the opponent, whether they be on the offense or defensive side of the ball. It’s like saying an offensive lineman or fullback should block softer and in the process get the QB crushed by the d-lineman that blows past that soft block.

    • Jersey Al Bracco

      Actually, it’s already happened. Lacy has recently said he isn’t going to jump like he did on the play where he got concussed. When asked recently by Jason Hirschorn of Acme Packing Company if he plans to change anything next year, Lacy responded, “I’m definitely not jumping in the middle of the defense. If it’s not jumping for a touchdown I’m not jumping anymore because that’s how I got my concussion.”

      So I’d say Cory is right on the money with his thoughts here.


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