BREAKING: Green Bay Packers select Khyri Thornton, DE, Southern Miss at 85

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  1. morgan mundane

    Ted has a mold unless those with interest did not know this. All his O linemen are the same height and the same weight. All his run stuffers are close to the same weight and height. Ted for some reason has a mold in mine and picks his picks in advance based on that mold.
    I agree his problem is the best D linemen are in the early draft and he is just throwing darts at balloons trying to get playmakers after that point.
    Why we need NT when teams are passing 75% of the time is beyond me. Taller, faster, more athletic guys can move to the ball and pass rush. Guys like this are asked to just fill a hole and that is a waste of time.
    Teams ran left and right with great success against the Packers neutralizing the BJ Raji’s of the world.

  2. Lyzbeth

    What a great recrouse this text is.

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