Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf): This game is being touted as Joe Philbin vs Mike McCarthy. Realistically The coaching battle will not have a large impact on the game. The fact that the Packers have more playmakers will. They have done a good job vs top wideouts, and it will be no exception with Mike Wallace. The Dolphins pass rush will present some problems, but I like the offense to roll, and for the defense to continue its good play on the scoreboard of late. Packers win big coming off a mini-bye.

Packers 31 Dolphins 17

John Rehor (@jrehor): Yes, it will be hot. Yes, the Packers are playing on the road. Yes, they are playing an AFC team they are not that familiar with. None of this matters. The Packers are a better team than the Dolphins from top to bottom. Ryan Tannehill may have a fantasy that Miami can defeat Green Bay in a shootout, but it won’t happen. The Packers will win handily. The Packers have won two in a row. As Lou Brown said in “Major League”, if they can win three in a row, that’s called a winning streak. Consider this game the beginning of a winning streak.

Packers 37 Dolphins 17

Kelly Hodgson (@ceallaigh_k): The Packers created a lot of momentum after their resounding (yes, let’s just cut to the chase, it was a butt kicking) victory over Minnesota Vikings one week ago. But Aaron Rodgers put it best, the offense stagnated, and they simply cannot do that against the Dolphins. Their head coach is intimately (zip, it Chang, not that type of intimately) aware of the Pack’s offensive schemes as he authored much of what the Packers use today. This won’t be a blow-out this week, Ryan Tannehill notwithstanding. The Packers need to fire on all cylinders to be successful. They need to control the clock and control the turnovers.

Packers 24 Dolphins 17

Matt Bove (@RAYROBERT9): This has trap game written all over it. The Dolphins are coming off a bye looking for a big win against a premier NFL team. They will be playing extremely hard for Joe Philbin, who would love nothing more than to beat his former bosses. Philbin knowing the Packers’ schemes can’t hurt either. The Packers might have a focus issue coming off a blowout win facing a non-conference opponent they know nothing about. If the defense has to be on the field for as much as it has all season it will be a big issue in the blazing Miami sun. It will take a game winning Mason Crosby field goal to win this one.

Packers 24, Dolphins 23

Richard Chang (RichardMChang): Vegas only has the Packers favored over the Dolphins by three points. Three points? Even if you spot the Dolphins three points for playing on their home field, that still means bookmakers think the Packers are a mere two field goals better than a team that wanted to bench its quarterback ten days ago. What’s that about? The Packers haven’t lost a game since ESPN suspended Bill Simmons, and last I checked (I didn’t check), Simmons is spending his Sunday at Bel-Air country club, not Grantland headquarters. So why the disrespect? Must be the weather. Forget that Aaron Rodgers leads the NFC in touchdowns, forget that Eddie Lacy just ran for 150 yards, forget that the Packers are playing against Mike McCarthy-lite: Joe Philbin – a man who doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own locker room, much less the Packers film sessions, THE PACKERS CAN’T PLAY WHEN IT’S HOT. Is this the same team that chokes every January because the diva quarterback can’t play in the cold? Which one is it? Can’t play in the hot, can’t play in the cold, has Bob McGinn used goldilocks in any headlines this week? If this is true, and the Packers can’t be favored by more than 3 points in a game in kickoff conditions other than bright, sunny, and seventy-five degrees, just put a dome on Lambeau and guarantee 14 wins a season for the rest of Aaron Rodgers career. The Packers just spent a gagillion dollars renovating Lambeau. Where’s the roof? They got cheap, dude. Fortunately for Packers fans, and for Packers-wives around the country, I think the Packers will continue the #FreeSimmons winning streak and cream the crybaby Dolphins like it’s 2006. Chris Carter should hobble down onto the field just for ol’time sake.

Packers 31, Dolphins 17

Ross Uglem (RossUglem): The Packers are still looking for that “complete” game.I think it comes here.  The offense did not play well against Minnesota.  Anyone who watched the game will tell you that and QB1 will be the first one to say it.  The defense is playing just fine, especially as it pertains to actually giving up points.  It might not always look pretty but at the end of the day the Packers are one of only 4 teams to be top 10 in the league in both scoring offense and scoring defense.  Finally the Packers offense gets going early, the pass rush turns it on and the running game closes it down.

Packers 34 Dolphins 20


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