C.D. Angeli (@TundraVision): The prevailing wisdom seems to predicts some sort of wild and wolly shootout in the Superdome. Many are predicting a big Packer offensive score to outmatch Drew Brees and Co. While I predict a Packer victory, I have a hard time believing that the Packers can put together two massive offensive outputs two weeks in a row. Laws of averages, if nothing else. Look for a well-fought game against a dome team at home that just won’t have enough in the tank to beat Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson.

Packers 24 Saints 17

Jacob Westendorf (@JacobWestendorf):

There’s a lot of talk about how the Packers should be worried going into the Superdome. While I do buy somewhat into an atmosphere helping out a team, that doesn’t matter as much if the team is not good. The Saints have won both games at home this season, but easily could have lost both. This will be a big test for a Packers defense that somehow has become underrated despite being ranked 6th in the league in pass yards per game. Drew Brees is always a tough customer, but the Saints defense is bad and will have many holes for Aaron Rodgers and his receivers to exploit. The Packers have been red hot since Rodgers told the fans to relax, and I expect the offense to continue to roll, and the defense to make enough plays to win the Sunday night showdown between two of the game’s premier quarterbacks.

Packers 31 Saints 23

John Rehor (@jrehor): As exciting as a shootout would be, I’m not so sure this will be the case. Now don’t get me wrong-there will be points. Just not the crazy amount that many are expecting. It won’t be a defensive battle-Rodgers and Co. will take on Brees and Co. and both defenses will be tested. In the end, the Packers defense plays just a little bit better, and the Packers head into the bye with a win, a 5 game winning streak, and a ton of confidence for the second half of the season.

Packers 27 Saints 23

Kelly Hodgson (@ceallaigh_K):

Matt Bove (@RAYROBERT9): The winning streak ends here. I was at the Superdome for Super Bowl XLVII and it’s hard to understand the noise of that place unless you have been there. It’s not just about the dome though. The Saints are a much better team than their 2-4 record indicates. New Orleans was literally one play away from beating Atlanta, Cleveland and Detroit. If they were 5-1 or 4-2 the confidence of Packers nation would not be as high as it is going into this game. At 2-4 this game is everything to the Saints and they cannot afford to lose it. It’s their Super Bowl. Meanwhile, at 5-2 it means much less to the Packers and overconfidence could be an issue after such a commanding victory. Covering the middle of the field is still a weakness of Green Bay and it could be worse without Morgan Burnett, who has had his best year in Green Bay. Not only will Jimmy Graham be a tough matchup, but Brandin Cooks working the slot will be as well. Obviously, Rodgers is capable of carrying the Packers to victory even with all of these things working against them because he is just that good and facing a poor defense, but I’m going with the Saints.

Saints 31, Packers 28

Richard Chang (@RichardMChang): The last time the Packers faced the Saints in a must-win game, I was sitting on the fifty yard line at Lambeau Field with my girlfriend and we were struggling to maintain the proper sharing etiquette of a $10 slice of pizza (loser gets the crust). The Packers won that game. The Saints kicker missed a go ahead field goal in the final minute and Aaron Rodgers killed the clock with a couple of handoffs to Cedric Benson. Much has changed since then. 1) That girlfriend is now my wife. 2) Cedric Benson is a professional DJ and 3) this week’s must-win game is in New Orleans. If a desperate 2012 Saints team was less than a field goal away from victory on the road, then certainly this Saints team (equally desperate) will handle the visiting Packers with ease, right? WRONG. Do I really need to remind everyone about Aaron Rodgers special shoes? The noise may be an issue for a few drives, but it’s not going to shut Rodgers down the whole game. And as desperate as this Saints team is, they’re also older. They needed last week’s game against Detroit just as much as this week’s and they blew a fourth quarter lead with Drew Brees missing 10 of his final 11 pass attempts and throwing a stupid interception. He’s old. He’s short. He stinks. Meanwhile, the Packers defense is playing confident (dare I say cocky); they’re probably licking their chops watching film of an old, immobile quarterback throwing 50-50 balls with no velocity. Everyone expecting a shootout is going to be disappointed. Go to bed early, boys the Packers will be well ahead by halftime. Final score?

Packers 43, Saints 14

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