It’s safe to say the Green Bay Packers are a dominant football team right now. For the first time in franchise history the Packers rolled to over 50 points in consecutive weeks, as they slaughtered the Philadelphia Eagles 53-20.

These games are not supposed to happen in the NFL this often. It isn’t high school or college football. In the NFL any team can beat anybody, and that was on display again when the St. Louis Rams defeated the Denver Broncos today. The Packers are just taking teams to the woodshed, and today they took a really good team and made them look like the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Packers needed to beat a good team. Mission accomplished in a big way. They slowed down LeSean McCoy in the run game and made Mark Sanchez look like vintage Sanchez. Offensively, we all wondered what the Packers would look like offensively when they put it all together.We imagined something like this. Some thoughts following the win:

-You run out of words to say about Rodgers at this point. All you can say he is playing the position at the highest level possible. He threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns in yet another short game’s work. The deep pass to Jordy Nelson to open the game was insane and set the tone for the blowout.

– The Eagles were aggressive and played more single-high than most against the Packers. Now you see why more teams do not do that. It’s either you die a quick death or a longer death.

– Andrew Quarless actually looked like a legit tight end on that third-and-18 catch

– Can’t say enough about the offensive line’s pass blocking performance. I wrote about earlier in the week how if they held up the Packers offense would roll and that’s exactly what occurred. The Eagles were second in the NFL in sacks and you would have had no clue

– Jordy Nelson is a top five wide receiver in the NFL at the very least. We already knew this but it deserves to be reiterated after today. He played an awesome game.

– Eddie Lacy in the cold is the best Eddie Lacy. What a hammer to throw at teams when all they want to do is get the hell out of the stadium.

– Rodgers had some fantastic scrambles when the coverage was perfect and there was a good pass rush. That has to be absolutely demoralizing for a defense.

– Clay Matthews is officially back

– Letroy Guion has been the shock of the season. His sack on the first series was huge and he made a big tackle of Darren Sproles in the open field that saved a touchdown. The Eagles ended up kicking a field goal.

– The defense is at its best playing from ahead. That showed again today.

– There were open receivers for Philadelphia though. Sanchez missed most of them. A quarterback you see in the playoffs probably doesn’t.

– Do not miss any more extra points the rest of the season

– This team is awesome



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