Now that the Green Bay Packers have sent the Dallas Cowboys back home with a loss, thought I would share a few quick thoughts on the game:

I couldn’t watch live, as my great Niece was getting baptized and I was the Godfather (couldn’t miss that…). So went into “cone of silence” mode (left phone at home, no radio in the car, made them turn off the TV in the restaurant we went to afterwards, etc.). Got home and watched the game on DVR with my daughter. Just finished up.

A few quick thoughts:

Play of the game: Quarless recovery of the Cobb KR fumble. If Dallas recovers and takes it in there, they’re up by 15 and game was probably over.

As bad as Davante Adams looked in the first half, that’s how great he was in the 2nd.

Brad Jones – TD-drive extending penalty a game.

I’ve said this before, but no one else talks about Randall Cobb’s blocking. When lacy breaks off a long one, it’s because he and Nelson are picking off cornerbacks or safeties.

In the first half, with Rodgers struggling a bit, kept wishing the Packers would use Lacy on the checkdowns or throw a screen or two.

These referees were VERY generous with the spots all game.

Carolina gave Seattle a really tough game and actually beat themselves with mistakes. Gives me hope for Seattle but I sure wish we had a mobile Rodgers.


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