The Green Bay Packers are known as a Draft and Develop team, but that doesn’t mean that they always get it right. In fact, they tend to get it wrong a fair amount. Not as bad as some other teams, mind you, but they are not hitting 1.000.

I have only been around since 1991, and there have been plenty of draft busts to create a full team. I got the idea from the book, “Packers by the Numbers,” chapter 77. If yo want to see a full Draft Bust team going back to the first ever Draft, look in that book. Without further ado, the 1991-present Green Bay Packers Draft Bust team:

QB – Brian Brohm (Round 2, 2008)

A complete failure in Round 2, Brohm never developed and failed to beat out fellow draftee Matt Flynn (7th round). He bounced around the league since, starting game in his career.

RB – Alex Green (Round 3, 2011)

A home run threat out of Hawaii, Green blew out his knee his rookie year and was never the same. He led the team in 2012 in rushing but got cut the following year.

FB – Quinn Johnson (Round 5, 2009)

The heir to William Henderson, Johnson was a tank who struggled with the speed of the NFL while in Green Bay. He never made an impact before being cut.

WR – Cory Rodgers (Round 4, 2006)

Promising receiver/return prospect couldn’t hang on to the ball. He became the first Thompson pick to get cut in his first training camp. He never played in the league.

WR – Anthony Lucas (Round 4, 2000)/Terrence Murphy (Round 2, 2005)

            Both receivers are on here because of injuries. Neither had a real chance to make an impact because of career-ending injuries, but they were still hyped, so they are here. Murphy especially had a ton of talent and was starting to show it when he suffered a neck injury on a kick return.

TE – DJ Williams (Round 5, 2011)

Drafted before Richard Sherman, Williams was supposed to be the H-Back to Jermichael Finley’s deep threat at TE. The former Mackey winner however was never able to separate himself to get on the field and was cut a couple years ago.

OT – Derek Sherrod (Round 1, 2011)

Another case of injuries wrecking a career. Sherrod was already behind the 8-ball because of the lockout, but when he started playing tackle he showed promise. But against Kansas City as a rookie he suffered a terrible broken leg and took 2 years to recover. He was never the same and was released last season.

OT – John Michels (Round 1, 1996)

Athletic prospect with a lot of upside, Michels never delivered and was out of the league in just a few years. One of Ron Wolf’s biggest whiffs as a GM.

OG – Allen Barbre (Round 4, 2007)

He has made a solid living as a backup in Philadelphia, but Barbre was a supremely athletic prospect for Green Bay, and was given every opportunity to win a starting job and be a building block, but he never could capitalize.

OG – Caleb Schlauderaff (Round 6, 2011)

Another guy who never made it out of camp. Schlauderaff was ineffective in camp and the preseason, then he was shipped off to the Jets for a pick.

C – Junius Coston (Round 5, 2005)

Raw, but with potential, Coston had the chance to be a starter for years, but after some good development as a rookie he never put it together.

DE – Kenny Peterson (Round 3, 2003)

Never did anything of note. As a third round pick, that can’t happen.

DE – Jamal Reynolds (Round 1, 2001)

The product of a trade up with Seattle. Seattle got Matt Hasselback and our original pick, which was used on Steve Hutchinson. Green Bay took Reynolds and another guy on this list. Reynolds lasted a couple years, but never started and only had a small handful of sacks.

DT – Justin Harrell (Round 1, 2007)

Talented, oft-injured prospect was over drafted after a torn bicep his last year of school. He maintained that reputation in the league, never coming close to playing a full season.

DT – Donnell Washington (Round 3, 2004)

Never played a down for the Packers in two years.

LB – Torrance Marshall (Round 3, 2001)

The other part of the Hasselback trade, Marshall had a negative reputation before the draft of not being able to understand the playbook. Rarely saw the field in Green Bay, and looked lost when he did.

LB – Abdul Hodge (Round 3, 2006)

Classic thumper showed promise as a rookie before tearing up his knee twice.

LB – Mark D’Onofrio (Round 2, 1992)

Severe injury in rookie preseason ended his career early. Possibly most notable of injured draft piks in Packer history

LB – Ricky Elmore (Round 6, 2011)

Pass rusher moved to LB as a rookie and never made it out of camp.

CB – Pat Lee (Round 2, 2008)

Size, speed prospect needed a lot of work and never developed into anything more than a gunner on special teams.

CB – Ahmad Carroll (Round 1, 2004)

A reach according to every draftnik, Carroll was a failure as a starter. Leading the league in penalties and getting repeatedly burned, he is known for being taken ahead of Chris Gamble.

S – Jerron McMillan (Round 4, 2012)

Small school prospect with a knack for the big hit, McMillan never showed any of that talent on the field, getting torched repeatedly. He got cut in 2013 after 1.5 years.

S – Gary Berry (Round 4, 2000)

Only lasted a year, never playing on defense and returning 1 kick.

K – Brett Conway (Round 3, 1997)

Got beat out by Ryan Longwell as a rookie, and then got hurt. He bounced around the league, and had the reputation of coming up short I the clutch.

P – BJ Sander (Round 3, 2004)

A lefty with goo accuracy in college, Sander failed miserably in the NFL. His draft status forced the Pack to keep two punters in 2004 and in 2005 he bombed, most notably shanking a 5-yard punt.


Mike Wendlandt is originally from Iola, Wisconsin and graduated from Drake University in 2015 with a degree in History. With a significant journalism background both in writing and broadcasting, Mike can be heard as the play-by-play voice of Central Wisconsin High School sports on WDUX FM 92.7 and on Twitter @MikeWendlandt.

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