From The Benches: The Dog Days of Summer

From the Benches Podcast - Packers Talk Radio Network

Ryan and Ross head to the Cheeseystudio to break down the Packers offseason approaches as they prepare for Favrepalooza and…finally…the start of training camp!

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2 thoughts on “From The Benches: The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Early on in the show
    you or Ryan brought up the top 100 players and that Watt, as good as
    he is, necessarily doesn’t deserve the best player in the NFL because
    his team doesn’t do so well. But the statement that Aaron Rodgers
    will do good with any team I think is not true. We’ve been so lucky
    to see Aaron Rodgers play with such good receivers that we just can’t
    make that assumption. We don’t really know how Rodgers would play
    with a team like Cleveland or Jacksonville where he’s not going to
    have those targets like Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson to rely on. I
    think he can definitely produce a healthy stat-line in that situation
    but to say that he’s going to lead a team to anything more than like
    5-11 would be a stretch. I think there’s more to a team than just
    Aaron Rodgers and with those less talented teams I think it would
    take more than just Rodgers to solve their problems.

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